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How do I file my taxes without a 1098-t?

I already got my W-2 and I am ready to file my taxes.  My school is supposed to send me a 1098-T, but I really don't want to wait for them to do that.  They usually send them on Feb. 2.  Is there a way I can figure that information out without the 1098-T?
The 1098-T is for your information.  Unlike a 1099 or a W-2, you can file without a 1098 as long as you get the numbers right.  You are allowed to claim the higher education tax credits for tuition and fees that you paid to the school with your own money or with loans taken out in your name, or that you paid with money or loans in your parents' name.  You can not claim the credit for expenses paid for with grants, scholarship, or any type of aid that is not taxable.  You can claim amounts that you actually paid in 2010, including amounts that were paid in 2010 for a term of school that starts in the first 3 months of 2011.

Basically, that means that if the school took money from your student loan on Sept 1 for your fall semester, and on December 15 for the spring semester, both amounts count for the 2010 credit.

You can not claim the credits for any money paid for room, board, travel or other expenses.

You can claim expenses that you did not pay to the school but that were required for your enrollment, such as textbooks.  They are entered in a different box than tuition and fees because they are treated differently for the credits.

The reason you may need a 1098-T is that tuition bills can be very complicated, with credits and payments listed from your money, from grants and aid, from loans, and so on.  If you can figure out from looking at your statements, how much you paid (from money and loans, not grants and scholarships) in 2010 for tuition and fees (and not room and board) that was for the fall and spring semester, then you don't need to wait for the 1098.

The maximum eligible expenses is $4000 per year so if you are over that it won't get you more.  If the amount is less and you guess wrong you could end up getting a letter from the IRS.

One more thing, the IRS is delaying processing of the higher education credits because of late tax law changes, they need time to reprogram their system.  If you file now, it will sit on the Turbotax server until the IRS is ready to accept it, which they say will be sometime in mid-February.  So, you really gain nothing by filing now without the form.