what charges are charged for direct deposit? I'm SHORT 1/2 of my refund

IRS said I would receive $3121.59 as my refund on 2/29.

I received the following email:
This is an auto-generated email, please use the link below to reply.

We're University National Bank, and we have partnered with TurboTax to process refunds for their customers. You are receiving this email because you've elected to pay for TurboTax using your refund.

No action is necessary on your part.

o We have received funds from the IRS and transferred them to your financial institution.

o We have deducted your TurboTax fees and our refund processing fee. o We have sent you the remainder using the delivery method that you selected in TurboTax.

When Will I Get My Refund?
This depends on your financial institution but it typically takes one to two business days for your refund to show in your account. If you have any questions related to the status of your refund, please contact your financial institution or card provider.

If you would like additional account information, log on to our secure website at https://cisc.sbtpg.com , and click on My Account on the top right side of the screen. You can also get a breakdown of your fees.

You can contact our customer service department via email at https://cisc.sbtpg.com/taxpayers/contact_form_bulk.aspx?cId= [PERSONAL INFO REMOVED]
Your Client Identification Number is:

I show a depost in my bank account that say "Tax Products PEI SBTPG LLC" of $1,272.67. That's a DIFFERENCE of $1,848.92. ARE YOU INSANE? Where is my money? I'm not calling the number or emailing anyone because they want my SSN. Please confirm this is not spam. I'm not giving my SSN to anyone I don't know. Where is the difference in my money?
    For your own protection, do not post personal info in your messages.  This is a public forum read by thousands of users and archived on the Internet.

    I'm a fellow user and can't comment on the email since I have no special knowledge about it.  But like you, Im always suspicioius of email and never click on links in one.
     You can phone SBTPG about that.    

    But I can answer some of your other questions. Your charges would be the Refund Transfer fee of 29.95 plus whatever your TT product fees were.

    If the IRS reduced your refund, they should follow up with a letter in a couple of weeks explaining why.  If you don't want to wait for the letter, call them and inquire.  If you wish to contest their decision, they should be able to tell you how to do that.

    If you have any question for SBTPG, you should be able to phone them.

    Also read this:

    • I did get a notice from the IRS stating the remaining balance on my refund would be the $3121.59. My original refund was $4180.  I still owed them a little bit from 2009 taxes. I was expecting that. What I wasn't expecting was the $1,800 missing from my account. $29.95 + TT fees does not equal $1800.

      I called the number listed on my email and even there, they want my SSN, which I refuse to enter. I've contacted SBTPG to inquire.

      Thanks for the feedback. I actually THOUGHT I was sending this directly to Turbo Tax, not a public forum.
    • If SBTPG isn't able to explain it, you may want to phone the IRS, too.

      If you need to talk to TurboTax, this is how you talk to Customer Service in Chat or Phone.
      There are at least 4 departments, depending on the type of question you have--billing, software, tax issue, etc.

      Here's how you get routed to the correct one to speak to a representative by Phone or Chat.
      Read all the steps before going to the link at the end of this message.

      You will first arrive at a page that says CONTACT US.

      You MUST choose a topic on the LEFT (choose one close to your problem), then a topic on the RIGHT to get the page to expand and make the contact boxes appear. That routes you to the correct support department. If you don't choose something in both columns, the contact boxes lower in the page will not appear.

      If you are presented with results "I have a question about the software", or "I have a questions about tax rules", then make that choice as well.

      You can disregard the help articles. Those steps above were just to get the page to expand and route you to the right support department.

      By then the page will have expanded. Scroll down a little past the notice of the IRS Delay.

      You will now see contact boxes for CALL US or CHAT, with expected wait times.

      Support hours: 5 AM - 9 PM PST, 7 days a week.

    • I have the exact same problem.  Mine is short to the tune of about $115.  Did you find anything out from TT or University National Bank?  I cannot get them to answer me and TT online and phone chat folks are useless.
    • scorpio1769:

      You can contact the IRS and hopefully find out what refund amount was sent out to SBTPG.  If the IRS lowered your refund amount, they should follow up with a letter to you in a couple weeks explaining why and your options.

      Remember SBTPG is going to deduct your TT fees and a 29.95 service fee.  How much were your TT fees before that service fee?

      In the Home & Biz product, normal charges are 74.95 for Federal, and 36.95 for state (if applicable).  That would be 111.90 plus tax.  And since you apparently used SBTPG is the middleman, that would be an extra 29.95.

      To view your itemized TT fees, log in to your return and click on the TOOLS icon in the right upper corner. In the popup, choose "My Fees".
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