what time of day do you get your DD? My refund said I would be getting it back today, but so far nothing.

The WMR said I was getting it by the Jan 31, but TT says Jan 27.. here it is Jan 27 and nothing yet.... how many times a day do they do DD? Just in the morning or through out the day?
    Everything is delayed right now. The turbo tax date was originally correct by the IRS refund cycle. There were problems on the IRS end with processing causing delays. I wouldn't expect my refund today. Not saying it for sure wont happen but by the IRS chart I and many others would have had our money the 25th. They have instead issued a statement (IRS) that refunds for the most part are running a week behind if you were accepted in the first few days.
    • Yeah we filed on the 18th. We should probably expect to see it by Wednsday. I assume.
    • Who knows?!?!  I found an article that said this: See Below - then I called the IRS and sat on hold for an hour and when I got through the lady was a complete and utter B****, I asked her about the email below that the IRS was saying that direct deposits were going to be delayed for 70% of taxpayers.  She tells me that is a lie and that they have up to 3 weeks to process them blah, blah blah then she tells me that they do have a new system that could be behind but not 70% - so I was like “so you just lied to me?” and then she says again we have up to 3 weeks to process them and I say well can you check on mine and she gets all pissy and tells me that they can’t look it up until it has been three weeks to which I respond that we both know that’s a lie and that she could look up my info but just doesn’t want to do her job and then I hung up.  

      The Internal Revenue Service announces a delay in some federal tax refunds.
      Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block and other tax preparation companies tell us they received a notice from the IRS stating up to 70 percent of refunds could be impacted for this funding cycle.
      The IRS wouldn't comment on what it released to these tax preparation companies.
      But it did confirm some taxpayers will be receiving their refunds about one week later than initial projections because of a system adjustment.
      Taxpayers and preparers who rely on timely returns are feeling a bit uneasy about the news.    
      “It’s nerve-racking when you've got two kids at home and you need to get your bills paid,” said Darlene Burke.
      Jackson Hewitt said their phones started ringing early this morning.
      “Everybody that's expecting money or refunds are calling,” said Beverly Russell, a financial planner for Jackson Hewitt.
      He says his office received a memo from the IRS saying they were "researching an issue with their fraud screening and detection process, which could impact between 60 to 70 percent of refunds for this funding cycle. This would include returns accepted by the IRS before 11am on January 18th."
      “They're using the term 60 to 70 percent will get delayed,” said Russell. “So that means 30 to 40 percent will get through, so I don't know which 30 or 40 percent is going to be happy or not.”
      And it's not just affecting taxpayers. Tax preparation companies depend on those returns for their bottom line during this busy season.
      "A lot of the money we receive in terms of fees comes out of refunds. So if the refund is not being funded, then we're being delayed too,” said Russell.
      The IRS says the vast majority of taxpayers can still expect to receive their refunds in a timely manner, and that these new safeguards put in place will provide stronger protection against refund fraud.
      This does not affect state tax returns.
      For those of you experiencing a delay in receiving your federal tax refunds, the IRS is directing people to the "Where's My Refund" section of its website.
      You’ll have to enter your Social Security Number, filing status and refund amount to get the information you need.
    • I just checked TT again... and they changed our refund date to Jan 28-Feb 8.
    • My suggestion to you is not to pay any attention to TT and just call in and speak to rep yourself.  My DD date was originally for 1/25 per TT, WMR still says 1/31 and I called this morning and found out my taxes are complete but my DD is scheduled until 2/3.  Best of luck.
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