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Louisiana State Return Refund

I filed electronically on 01/18/2012 and both Fed and LA State were accepted on 01/19/2012. I recieved Fed Return on 02/08/2012 as stated it would be. LA online status states they have recieved my return but it is still being processed. Can't get through to any representative to get any information in regards to why it is taking so long to process and summit refund deposit. Has anyone recieved their LA State refund within the 7-10 business days of processing?
    Yep me too. I thought fed was messed up. LA looks even worse. I submitted 1/29. I already received fed but still waiting on LA

      I filed my taxes on January 31st and got my federal on February 8th. My Louisiana didn't come so on February 25th I sent them an email inquiry. They emailed back saying my return was selected for review and I needed to allow 90 days for them to try to resolve the issue. Anyone else get this answer? Did anyone actually get their money in 90 days or were they audited?

      • We also filed Fed and State thru turbo tax. Received Fed but La says ours is under review. This is bullshit, I know exactly what they are doing. They collect interest all monies they have not refunded, which is about 0.0024% and legally they can only hold it up to 90 days if no problems are found. Well there is nothing wrong with our return. It's not our fault that Louisiana has issues but this is not their money, it is ours and they need to send us our money. LOUSIANA SEND ME MY MONEY, IT'S NOT YOURS. I wonder if our dear President could possibly help.  HELP, HELP, HELP PLEASE
      If it is taking longer than 3 weeks to get your refund, you are most likely under review.  I did not get my review letter until almost a month after my return was filed and accepted.  A review means they are taking a closer look at your return and you may need to be prepared to prove that you were allowed to take some credits.  I submitted the verfying paperwork and now I am waiting again.
      • I filed on 2/10/12 and received my federal refund on the 20th. It is now March 1st and still no state refund. I'm getting the same message as most of you. It has been received but not processed.  This makes no since to me.  I wish I could get my $35 back. I think turbo tax messed something up. I'm not happy at all!
      • I'm in agreement with you on that. My friend filed 02/15/2012. He got his federal on 24th and state on 29th. He used a priviate CPA.  I've been using Turbo Tax for past 5 years and state is always reviewing my return, but never this long. It's been 6 weeks and still no change to status, can't get through phone system, and no wriiten letter of information as to why it is taking 6 weeks to process my return.
      • I just wanted to add that I emailed Louisiana Department of revenue and asked about the status on my refund. They were prompt into replying to it. The email stated I needed to call them to verify my address. I called and took care of it and the lady I spoke to told me I should get my refund in 7-10 business days. I will post once I receive it.
      • Yeah I emailed them too. They responded and said it was processing on Feb 27. I filed on Feb 1.  They said THEIR REFUND SCREEN said I would receive my refund on Mar 6.  On the LDR it still says received but not processed.  Today is March 7 and I have not received my refund or any letter in the mail statiing a review. I want to know what REFUND SCREEN they are looking at, cause I haven't seen that anywhere.  Why doesn't it say that on the LDR.
        My friend filed hers on the LDR site and got it DD in 4 business days!!! I am on business day 34!!!  This is ridiculous!
      • We finally recieved a letter saying we were under review after waiting a month. The letter stated that at this time we didnt need to send any other information. It also stated that it could be another 90 days before we get our return. This is bs. We are non residents and do not claim any of the Louisiana credits. There isnt anything to review. I think this is just another way for them to hold our money and make interest off of it :(
      • I filled my taxes the 1st of January. I recived my federal taxes less than a week later. This is my first time filling in LA. Neither the internet or the telephone automated say I am not due a refund. I have sent them an e-mail with no response. I call the very second the office is suppose to open and nothing but a busy signal. Never had I ever had a problem with state taxes. I know this state was hit hard in the past but this is crazy. It's a computer program. It can't be that hard!!! Besides the 225 number is there another number?
      • This is rediculous! I usually wait a little longer than federal for LA state, but its been over 3 months since I filed and it was accepted 3 days after (2/29/12)  I checked their website and its in process..?? I haven't rec'd anything asking for more info or saying its under review.. just NOTHING at all.  I have heard other local ppl saying its taking a long time this year, but 3 months with no word or notification of any kind is not acceptable. They wouldn't be this laid back if I owed THEM $800!!! If they ever send me a bill, I will hold it for months and tell them its in process or under review...lol
      • twnt 4jg- Did you end up getting audited or did they eventually send you your money? I just had the same situation happen and we aren't residents there either. My husband works in the oil fields and his company is out of Louisiana. They owe us a pretty penny and I was wondering the same thing!!
      Just be patient.  LA always lags behind the Fed.  You should call the LDR at 1-225-219-0102
      • Thanks. But I've called that number many times and no luck at getting through. Haven't been able to get through on any number. Only automated system. Which tells me same as Internet. So I'm being patient. Just wondering why they don't release any type of informative delay information. Ugh!!
      • We are also waiting on LA return. We filed on 02/01/2012. We are receiving the same message. In the past, we have always recieved State way before Fed return. We just recieved our Fed on 02/21. You are not alone :(
      • Glad I am not alone, I filed on the 6th of this month and have yet to receive a refund from the State of LA.
      • Same here, I received my federal since the 6th of Feb and still no state. No updated info on the website and can not get through to anyone on the phone...
      • My return was accepted on 2/3/12, but wasn't saying it was accepted. On the 13th of Feb. I sent LDR a email, they told me it was accepted, and processed, I should receive my refund in 7-10 days. Haven't seen a penny! I would personally like to thank our governor for eliminating so many state workers!
      • I also have not received mine.  It should have come on the LA refund card I guess.  My friend at work filed hers DD and got it within 4 days.  I filed and was accepted on Feb 6 w TT.  Got my federal on the 13th but nothing on the state.  Says has been received but processing not complete. Now how did my friend get hers so fast?  Is something wrong with the new cards that they can't get them out?
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