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Where's my refund says I should have my refund, but I still dont. What do I do?

Where is my refund says my refund should have been received March 6th, Not in my account yet, via direct deposit, Doe paying for turbo tax out of the refund delay you?
  • they say it could take an extra two business days for your bank to disperse it but i have never had that happen in the past..I think you should get it by mid afternoon Good luck
  • Does the IRS WMR site say should be, or does it say it was scheduled to be direct deposited.  If it says Scheduled, that is when you have a confirmed date and then it should give you another date to say if it hasn't been deposited you should call them then.
Hello there

I'm sorry that the wait for the tax refund has been painful.  The date you receive is an estimate and may still change.  Many taxpayers, including TurboTax customers, are seeing shifts in dates they receive.  Here's an article that gives a little more detail:  http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/iq/Tax-Refund/When-will-I-get-my-tax-refund-/GEN12488.html
In addition, you may contact IRS directly and their  toll free number is 1-800-829-4477 and here's a link to their most recent FAQ's regarding refunds http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=254102,00.html

I hope this helps,
TurboTax Aliza
  • im using taxfree usa next year, my friend filed after me and got hers back already. Pretty much same filing as i did. im still waiting. When the irs wants there money there quick to send us notices and things like that but they can take their sweet time.
  • I filed my return in early March with a direct deposit request and was accepted the next day.  However, the date I am given for my refund has been pushed back all the way to 4/24 due to IRS processing delays.  Good luck to all the early filers because I am blown away by a 7-week processing time to get a small refund that will be direct deposited on an electronic return.
  • The delay in tax returns seems to be a trend with this company. I too and a significant amount of others whom used Turbo Tax have recieved far less than turbo refunds. It is well beyond the advertised amount of days and yet tax funds still  have not been disbursed. It is very clear that Turbo Tax has offered their customers a service with minimal, at best, adhereance to what they have advertised. I am certain that for the largest portion of all theses  decieved customer, choose this company was the defining factor due to its boasts of "turbo" refunds. The very thing they have failed to offer!  This deception is unacceptable and needs to STOP! As the people who control this market I demand it to cease! I hope that you as a customer, paying for a service that you are not receiving put and end to this theft as well.
  • My Spouse & i have been using E-File through Turbo Tax for yrs. We filed our Fed. tax return on Jan. 31st & it was excepted by the IRS with 0 errors on the same day. It has been approx. 7 & 1/2 weeks now & no return? We have always receive our State return within days & our Federal return within 1 wk. 2 wks. at the most. What is going on??????????? This is getting to be rediculous.
  • I filed and was accepted on Jan. 30th 2012. I was told I would have my refund deposited by Feb 14. Then after the 72 hour wait I was told no info available. I called IRS and they said I would get a letter around March 5th. I got a letter then and all it said was wait another 45 days for info. This is a bunch of crap. Wonder what would they say if I will not  pay income tax until my info is available,not their info. It appears to me that it is Turbo that is having the problems. People I know who have used other E-file programs and who have done their own and mailed them in before March 7 th have already received their refunds.  It is 8 weeks since I did mine on Turbo and yet today I get No info availble.
  • I filed 1/22 and the IRS site says still being processed, the IRS phone support says 10-21 days (from 1/22 I guess). The local IRS office has no idea and defer to the website and automated phone support. It's a complete stone wall. Nine weeks and still no refund or no change in status. I don't think I'll ever see the money and will adjust my W2 to underpay on the future. Better for me to take nine weeks to pay the IRS than expecting money from them.
  • I filed Jan 28th....DD changed many times until I finally called IRS and spoke to a human..I think. Was told ti would be DD on MARCH 30, Guess what?? no refund. We may get it April 23...MAYBE. Welcome to the waiting game. Almost 12 weeks. Nice going for the government...they have no money to pay refunds
  • The IRS is taking a closer look at certain types of returns this year. Taxalicious (love it!), you are using the Home and Business version. If your business showed a large loss, that may be why the IRS is taking so long.
  • You know this is all CRAP! So much for the advertizing! I dont think ill go through this TT again EVER! MY BF one month after me and got his b4 mr.... NOT HAPPY!
  • It's not turbotax that is delaying or misrepresenting the refund expected dates.  They just go by what the IRS schedule says.  It is the IRS and the federal gov't.  I filed mid-March and my date was changed twice.  Now, there is no info available, but that it is being processed.  Behind on bills, but I guess I'll just have to wait.
  • How can I get a refund, due to me filing with you guys just because of the return date?
Call the IRS (Where is my refund phone number_ 18008294477 is one of them.  When automated voice asks for information  like SSN, filing status, and amount of return, DO NOT ANSWER JUST STAY ON THE P HONE.  after awhile
a live IRS employee will come on the phone and they will forward your call to the accounting division.  You can expect quite a wait, I waited a half hour and listened to music, but a person finally came on and answered my question in a satisfactory manner.
  • I filed January 19 and was given a date of Feb 7 then was changed to March 20 now has no info just saying being processed what's going on IT'S MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!
You can call the IRS at 800 829 0582 ext 362 to talk to a person about your tax return.  We don't refund the cost of your return because of IRS delays.  The delays have nothing to do with TurboTax but rather with the IRS's new computer system.  All filers have expereienced the delays, not just Turbotax and all filers give you the same projected refund times, based on the IRS published charts.
  • My state return has been received.  My federal return has been processing for over a month.  I called the IRS, and they stated that my return was dispersed to Turbotax on April 6.  I have not received my return.  Can you help?
TurboTax does not ever actually receive your refund.  Rather, it goes to a bank to have our fees withheld and then the balance is deposited directly to your account.  There are a couple different banks that could have performed this task for you, so you could contact support if you don't know which bank it was, and they can give you contact info for the bank.  Go to turbotax.com, support, contact us.  Choose one category, one subtopic then scroll down immediately to choose phone or chat.
  • where is my refund
You can call the IRS at 800 829 0582 ext 362 to talk to a person about your tax return or refund
  • I filled my taxes late February if i am not mistaken. I received my federal tax returned but i did not received my state refund check yet. I filled electronically thinking i was going to receive my returned faster. But i guess it did not happened that way. I see on my status that both returned were accepted, but as i mentioned before i did not get the state tax returned back. it has been more than 3 months after and i did not received it. I called the IRS and they cannot provide me with any information. Can someone Please help me in finding out where is my refund????
The IRS would not know anything about your state refund.  You would have to ask your state where it is.  Which state?  Many states are slow this year to send out refunds.

You can find your state's website to check on your refund here……

Or http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/iq/Tax-Refund/When-will-I-get-my-tax-refund-/GEN12488.html
  • Where the hell is my refund? It is October 1st and the government owes me 4076.00. This is a joke. I will never pay for your BS site again.
Answered in your other post.
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