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IRS wheres my refund website not showing return

when I go to the IRS wheres my refund site it ask me to enter my social security number , filing status and expected refund amount. I enter the information and then i sends me to a page that shows the information I entered along with the following message~~
"You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.
Please confirm your Social Security Number, Filing Status and Refund Amount shown below" and below that there is another message,,,,
If your personal tax data is correct, please answer the following questions:
Approximately when did you file your tax return? I entered the date that turbo tax said it was accepted and then i selected E-file..
I click submit and then it takes me to another page that states~~~
We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.
It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund.

Today is 2/08/2012 and the return was accepted on 2/2/2012... So why is the IRS wheres my refund site not giving me any acknowledgement of my return status??


    I have had this same issue. My federal was accepted on 1/30/14 and state on 2/5/14. It is now 2/11/14 and it is still giving me the same message. Any ideas?

    • same thing with me i went threw all the loops to talk to a live person and he couldnt do anything. Says its a new rule this year that they cant look at my account until after the 21 days i asked to speak to a manager and he said they had none i could speak with at the moment and that someone would call me back in 24 hours
    • how did you speak with a live person?
    Try again tomorrow.  it will probably update by then
    • don't listen to Anita. it wont work tomorrow. i am having the same problem as  you. I filed the same time and my federal got accepted 2/2/12 and i am getting the same message as you.  I called IRS and they said there is a delay and the system does not work right now on the wheres my refund site. The lady from irs said wait 3 weeks. she couldn't find my information either.
    • Im having the same issue... Just yesterday all of my information was showing on "wheres my refund" now today its telling me that ive entered the incorrect info.. however when I call irs it tells me that i should receive my refund by the 14th... so what Im anticipating is that the money has been sent to my checking acct for deposit and due to lots of fraud it just may not give you exact info on the website until its actually been deposited which per irs cycle chart direct deposit it supp to be sent to the bank on Feb 8.. my filing date was jan. 30.. So if this is the case and I get my deposit tomorrow as speculated, i will let you know :)    Good Luck!! (Friday are deposit dates for the IRS)
    • What happened after those three weeks.
    • I got my tax refund 6 weeks after 2/2/12
    Latest IRS release:


    FEBRUARY 19, 2012:

      There are many entries here from people saying they had this message and then they got a regular  message just a few hours later or the next day.
      • I have been getting this same message and i have checked back and it is still the same I have even call the automated phone system and can not get any info. I submitted my on 02/03/2011 and received my e-mail stating they were accepted. this is so frustrating!!!!
      • I'm having the very same problem.  My e-filed return was accepted on 2/2/12 and when I go to Where's my refund to check it says that there is no info on my return.  I've checked and double checked that the info I'm entering is correct.  Should I be worried about this?  It's really frustrating not having any idea of when to expect my refund a week out from when I e-filed.
      • I filed and was accepted 2/2/12 as well.  Still nothing on 'where's my refund'.  According to their calendar it should come the 15th...but I'm doubting that due to no acknowledgement of them having it.  My state return was deposited 2 days ago (VA)! That's never happened before.  I've checked a couple other sights and it seems that the ones having problems were all on the 2nd or 3rd.  Lucky us!  I jusy hope it shows the 15th.
      • I also sent mine 2/2/2012 and I was accepted the same evening.  As of 1:30 CST on 2/10/2012 there is no records of my efiled return via the IRS website or the phone.  This is the first time this has ever happened to me using the TurboTax software.  Unclear what, if anything, can be done at this point other than wait the three weeks they require and file a report with the IRS.
      • same here, my return was accepted on 2/4/2012, and still got no info. on IRS website...5555555....
      • I have the same issue.  Our taxes were accepted on 02.04.12.  This is now 02.11.12 and the website still states "you have not entered your information correctly".  This is extremely frustrating. I saw on another comment to call the IRS at 800.829.0582 ext 362.  Since this is Saturday, I am going to try this phone number on Monday.  If their website is not working, they should update the messages to reflect that.  Oh, that's right, we are talking about the IRS.  Why would they make it easier for anyone?
      • Same thing with me, e-filed and accepted 2/3/12, my info has never been in "Where's My Refund" and expected my check today 2/15 according to tax charts, now nothing.  I am getting a large amount back this year and am in process of buying a house.  Worst time this ever could have happened to me.  On Yahoo there are tons of people that anticipated a check on 2/15 and still do not have it.
      • Same thing happened to me 2/3 accepted and same stuff about the info not correct.. Been checking and called and still nothing has changed.  I was worried about someone changing my information. They can't change what the questions ask.  Social security, filing status and amount I did mine on Turbo Tax. It has to be and IRS problem, which doesn't tell anyone anything about the reason were asking WHEN WILL WE BE GETTING OUR REFUND.  it does make me feel a little better to know that I'm not the only one this is happening to.
      • Add me to the list...submitted 2/2 accepted less than 10 minutes after. Kinda makes you wonder if that was an automatic response generated by turbo tax.
      • i am getting the same message as the first person that posted....It is very frustrating!!!! I have used Turbo Tax  for years and have never had a problem!!! The only thing that I did different was that i actually paid for my filling this year instead of taking it from my tax return. I am wondering if everyone on this thread paid turbo tax? I will not  be doing it again i will just go back to letting them take it from my return
      • Well. its now 13 days after "accepted" (2/2/12)...past the supposed deposit date on their calendar (2/15)...and still says no record on "where's my refund".  This sucks.  TT or the IRS sgould have said something somewhere other than...oh, it can take 21 days.  This is obviously not the norm.  It's OUR money...they're just holding it for us...we should at least be told something.  If I had waited a week or more longer, I'd have my money already...doesn't sound right...does TT need to re send or what?
      • has anyone of you recieved your refund yet? I filed on 2/2 and was told it was accepted!! I have checked today 16 days after filing and still cannot get anwsers from anyone!! I am extremeily upset because i have family and friends who filed after me and already have thier refunds!! Some recieved them Tuesday some Wednseday and the others today! I am very frustrated that i was told 7 to 10 days and now still nothing!!
      • 2/6, mine was accepted..now 2/19.. Still nothing in "where's my refund"? thats 13 days or 312 hours, that's a bit more than the 72 hours your supposed to wait. Does this mean there is something wrong with my return?
      • Has anybody having these issues finally gotten any information? I filed my taxes on 2/8 and still as of today NOTHING! The IRS shows no record for me or anything.  However, my husband (we just got married this year) filed a week after me through TT and they have record of him and give an estimated date for his to be deposited. Something fishy is going on-very strange.  I have never had trouble with TT and have filed my taxes this way for years. I am not sure what is going on and I HATE not getting straight forward answers!!
      • Hey everyone, I filed on 2/2. Same issue but today they have me in the IRS system for where's my refund:) whew...I have a deposit date:)
      • Hello everyone, this is orroro,
        I started this question thread and just want to update you on my situation and thank all of you for sharing your experiences.
         I finally got my refund information on the IRS "wheres my refund" site. They state that my refund is scheduled to deposit on Wed. Feb. 22,,,but it may take till the 27th...I am trying to be optimistic and hope that it shows up on my TT card on Wed or Thurs. Besides that I have come to the conclusion based on all reports  that I have viewed....That the IRS is stonewalling on getting these refunds processed in a timely manner. Just as with many others I have never experienced such a long wait from the date of acceptance to receiving a refund. It seems that refunds were being processed in the appropriate times up until around January 29th, then suddenly the expedition of refunds halted..They can blame their systems, or come up with whatever excuses they want, but there are no more or less people filing than last year, and any system updates they supposedly made would have been done before the tax season started, and these supposed updates should have only increased the speed of the filing process, not impeeded it...
         The issued I have with Turbo tax is that I believe they were aware of this issue, at least after January 31st or maybe even sooner, and they should have updated their site to make people aware that it may take 14 to 21 days to receive a refund, instead of leading people to believe that they could get their refund in as little as 7 days from the date of acceptance, and I feel that they should issue at least a partial refund of the tax preparation fee and also the fee that is imposed for e-filing to receive a refund faster, as I feel they were misleading, complacent, and an accomplice in the IRS's deceipt by not making people aware of a known delay in order to trick people into paying money to get a refund faster than they were acutally going to receive it.
          For all of you who have not received your refund yet, i pray you get the information you need soon as well as the money you deserve. As for me I will be supporting legislation to abolish the IRS, and this highly stressful yearly ritual we are all put through to try and get back money we paid the previous year to a government that squanders our tax dollars, then drags their ass paying us back.. I will also not be using Turbo tax online again, as I truely do believe that everyone who filed after January 29th,, were all misled since they knew before all of us that a delay was in effect and didnt bother to inform potential customers because it could have affected their profits..
        Best of wishes,,,, orroro
      • I filed electronically on 2/2/2012 and I have yet to see my info on WMR.  I received the acceptance email on 2/2...but since then...nothing,
      • I also efiled on Feb 2 and got accepted on that day...................still nothing shown on WMF!!!
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