The new fees that turbo tax is charging is miss leading and they should be sued for false advertisement

I'm very upset with turbo tax, I have used them for years to do my taxes.. I will now leave turbo tax and go to another company that doesn't hide anything from its customers.
  • What new fees are you referring to?
  • Turbo tax is a scam!  The site is NOT FREE
  • Very misleading "Free"  Version of Turbo Tax????    I fell for the scam this year but not again.  I am being charged $30.00 that I had not expected by Turbo Tax.  What a sham.   I'll be passing this info on to the Attorney General of Florida -  False advertising - unfair business practices - ripping off seniors.   The list goes on.  Don't advertise free if it is not.   Disgusting!!!!
  • I too am very upset by this, and I will never return to this site again.  What a ripoff.
  • is it really false advertising to offer a free basic service but charge for other versions?  it was pretty clear to me that i needed 'deluxe' due to the type of filing i needed.
  • never again
  • This is a real scam. I went for free tax prep and it is still charging me 30 for filing and 30 for deluxe version which I absolutely didn't need and didn't use.  SCAM
  • Yah!  I am sitting here now trying to get them to e-file my return but opps, the "continue" button is covered by an add for one of their products.  Been this way now for five days.  iRS pays them to do "free" returns but they have to pull this crap?  Will use their competitors product next.
  • I used the basic version for free e-file and at the end there is a charge of $19.95 ??? What was free?
  • yah what a scam they say free or 1995 then wait untill you go through all their bullsh*t and say oh by the way we are really charging you 50 dollars wtf? that should be stated from the start not after your stuck at the end
  • is free and charges half of what this misleading fraud site does for state returns.  angers me that I have spent all this time doing "free federal return" prep to be charged if I send it.  Well time is worth something.  But demand for honesty in business is a larger issue. So I will leave here and go to the competor.  Sorry you lost me for life.
It says that Federal is free (which it is) and for State it charges.  I did the original no fee Federal and was fine.  You have to be careful when choosing which options when you go to sign and file.  If you use your returns to take the State fee it charges an EXTRA $30 so its better to charge the credit card for the $27 to file the State and then that is it instead of getting charged $57.  So in all I paid $27 which anywhere else I checked it costs just about the same. I actually like turbo tax. I've used others in the past and this is the one I seem to get the most money back on. They do have little hidden things so if you think it's sketchy check into it and sometimes people know their way around the site a little better.  I was very confused last year when I went to file and I scoped out the site for a good hour before I realized that I wanted to skip the debit card page as well as the "take the money from my refund" part.  Sorry you had such a crappy experience. :-/
  • Well part of the "scam" is people not reading the fine print.  Take a moment to really read what's being put up in front of you.  However, I will agree that TurboTax does not put all the fees up front.  I've filed free with them for years (never had to file state).  This year I'm paying $19.95 but it won't tell me why even though it still says I'm using Basic.  I'm assuming that's because I imported my info from last year and they're charging me for it.  Which I think is complete crap.  Why are you making me pay to access my own info that's part of my account?
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