is the IRS accepting e-file tax returns?

    The IRS will begin to accept and process efiled tax returns on January 17, 2012.

    Turbotax will allow you to submit your return for filing beginning on January 5, 2012 -- BUT the return will not be transmitted to the IRS until January 17 when the IRS is ready to accept it, and, more importantly, once you submit it you can not retrieve it or change it. Submitting the return for filing is just like dropping it into a mailbox - you can not get it back or change it, even though it is sitting on Turbotax servers waiting for the IRS.

    If you do submit early and find that you need to make a change, you will have to wait until the IRS either accepts or rejects the return. If the return is rejected by the IRS, then you can make the necessary changes and resubmit it. If the return is accepted, then the only way to change it is to prepare an amended return and file it by mail - you can not efile a change or an amendment.

    Filing a return by mail earlier than that will not result in an earlier refund because it takes the IRS 4 to 6 weeks to process a return filed by mail.

    You can find the IRS refund calendar at this link:
      There are two dates to consider:
      The IRS will not start processing or accepting eFiling until January 17, 2012.  
      TurboTax will "accept" and "stockpile" your submitted return starting January 5, 2012.

      One potential problem with submitting/sending it as soon as you can is that once it is banked/stockpiled by Intuit, the file cannot be retrieved. If you note any errors or potential corrections after you e-file on January 5 or thereabouts, you will need to wait until your original return is processed by the IRS, then file an amended return Form 1040X [and possible state amend return - oh happy days :(  ]

      IMPORTANT ======= Do consider possibly waiting for your W-2 to arrive before submitting your return.
      You can do pretty much everything else in preparing before going back to the W-2 by "skipping" entering your W-2 until later..

      You can mail your return in earlier than that but doing so will not result in a refund any earlier than if you e-file on the 17th of January, as paper returns take longer to process.

      IRS Schedule of process refunds:

      So you can see from the IRS schedule, they expect to process direct deposit refunds in about 8 days from processing.  Note that the refund date is dependent on the date the IRS accepts the return, which is not the same as the date that you transmit the form into TurboTax.
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        Legally, TurboTax was not able to accept 2011 E-Filed Tax Returns until January 5, 2011 --- so, If you had a problem trying to Transmit your E-File Tax Return prior to then -- go ahead and try Transmitting it via TurboTax again now.

                                                                                     As for the IRS itself.....

          The IRS will start accepting 2011 E-Filed Tax Returns from TurboTax on January 17, 2011 -- and it usually takes about 48 hours for the IRS to send you an email stating that they have received and accepted your TurboTax E-File.

          In the mean time, simply go ahead and Transmit your completed E-File to TurboTax right now, and TurboTax will keep it safely on file in their secure online storage until January 17, 2011.

          At that point, TurboTax will then simply forward your completed 2011 E-File Tax Return to the IRS -- and the IRS should then send you the confirmation email within about 48 hours -- stating that the IRS has received and accepted your TurboTax E-Filed Tax Return.

          When the IRS sends you the confirmation email, that is usually a very solid and reliable indication that your E-File was properly completed, and that -- if you are due for a refund -- then you will most certainly be getting your refund as expected.

        If you indicated that you want your refund to be electronically transferred by direct deposit into your bank account -- and if you carefully and accurately entered your bank's routing number and your account number into the appropriate fields during the TurboTax E-File process -- then your refund should appear by direct deposit into your bank account within about 10 to 14 days after you get the confirmation email from the IRS.

          I have done this for a few years now, and I highly recommend the Direct Deposit method.....

         -- It Works Great !!!!!

                                                                                     !!!!! -- Good Luck -- !!!!!
        • The IRS has started accepting returns mine was acknowledged and accepted via the IRS website as well as bank.
        • No, the return will not be submitted to the IRS because mine is still pending since January 6, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Hello, you can go to this publication to find the accepting/refund cycle schedule. IRS will not begin accepting returns until the 17th, however TurboTax users may SUBMIT the efile starting the 5th.
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