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whats a TIN number

Irs rejected my return because the TIN didnt match from last year what is the TIN is it my social security number?
    A TIN can be several types of numbers, including SSN, EIN, ITIN, and others.  See the list and explanation at:,,id=96696,00.html

    TIN is a generic term for "Taxpayer Identification Number".  It encompasses those types listed at the link.
    • yes bluedeb I used my social last year it was rejected the first time because it said my agi didnt match so I took that out and used the pin know it was reject because it said my tin number didnt match I didnt used a tin number last year.
    ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number that you can apply for and use in place of a SSN on your tax return.  ITINs are for federal tax reporting only.  Did you use a ITIN when you filed your 2010 return?  Do you now have a SSN?  

    If you used a ITIN when you filed your 2010 tax return and now have a SSN then when the program asks for your 2010 AGI you need to enter zero. (also leave the 2010 PIN blank, do not even enter a zero), then the program should ask you to create a PIN for 2011.
      Sorry I thought you were asking about a ITIN used instead of your SSN.   I am not sure what number they are looking for.   Have you doubled check your SSN is correct (Personal Info tab) or when you entered your PIN number to efile did you delete the AGI amount?  The following is information on efile rejection for PIN and/or AGI

      You also might want to contact TurboTax support, they should be able to help you with the rejection.  

      You can contact TurboTax support at the following website: now Open 5:00 am Pacific - 9:00 pm Pacific, Monday thru Sunday

      On the Support site select a Category, then on the right select an option under Choose One, at the bottom of the screen you can choose the option of Online Chat or Call Us.
      • Most likely it is the same as an AID number...retrive your personal number...You will first be asked to key in your social secuity number, DOB, and last years filing status

        CAUTION:  removed phone number due to inability to verify
      • I dont know if this helps any but the same thing happened to me a few days ago. I was so stressed about it, I kept going to TT website and calling the IRS and then I finally just said to hell with it. I was telling this girl about it at work and she said - "did you make up a new PIN for this year?" Im like Im sure I did, but come to find out I hadnt and I submitted with the same PIN from last year - thats why it got rejected!!! Once I changed the PIN, it went through without a problem. In short, TT makes it very easy to file, but when you go to provide your PIN from last year it will automatically put the same PIN in for this year. Erase ot and make up a new one then re - submit. I really hopes it helps you!!
      • ot seem to be a good explanation and i get annoyed not being a ble to talk to  alive person.
      • joanie54:

        You can speak live to TT Customer Support by Chat or Phone, during Hours 5 AM - 9 PM, seven days a week.

        When you first get to the support page you won't see the phone and chat boxes.

        You have to choose a topic on the Left, and then a subtopic on the Right.

        By then the page will have expanded, and you should see some interface boxes appear a little farther down the page. one of which will say "CALL US", and the other will say "CHAT".   You should see the expected wait times for each.