How do I see my 2011 tax form AFTER I filed it?

As I was sending it off after I made a correction, and the correction was wrong, I just caught sight of the adjusted return and it was significantly less.  Same info this year and it is significantly less then my 2010 return.  I know it is wrong.

I cannot find anywhere the 2011 form that was filed.

How do I find a copy of the 2011 form that was filed?
    You cannot amend a tax return that you've already efiled until you've received confirmation/acceptance of your efile from the IRS or your state taxing agency.   People can amend a 2011 return, if necessary, in late January, provided their return has been accepted..

    See this article:

    If your return is rejected for some reason, you just correct it and resubmit, and that will save you from filing an amended return.  
    By the way, for future reference, amended returns cannot be efiled; they have to be printed and mailed.

    As for viewing your 2011 return that you filed, did you follow every step listed in the first link I gave in my first answer to print or save your return?   It should show you the link to print/save your 2011 return there if you follow the directions..

    Here is an optional way to view the Form 1040, but will not show any attached schedules that were filed with it.

    Log in and in the top right corner of the program is a TOOLS icon.  Click it.
    In the popup will be a place called "OTHER HELPFUL LINKS"
    The Summary should appear.   At the top of the Summary are some tabs.
    Click "PREVIEW MY 1040"

    You should be able to print and save (as .PDF) your entire return by the method in my first answer..  I'm not sure what you are doing that didn't work in that first article I sent.

    If you want to Chat Live or phone with Customer Support they can probably talk you through it while you are online.
    Here's how to reach them.  Read through all of the steps below first .   

    Go to this link:

    When you arrive there, you will not immediately see a phone or chat interface box.  You must first select a topic on the left that is close to what your problem is, in general.   Click on FILING/ALREADY FILED, then choose a subtopic of PRINTING MY RETURN.,

    Then the page will have expanded and you should see some interface boxes appear a little farther down the page. one of which will say "CALL US", and the other will say "CHAT".   You should see the expected wait times for each.  

    Support is now open 7 days a week.   Hours of operation are 5:00am Pacific - 9:00pm Pacific. Monday thru Sunday.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck!
    • Thanks for the time you put into answering my questions!

      I will follow all your suggestions.

      Thx again
    You can print out a copy of your filed return (or you can save it as a .PDF)..

    Here's how to do it:
    • It will only allow 2010, can't see anywhere that gives the 2011 option.  

      I panicked and made the mistake of starting a 2011 amendment, thinking I could figure out where the mistake was, and now it seems to be treating it like it's my 2012 return.  It's not allowing me to do anything with 2011.

      So, now I am wondering did the first incorrect 2011 file go through or did the amendment cancel it?

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