my return keeps getting rejected. It says error code R000 902. Could it be identity theft? I'm trying to see what my step needs to be..

I have tried to submit it twice and it keeps saying the TIN or SS number has already been filed... Please help!!!
    I have tried to submit 3 times and gotten the same answer. The first time, it took almost 3 days before the rejection showed up on my Turbo Tax account page. The 2nd time I tried to submit, I found the rejection on T.T. page after about an hour. This morning, the Turbo Tax e-mail is working, so I received the rejection notices for both previous attempts to submit. I also received an email rejection notice for my 3rd attempt this morning, after 5 hours. I hope I can get through to the IRS in the morning to find out if it's true that someone has stolen my identity. I don't want to file a paper copy and hope for the best ... If there really is a thief involved, then he will probably steal many people's identities as quickly as possible and hop on a plane with all that refund money. If the IRS unknowingly pays a thief, then it will be very difficult for me to get IRS to pay on my SS# again. I doubt that anyone could obtain all my info to get a return accepted, including employer ID# and my filing PIN# or AGI, except for someone at Turbo Tax or the IRS who actually saw my return!! Nobody knows the password and user name to get into my Turbo Tax account, unless hackers are involved! If my identity has been stolen, then I will never e- file again and will ask IRS to block my SS#, if possible, so that no one can e-file on my identity again. I would like to know how many other Turbo Tax filers have been rejected because of TIN being on a return that has already been e-filed.
    • Whatever happened to your situation. We spoke with Turbo Tax today are having the identical problem. I will try to contact the IRS Monday and see what they say. Thanks.
    Contacted IRS and I was a victim to ID theft.  Same name same social different state.  That's why my state went through.  I was given a huge list of things to do call police, ss office, fed trade, credit reports and to paper file my taxes with a copy of my I'd and ss card proving I'm me and a form 14039 ID theft from IRS.  I was told it was file on Jan 17th.  That's the first day IRS allows taxes to be processed and the guy at IRS said most common day for ID theft.  So much work but I wanted to post on here to make sure anyone else getting this message contacts the IRS.  Hope your situations are different outcome than mine.
      I also received this code and I read the post from Preyhard and called the IRS. Our situations are identical. I was also a victim of identity theft and someone from Georgia filed a return with my name and social. I urge you to call asap!!!
      • Same problem...called IRS and was told my SSN was used to file a return already.
      • I'm glad to see the answers to the problem because i could not figure out why this rejection kept occuring. Once IRS was contacted did the situtation get resolved or is it just up in the air for the issue to be resolved by our selves?
      I am going through the same thing.  I went to TAXACT to refile thinking something was wrong with Turbo tax. As soon as I submitted my return i got a message stating that My return was accepted by the IRS on Jan 18th and i will recieve a direct deposit on Feb 1.  The only thing is I dont remembering filing on the 18th because I didnt get my w2's yet. What is going on?. I wish the Irs was open today.  i am losing my mind thinking someone has stolen my identity!,  my error message said. "Taxpayer TIN in the Return Header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return."
      • Jan1973, that's exactly the same message I got the 2nd time. On the first try, the message said a little more: "Your S.S.# cannot be used more than once in the return or on another return." I wonder how many other Turbo Tax filers have been rejected this past week because of these reasons. I posted that question on here, but now I can't find it! It was nice of TaxAct to give you a little more info than what Turbo Tax gave. You definitely need to speak to the IRS tomorrow. I hope all of us can get someone at the IRS on the phone.
      • I also have the exact same problem.  First time return was rejected with code 0515, ssn cannot be used more than once.  second time through return is rejected for code R000-902, tin..

        I'm unable to find any errors and return was submitted again twice with rejects both times R000-902.
      • I did get in touch with the IRS and I was told that I just had to mail it in because it could be an issue with Turbo Tax and the IRS would not be able to fix the problem and that way if I sent my return in, it would bypass any error it could be online. It sucks because it's going to take way longer, but I don't believe it's an error on my part, so that is what I'm gonna try.... :/
      Just to add to my post about Identy Theft.  I have followed all the steps the IRS had instructed me to follow.  I googled away all week to see how anyone with this issue last year were resolved and found that most of them did not get their refunds till Summer.  Good Grief!  I contacted the IRS again today to find out what their process for this is and how long will this hold up my return.  She responded it can take 90 days for them to just Review it..I'm gonna wait a few weeks and then call a Tax Advocate (You can find a local one the site)  Everyone last year that got this resolved ended up having to go through them to get anything resolved.  Let me know if any of you hear anything else or have an estimate on how long this process takes you.  Thank you
        If someone is claiming you as a dependent or if someone entered a social security number incorrectiy, this would cause your return to be rejected.  You will have to mail your return to the IRS.
        After several weeks the IRS will contact you and the other party to determine the problem with the social security number.
          The IRS confirmed that someone had filed a return with my S.S.#. I had to speak with someone in the accounting dept. and give them my info, so they could look it up and find that the return had been filed. The thief is getting a different refund amount than the one on my return that got rejected.
          • Wow... see the lady I talked to acted like she could not help in any other way but to have me send it in.. I will be calling again today!! jeez
          • Well, this is my second year getting this same message. I called and no one had claimed my grandchildren and the social was correct. The information is the same information I used with turbotax last year. The information  was transferred from last year. I did not think that I would have same issue again this year.
          • Sometimes this results from another taxpayer making a typo in his/her own SSN. You must file by mail, and the IRS will investigate.
          • Got the same as well.  Will be calling irs Monday.  How could someone else accidentally type in your ss# their name would have to match what the SS dept has on file.  Or they would of got rejected.  So many people on her getting same error rejection message this week.
          • I have used turbo tax for years with no problem-too many people are getting this same message when filing thru turbotax this year-something is going on-someone is screwing up somewhere and its not us-no one already filed for any of us-
          • Same issue with me...submitted it twice...I'll call in the morning...state went through fine and was accepted...Fedral fail with R000 902.  I thought a TIN was for non US citizens and SSN was for US idea why the error reads:

            R0000-902 - Taxpayer TIN in the Return Header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return
          same here! just found out thru the IRS that my social was used ! im a victim of identity theft!! call the irs id theft line!! gotta follow the steps they give you! bad thing is this will hold up return. i cant get thru to turbo tax been on hold. hope this isnt a security breach. but a lot of people on this forum are getting the same rejection error code.
          • I went through the same thing thinking it was something with tax cut so I filed through turbo tax getting the same rejection.  Called the IRS on the 25th to find out that someone had also filed a return with my ss# as well as two of my kids, but had filed saying it was self employment instead of the w-2.  I was also a victim of identity theft.  Does anyone know if we can get a copy of that return so we have more information on filing charges with the police and how do we find out which state return they filed with it.  They had all my address information listed on the return but had the direct deposit going to a bank in Ohio. It also was received by the IRS on 17th.  I have contacted all the local authorities and even went as far as the FBI due to it being possible done over the internet that way someone will have the juristiction they need to prosicute the one that did this.  Hope you guys all get yours lined out and find out who it was so maybe we can all get a stop put on these people.  Sounds like the IRS also needs to look up the information listed on the return and see if it matches anything from the year such as mine was self-employed but yet I had a w-2 for the entire year which  was not included on the return and also their amount was much different than the one I was trying to file that kept getting rejected.  Either way if you having problems getting them to accept your return because of the ss#, instead of trying to file more than 2 times go ahead and call the IRS identity theft number so they may be able to stop the check before it actually gets deposited into the other persons account and you can get the identity theft process started.  Also there is one guy at the IRS that told me to go ahead and let the return get deposited then do an amended return, if you get one that says this do not listen to him, hang up and call back talk to someone else because this will not do anything but cause more delays and problems in the long run.
          Hey guys just wanted to give you an update on my situation.  As of today I still don't know when I will be getting my refund. I have been working with a tax advocate and she is suppose to speed up the process. She calls every few days just to tell me to give her two more weeks. All she can tell me is that she has recieved my paper work and I qualify for financial hardship. I had to send her a bunch of bills  due and past due.  Still no refund. If someone got theirs after this please share the info.
          • I just wanted to update.. After I asked this question on Turbotax live community, I went ahead and sent my info through the mail and also sent a copy of my driver's liscense and the theft identity form to the IRS the 2nd week of February. I went ahead and called all the credit card companys to put an alert on those and basically did as you would do when someone has stolen your identity. I went to the IRS website and they have already posted when I am going to get my refund. I am not sure what has happened but I know a lot of people are having issues with the IRS this year. I just wanted to share what was going on...

          My 2012 return was rejected due to my SSN being filed on a previous return.  They never told me a state that it was filed though, and I ran my credit.  There's nothing on there that doesn't belong to me.  I filed my identity theft paperwork, and I'm still waiting.  I just tried to file my 2013 paperwork, and it said that my ATIN for my son was previously used.  I find it odd that the chances of it happening to both of us would be slim.....any ideas as to what else could cause this to look like identity theft but it just be a glitch somewhere?


            I know it's 2 years since I posted this but wanted to follow-up for all those looking for answers.  In my case it was Identity Theft.  It was so much of a hassle.  You have to contact IRS,  paper file and  fill out a lot of forms as well as your local police dept. to file a claim.  Took me till Summer time to get my refund and when I did it was for the wrong amount.  Ending up having to wait a whole year to get the actual return.   For anyone getting this message contact IRS as your earliest to possibly catch it before the thieves get a check sent to them.  Once they do It makes the whole thing even harder.  Best of Luck to you all.   

              I've just had my return rejected for the same reason.  I've filed through TT for the past four years and never had a problem until this year.  I don't give out my social security number for anything and haven't applied for credit or a new job in the past year that would require that info either.  Sounds like there's a thief either at TT or the IRS.  I'm trying to get to the bottom of it with the IRS.  :(
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