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How do I TALK to someone?

I tried to efile my returns but because there were errors on the error check, it could not be sent...Have looked till I am blue in the face for the spot to change these errors but there are no boxes to be found...I uploaded from my financial institutions and what was presented was what they sent...Have gone back numerous times to try and find the boxes they said should be changed....they are not there....Now I have been charged for efiling my return and it never was sent...NONE of the questions pertain to my problems....I have used turbo tax for the past three years without problems....Never again!
  • How do I talk to someone
  • I need to talk to someone in your accounts office. This is the stupidest website I have ever seen
  • This is a thread from 3 years ago, and is no longer valid, so it will be closed.  Here is the current method for talking to TT Customer Support.  Read all the steps below first.

    1) Go to
    2) Choose the product platform you are using.
    3)  Ask a question or keywords without quotes, and Submit.
    4)  On next page, skip the suggested articles if they don't help.
    5) Scroll down, and you should be able to enter the Support module to get a phone number. (That will be grayed out when they are closed).
    6) Support hours: 8 AM-12 midnight Eastern (5AM-9PM Pacific), 7 days/week.
You can use phone or Live Chat with Customer Support, which is open from 8AM-5PM Pacific time.

There is a bit of a "trick" to getting the Phone or Live Chat interface to pop up, so follow the steps below exactly. The website below will tell you how long the wait is.

Before clicking on the support link given below, read all the instructions in the paragraph below. You need to follow all these steps:

1.) When you first arrive at the page, you won't see the interface boxes for CALL US or LIVE CHAT, so don't give up. Here's how to make them appear:
2.) You MUST click a topic button AND a subtopic. In your case I would click EFILING then click PROBLEMS EFILING.  That's just to expand the page, so the contact boxes will appear and route you to the correct department-- you don't have to read those articles..
3.) Now if you SCROLL down the page about 2/3 way, you will now see that the LIVE CHAT and CALL US interface boxes have suddenly appeared, and it should also show the approximate wait times for each.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
  • Thank you so much.....I have been on all those pages but am going to earnestly try again following each step as you laid out....Am a little exhausted from my time on this problem.....will wait till this afternoon before I tackle it....
    Turbo Tax (Intuit) does a real disservice to make it so difficult....who has the kind of time to do this? I really does eliminate many people from using their products.....I will not encourage friends to use turbo tax again as I have in the past....Thanks again.
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