schedule k1 schedule e

Shouldn't a schedule k1 entries flow through to schedule e so why do we have to wait for schedule k1 to be ready when schedule e is ready.
    the schedule K1 entry worksheets  are not final in this current version of TurboTax Premier because they are based on the Schedule K-1's in Form 1041, 1065, 1120S and the IRS had not issued final Form 1041, 1065 and 1120S forms and instructions at the time this version of TurboTax was released

    you must wait for an updated version of TurboTax with the final versions of the K-1 entry worksheets..
    • This doesn't make sense.  Am furious about the delay from from 2/9 to 2/16. Get your act together TT or lose customers.  Your choice.
    • HR block has the form ready to go.  Will give TT another day or two to reply before making the switch.
    • I agree, you should get your act together - I need to get this done and you are delaying it???? Hear that they are ready!! You can lose customers this way - is that what you want??
    • You have just lost a customer. Went to TaxAct to file and complete it. Shame on you TT.  You should have a better organization between your teams.  The business K1 part is ready but not the personal tax return. I see you have a lot of complaints from other customers.
    • No HR Block does not have it either. I did a return there first and now they are saying form not until 26th. I called TT to ask them if I would have the same problem if I did my taxes on their software and was told no, but  of course discovered that was not the case after a couple hours of reentering data. So now I wait with returns filed on both TT and HRB. We will to see who gets it first..
    • VERY dissappointed in TT this year delaying our filing.  I really need my refund this year to use to travel for an adoption.
    • Getting my refund tomorrow.  Would have had it sooner if I had learned that it was turbotax holding up the works.  I went to TaxAct and filed.  Just got my state refund yesterday and federal is due for direct deposit tonight.  I am glad I did not continue waiting on TurboTax to update it software.  TaxAct was far cheaper too.  Cost $17 to file both state and federal.
    • I went to and filed through them about a week ago. Went to state site and filed through them for the state already received it. Wasn't waiting any longer.
    • Really don't know why the k-1 can't be filed. I was told it would be ready 2/16 after filing on 2/13. 2/16 is here & I still can't file. BS! This is the computer age for heaven's sake. It shouldn't take this long! It's a FORM! Unacceptable!
    • I entered the K-1 info and when I printed my return the figures were not on the form. Is this the same problem everyone is having?
    • I seem to be having the same problem on March 7. Has anyone found a solution?
    • Where do I fill Schedule-K1 ? I am not interested in paying TT more money after March 23.
    It probably says that so you don't enter it twice.  If you enter it from the K-1 then don't enter it again on Schedule E.   Did you open schedule E and see if it's there?  Switch to Forms Mode (click Forms in the upper right) and open Schedule E.
    • I completed my return, owed $1600.00 due to withdrawal from IRA.  Then entered my K1 information, which shows a net loss on line 2 of  $2546.00.   There was no change to my tax return after showing this loss, still shows I owe $1600.00.  I'm pretty sure it should have had some affect on my return - is this the same issue that other people are experiencing?
    To enter a K-1 in the Home & Business version go to
    Personal Income
    Choose Explore on my own (if it comes up)
    Then scroll way down to Business Investment and Estate/Trust Income
    Schedule K-1 - Click the Start or Update button

    Be sure to pick the right kind of K-1. There are 3 kinds, 1041, 1065 & 1120S
    Enter each K-1 Separately. don't enter K-1s your get for IRA, 401K or retirement accounts.

    Oh and you can pay now to lock in the price before you file.
    • I entered my K-1 correctly but it won't flow through to schedule E.  Instructions say not to enter in "E".  ??
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