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Tax return being held for review!!!!!

I was told by the irs today that my tax return was being held for review? So how long should it be before I receive my refund in my bank?
    Only the IRS knows that, as it depends on what type of review they are referring to.
    • They said it was to check for accuracy they also
      Said it could take til march 2nd to recieve my refund ... Does anyone know if it will actually take that long
    • I received a review letter this past Monday, I called to make sure they had all the correct contact information and I asked what is the next step and she stated that if they need to contact me they would and that it will be up to 45 days from the date of the letter which was Feb 1 . I filed the 12th of Jan and was accepted 01/17/2012. Original date of 01/25 then 01/31 then 02/21 now wmr states six weeks from the day my return was received.
    • I was accepted 1/17 as well and received a letter in the mail last week stating my return is being reviewed. After all the googling I've come to the conclusion that if you were accepted the 1st day tax season opened then you were pulled for review.  I read an article on a website that last year a lot of people filed dead people during the first week and received more than $400,000.  I guess mine wont get here until sometime in March.  They need to hurry it up, I lost my job decided to go to nursing school and I'm having to pay for it out of my pocket
    • I filed on the 30th but I did finally get a DDd of feb 22nd on Friday so I guess I'm done with my review! I wish u all luck!
    Katnwubb--did you ever get your letter?
    • Nope.... No email no letter nonothing!
    • I am so glad you posted an update Katnwubb...I got the same message from an IRS rep. I filed on Jan 31st and was accepted the next hour. Waited about 7 days and got a message from the wmr site that it was being processed...Feb 21st is the expected date if no delays..yada yada. When I called to see why so long, was told that it was in review and could take an additonal two weeks after normal processing, which would be around Mar 6 or so.

      I had nothing significant on my returns and hoping that they release my refund as well. Its been 18 days and I have received no notices in the mail or anything stating that something was needed. I am praying my situation ends iin the same result as yours!

      Thanks for the update...keeping my fingers crossed!
    • I hope they don't do this shit next year cause I don't think I could handle it!!! I was about to have a nervous break down!!!!!!!!!!
    • Me too! I am sweating bullets! I will use H&R next year just because they give you the money first hand and then have you waitiing for the rest....or are willing to front you the money til it comes to them.

      A nice lady at the IRS told me this morning that my return was just part of some delay and was sent to a dept that reviews for accuracy. She says that no letters or flags were on my account. She says that it could take an additional two weeks, but not neccessarily, just depends on when it is handled. The only way that a letter would be sent is if something was off. She didn't see anythng and it's been 18 days. So keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

      This waiting is nerve wrecking!!! I was laid off last year in April...staying with friends now, have a son in college, a little grandson, and no money. This is the worse time ever this can happen. I have to borrow to just pay my cell phone. This economy has been brutal for a lot of us! I actually read someone's post saying we should have budgeted better so that we wouldn't be so stressed about our refunds...wtfe!

      I am glad you have a date...keep us posted!
    • Yeah I hear ya! That shit pisses me off!!! I mean who the hell r they to tell us to budget better! I have 3 kids , no help from their father at all , and just got laid off in nov. All I can say is they need to stop being so judgmental and walk a day in my shoes.. Then come tell me how you would do things better!
    • If you never got a letter then that means you were never under review????
    • The lady at the IRS told me I was under review and no I never got a letter!
    • I just got my letter last week after i called and called they didnt see any letters or flags on my account but then I called feb 9th they said a letter was being mailed to me. But I was also told nothing was wrong on my part they are reviewing my refund because my eic seems too high. But thats not my fault. Turbo tax put in that number not me. I was accepted the 19th of january and they are telling me 60 days from the date of my letter which was feb 10 so she told me it would be april and then im not guaranteed to get my refund. what kinda bullshit is this??
    • Update: I had to get a Taxpayer Advocate, (call 877-777-4778) Took 3 days, but she did get back to me and told me that when she reviewed my return, it looks like they needed a copy of my taxes signed, hard copies of my W-2s, my gaming 1099 G, since I had won a little money in the lottery earlier in the year and a letter verifying I was in financial hardship to get my refund released sooner. She told me I had til March 6th, but I did it all within an hour! It was all to verify identity.

      I never received a letter, no reps would help only to tell me to wait 45-60 days. A hot mess!

      Also I was able to order a 2011 tax return using the new address I updated for this year's return, so I know they are doing something to them. I was never able to do that before, only able to order with my old address for 2010 return. It would only say that 2011 return was not available.  

      Try calling an advocate if you are in financial hardship...and I'm pretty sure we all are in a hardship!
    • i was told last week from today my refund is being reviewed and i had to wait until i recieved a letter in the mail. but still havent got a letter my return was accepted on 1-25 and was suppose to been direct deposit by 2-8.... its my money and i need it now!!!!!!
    • they also said it could take up to 60 days for me to get the letter in mail and at this point im not excepting a refund!
    • I was told the same thing and I still haven't got a letter but I did get my refund on the 22nd ... Just keep checking the IRS website for ur refund, try to order a copy of ur 2011 refund transcript if it let's you then u have been processed and you should be on the where's my refund site with a DDd date in the next day or so! Hope this helps!
    • i too was told my refund is being held for review was not told why. 2/17/2013 and still no letter or my refund. hope this is all over soon!!!