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I got a 1099-misc from my previous employer for severance pay. Do I list this as a "bonus"?

They listed it in box 7 of a 1099, but I didn't do any contract work for them. It was severance pay.
    This should not have been reported to you on a 1099-misc. Rather it should have been reported to you on a W2.

    Here is how you rectify the situation.

    You can report the income as 1099-misc under the "Other Common Income" section of Turbo Tax.

    To navigate to the income section, click on the "Federal Taxes" tab.

    Then click on "Wages & Income".

    Then click on the link that says "Explore on my Own".

    This will take you to the summary screen for the various types of income.

    Then scroll down until you get to "Other Common Income". Then from here click the start button for "Income from Form 1099-Misc".

    Once in here, enter the 1099 as reported to you.

    On the very next screen at the top it will say, "Select the Reason ______ Got this 1099-Misc".

    Then below it will have several possible options. Select "None of the above-show me more options".

    Then a new list of options will pop up and this is where you would select the reason. It is the first reason which is that your employer reported this extra money on a 1099-misc but it should have been reported on a W2.

    Then on the next screen it will say at the top, "Filing Form 8919".

    Then it will have a list of a bunch of options. The one you want to select is, that "You received a Form W2 and a Form 1099-Misc, and all of the income should have been reported on a W2.

    Then you will see a couple of screens that say that the 1099 will be reported as wages on your return.