why is turbo tax charging me

i thought free edition was free?
  • Can you be more specific about the charges you are seeing?  eFiling of your federal tax return is free but filing of a state return has a cost.
try this. hit back until you can completely delete your state return. DO NOT SELECT "Don't file my State Return, I will file later." I did accidentally upgrade the first time and I could tell because it transferred my AGI from last year, but I got the same message after I created a new account and was careful not to select an upgrade option. AFTER I COMPLETELY DELETED MY STATE RETURN I E-FILED MY FEDERAL RETURN FOR FREE.
  • HI ,

    Way is the fee so high? when i started there was only two fee, now i am looking at not three but  four different  fees. before i make any referral, i need to know what is up! please respond.

    Thank You
  • This $57.90 fee is where exactly? In the fine print? Ridiculous. Taking more money from us and not clearly stating that this bank is going to take extra money for processing is a rip off. If I would have seen it somewhere then I would not have agreed to this. This is a joke..
  • I have already gone to all the trouble and completed both my returns. There is no going back now unless I start all over, way to husle me turbo tax! I am disgusted to see an extra fee for e-filing ! I will not use Turbo Tax next year. My total cost has been more than eighty dollars when two states are added along with my "free" federal.
  • Because Turbotax wants money...thats all it is anymore. All about them (and every other business) making money any way they can. I will NOT be using Turbo tax next year since it cost me 97.00 this year to file and to a single mom/full time student, that's quite a bit of money. Turbotax has never cost me this much in the past, sad to say...like everything else, its basically anyway possible to rip people off.
  • I have read the comments made about this year with Turbo tax being a rip off.  I agree! I have used Turbo tax in the last three years and I have not paid so much. I am really disappointed. I think it should be against the law to say one thing and add all the extra fees at the end after you have spent so much time working on the turbo tax.  I will not be recomending turbo tax and  I am not using it again. I think it is better to buy it in the store at Costco at least you can do multiple taxes.
  • this was free why r u chargeing me ?
  • I agree with the many comments here. I was highly disappointed to see that my "free" taxes are not so free. Way to deceive us TurboTax. I will not use this site next year.
There is a free version if you earn less than 31,000 (or 58,000 if in the military).  You need to go to the FREEDOM version of turbo tax.   For many states you can get the federal AND state taxes done for free (really for free).  http://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/index.jsp

In my case, using this regular "free" version of TurboTax would cost $60.  After I enter all my info I learn that there is $30 to file plus a $30 "refund processing fee".  However everything (federal, state, e-filing, refund) was free on the "Freedom" version.

NOTE: You will have to create a new account and enter your information again, otherwise it will redirect you to the regular "free" version.
  • thanks for wasting my time TurbotTax.  Do you really think I'll be back next year?

There are a few things that might have happened.  Please check out this article on our website: http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/iq/Unexpected-Charges/Why-Am-I-Charged-for-a-Free-TurboTax-Online-Product-/GEN12706.html?_requestid=241380  I think it will help you.

Hope that helps!
  • I did my son's taxes for him and he only had a 1040 EZ and a state return.
    He was charged $19.95 for the federal which I thought was supposed to be free and $39.95 for the state.
    Is there anyway he can be refunded the $19.95 since it was just an EZ form?
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