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Paper Check being mailed when direct deposit was selected

I am so annoyed. I elected to have my fees deducted from my return and my remaining refund was to be direct deposited into my account. WMR originally said my date was 2/4 and now this morning it says a paper check is being mailed on 2/11. I called the IRS and they stated NO direct deposit information transmitted over although i can see it on my 1040. Has anyone else had this issue and does someone have the # to Turbo Tax?
  • I had that happen to me once, but it was due to my error. I had mis-typed a number in my routing or account (I cannot remember which). I was glad they were not able to despoit into somebody else's account, though. They sent me a check. I also had to call Turbo Tax once. I believe I googled 'Turbo Tax' and when I went on it's website, I either clicked on the 'about us' or 'contact us'. There was a software problem with TT at that time. They were actually very professional and helpful to talk to. I'm sorry I don't have the phone number still as it was maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I hope that helps.
    Up above the section on Turbo Tax where you can 'ask the community' and/or search questions and answers, there is a Title that reads 'Turbo Tax Help Center' 'contact us' and a 'go' button. Try that.
occassionally the IRS has processing errors and are unable to issue the direct deposit. We've also noticed that some of the information provided by the IRS Where's My Refund site is not always correct for DD versus check.
  • Thank you rubytuesday.. I actually spoke to the IRS and they stated my DD information is showing blank on the tax form however i can see it on my saved copy. @ Beth the lady at the IRS and she did confirm no DD information was received and there must have been an error with transmitting on the TT side.
  • Same exact thing happened to me.  I can only hope it is an IRS issue and it will DD....but who knows?  It is not good and turbo tax cannot do anything.  I have wasted hours on the phone.
  • YES!!! Have been on the phone all day with IRS... same exact thing is happening to me. This is ABSURD!
  • The same thing happened to me and when I called IRS they said no dd info was submitted with my tax return from turbo tax and that they cannot do anything about it at this point and that my check will be mailed on 2-11 when yesterday it said dd on 2-4.  Soo confused!
  • we're seeing an issue with this now and are researching with the IRS.  For many customers the info on Where's My Refund changed today and we don't know why.  We transmitted the direct deposit information.
@ jbezzy and all other users I had this same problem today. I called the IRS and they stated hat they did not have my dd information in the system but a check is to be mailed out on 2/4/11 even though it was changed to 2/11/11. Now i then checked the sbbt webite because i am having my fees taken out of my refund and it stated that my ACH date was still 2/4/11. I then called sbbt at 1877-908-7228 and spoke with a very nice rep that stated that nothing in the system changed on their end and that everything was still looking good I told her about the IRS stated that they did not have my dd information and she then stated that the checks comes directly to them once processes and that the irs does not have the dd information because they have it. Fees are still scheduled to be taking out on 2/4/11 on their end and they would soon deposit it in my account depending on my bank and how long it takes to post it i would get it on the same day or 1 to 2 business days. So anyone who is worried dont be if your fees have to be deducted through sbbt an your ACH date is 2/4/11 it will b there this friday because they have to receive the check from the IRS first so as soon as its received by sbbt funds would be added on your card by sbbt not the irs. The rep even went over my dd information just to make sure the had the correct information to dd my funds to. They are the middle mans.......
  • If anyone are having their fees taking out of their refund check through tt on the sbbt site they are the ones that have the dd information not the irs. SBBT has to receive the checks from the irs before they can load funds to everyones account SBBT is the bank that turbo tax uses so no one should worry the irs updates there system every wedensday anyone who was first expected to get their refund on 2/4/11 are still going to get it.
  • Thanks Chris2211. Please keep me posted if you receive yours or not tomorrow.
  • After calling SBBT The rep stated that the IRS had sent them an e-mail that there was a glitch in there system that everyone is expected to get there refunds on the 4th(which)is tomorrow(who were originally scheduled for tomorrow)Contrary if it said your check was being mailed on the 11th.she said the IRS has until midnight tonight to deposit the funds and then everyone can check the website to see if you actually got yours.  .I hope everyone gets there's as expected.So try and relax it will be there.
  • Thank you nursejudy, I'll cross my fingers!!
  • I called irs they still say the 11th for a check whats up with that.
  • Me 2  Ash B.. :)
  • This happened to me to yesterday you did not mess up nor did I turbo tax did and it is not right
  • This is so frustrating!!  I have the same message and I have been reading all these postings for the last 2 days.  It must have been when we filed because my fiance' did his a week before mine and his was DD with no problem last week.  I have also read two contradicting things...If a check is mailed out some say the IRS says it is mailed to the address on file...others say that SBBT says the checks are mailed to them then DD from them..anyone know for sure??? UGH I hate tax season and all this BS!
  • MikeMar5005 please call this number and find out if your deposit is pending 1-877-98-7228 (SBBT) if not check with your financial institution after midnight. IRS makes 2 deposits one this morning and another at midnight.
  • nursejudy, to find out is hte deposit is pending should we talk to a live person or the automated system? Also, is your pending??
  • A live person and mine should hit a midnight but for sure i will keep ya'll posted..
  • @ nursejudy so is yours currently showing pending because mine is not yet although SBBT says it should hit their account tomorrow?
  • jbezzy the lady at sbbt said mine should hit anywhere from midnight to 6 ironic i just get my TT card in the mail..what a joke right?lol
  • sorry bout that ya'll the number is 1-877-908-7228
  • Ok i just also called they said was error on irs. She said mine to hit tonight or in morning. i got my card on tuesday. if mine hits i will post.
  • Please if anyone gets their deposit tomorrow will they post.
  • So, even though the WMR site says we are being mailed a check on 2/11 we should still receive our refunds via DD tomorrow as scheduled???? Thanks!
  • Just called SBBT again and she said IRS makes deposits at noon central please keep checking throughout the day. Good luck everyone please post if yours is pending,,thanks
  • Thanks to everyone, it is comforting to know I am not alone, yet it really stinks that other people are experiencing this same dilemma!  I called SBBT before noon central & they had nothing as of yet.  I will keep checking and update because the IRS website still states paper check mailed 2/11?? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
  • this is such crap!! i called the sbb as well they said that my refund should be there tomorrow also even tho wmy says feb 11th as well but the irs says they have no dd info on me and that my check will be mailed!!!  CAN YOU SAY CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE!!!  I would not have given my personal checking info out if I was not going to receive DD!
  • I got tht same message on the wmr site to. Spoke with a rep at SBBT and she stated that my account will post between midnight tonight or between 8 and 12 central time. IRS had a glitch in there system she stated. Everyones account should post by tomorrow that is when the irs sends out checks. If they had selected direct deposit.
  • yes i spoke with the bank too. I was told the same thing but when I asked where she was getting the information from that there was a problem with irs website she said she was not sure that it was just a footnote in her computer!!! I want to talk to a live person at tt but they actually charge you 30 bucks to speak to someone!
  • Called SBBT and they said they havent received anything from the IRS. The deposits come in on wed night so he told me I wouldnt have my money until next fri, he also stated the the IRS is always a week behind. WTH
  • After talking to the bank I called the IRS back they still insist they do not have any dd info on my feturn and that a check will be mailed to me on Feb 11th... After sumitting my complaint and a threat of a class action law suite I was provided with the phone number to call TT this will cost me thirty dollars to speak to a live person to find out what is going on. I have been on hold for over 20 min now and I am getting more pissed off as I wait...I want an answer as I am sure you all do I think that this is a problem with Turbo Tax and not the IRS and that there lack of information about this situation is pathetic and poor cutomer service I don't know about the rest of you but when I pay for a service I expect it to be provided and I do not expect for my personal bank information to be misplaced!
  • I have horrible news for everyone depending on a direct deposit tomorrow that has been told it will be mailed. I have been on the phone with the IRS and they stated that when the paperwork was transmitted the box was checked that a paper check was warranted instead of bank account essentially for  TURBO TAX this will be the end to there demise.I am very sorry for people who were relying on YOUR tax money back..If the money is there it will show up on this website now        ,  if it doesn't rely on a paper check next Friday being mailed out. the somewhat good news is that you will get your full refund and turbo tax will be screwed of all there money.
  • I am to the point now that I dont know who is telling the truth SBBT or IRS. SBBT is standing 100% return will be direct deposit 2/4 or 2/11 at the latest because IRS may be running a week behind. IRS is saying a paper check is being mailed because NO direct deposit information was submitted neither my personal account or a tax product account. Someone is LYING and if they would just be honest they would be saving themselves a lot of stress due to angry consumers not getting the service they were expecting!
  • Everyone , PLEASE stop stressing your self out, if you are scheduled to get your's on the 4th, then you will get it, can you imagine how many people have filed their taxes and how much strain is on the computer systems with all the new tax updates this year.   Turbo Tax does exactly what they are suppose to do, depending on the information given... I do know that my cousin's said the same thing about getting a check mailed to her, but instead it was direct deposited in to her account.
  • I just spoke with someone at the IRS. They said that there was some kind of issue with validating the DD info. Had no clue what it may have been, but that I would be receiving a check mailed out on the 11th. Sounds like TurboTax messed something up along the way.
  • ladyt10,when did your cousin's say that last week or this week?
  • Sorry to be the barrer of bad news but I just checked my SBBT website and this is what it says....

    You filed your return with TurboTax  and requested a bank product from University Bank.

    University Bank has not received your IRS refund.

    Income Tax Refund Status

    The IRS issues refund deposits each Friday, so your delayed deposit may not arrive until the following Friday. You may visit to check the status of your refund.

    The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS.

    SUCKS FOR ALL OF US THAT THOUGHT WE WOULD GET OUR REFUNDS TOMORROW!!!!!!!  Now we have to wait an extra week just for the paper check to be mailed...and is it mailed to our address or SBBT for the fees????? Who the hell knows what's going on...all I know is my HEAD HURTS!
Well here is the deal I just got an email from Turbo Tax and it reads as follows:
You recently used TurboTax to file your 2010 tax return. At that time, you elected to pay your TurboTax fees from your federal tax refund and have the rest of your refund directly deposited into your bank account.

The IRS has successfully processed your return. However, as a result of a TurboTax processing error, the IRS is unable to direct deposit your refund. Instead, you will receive your refund by check in the mail.

The IRS will mail your check approximately one week after the day you were scheduled for direct deposit. Depending on when you filed your return, you may have already received your refund check by mail. If not, you can check the status of your refund at by clicking on the "Where's My Refund?” link.

We apologize for the inconvenience and unanticipated delay. Of course, we are waiving all your TurboTax fees.

We understand that getting your maximum refund back fast is one of the reasons you choose TurboTax. We know we must do better to meet your expectations. Please be assured that we have fixed the error and taken steps to ensure this does not happen again.

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can reach us at 800-624-2088 or via the Contact Us link at

Bob Meighan

VP, TurboTax
  • I am so pissed I just received that same message and this is some bullshit.......I can't believe this im so angry at turbo tax......I was really waiting on my dd for 2morrow i am very sick and i don't have enough money to buy my meds and i was depending on that....I will never use turbo tax in my life again their going to loose alot of business 4 next yr because they already lost me.....But their going t wavy the turbo tax fees by the time i get my check in the mail i be in the hospital racking up on a higher bill...One of the reasons for me using turbo tax is becaus i knew that i would get it sooner ......(What a bunch of bull) Everyone who expected to get there dd around the same time as mine are screwed an would be waiting for 23 days no including the days that we already have waited. While anyone who filed and are going to get a dd on the 11th will get a dd on the 11th because they fixed the error for the next cutomers in line turbo tax you can kiss my a**
  • This is crazzy I told my kids look we getting 5500 back. And I said watch somthing will happen so we don't get on time. I must of caused this lollilolo
  • The same thing happened to me, except I never received that warning email.  Was told the amount would direct deposit on Feb. 4, then I get a check in the mail from University National Bank today.  This seems really sketchy and the print out with the check doesn't say anything about it being related to Turbo Tax or a tax refund at all.   On top of all that and the fact that I have to worry about my bank accepting this sketchy-looking cashier's check, they withheld an additional $29.95 for some kind of handling fee paid to the bank AND another $10.00 for a "reprocessing fee."  WTF is up Turbo Tax?!  This is ridiculous?  Had anyone been successful in filing some kind of claim or getting back these additional fees we did not sign up for?
  • Turbo Tax is horrible, I didn't get any email either. Guess its back to H&R Block next year. I never had any trouble with them. I should never have switched this this year!!!
  • I also got the email from turbo tax staing that they made an error and are waiving the fees and that the irs will be mailing me a check about a week after my original dd date. I went to the sbbt site and a window said to call turbo tax. I called and they explained that the direct deposit info didnt transfer over to the irs, so the are mailing. I said that them waiving the fees is not enough compensation for what IM GOINg through and the bills that are now late...Since im a repeat customer she pulled last years fees and is going to mail me a check to help. So I got this years fees waived and a refund of last years fees.

    If you are in this situation, I would call and complain and demand compensation. We relied on their reputation and they failed.

    My original dd date was 2.4.11 and now the 22nd. Just get it here already.
  • have any of you recieved your refund yet?
  • Nothing yet....IRS website says it was mailed 2-11 so now I am just waiting.
  • I got my check in the mail today, it was mailed out on Feb 11.
  • I live in Ohio.
  • i still have not received my refund has anyone in the stl area gotten theirs yet?
  • i still have not received my refund it seems like it has been enough time to get mail from kansas city mo to stl mo has anyone in the stl area received their refund yet!
  • @ flairfan I received mine yesterday. I live in AZ.
In addition to what TTBeth has said, you can go here for more information and to sign up to receive notification when the solution is available.