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I filed my taxes on 01/15/12 and it was accepted on 01/17/12 and TT shows that I should receive my DD on 01/25/12, WMR shows 01/31/12. When I check it through the bank that TT uses for DD I received a message that reads:

 The expected ACH funding date of your refund is 02/01/2012. We use the IRS Refund Cycle Chart to calculate this date. For the most current information, visit the IRS site at and click on “Where’s My Refund”. You can also check on the status of your refund by calling the IRS at (800) 829-1954. The Bank will process your refund as soon as it is received. NOTE: The IRS does not guarantee payment according to their refund cycle chart or website. They are provided as guidelines in which most refunds are processed but whenever they actually send us your tax refund deposit, you can be assured that we will send your payment out to you within 24 hours of receipt.

WTH is really going on?  I need my money
  • I have the same exzact message filed 1/14/2011  sent 1/17/2011 accepted(aknowlaged) 1/18/2011 3 differant dates for expected refund. Still processing ? Dont understand thought we paid for a service with expert support.........Turbotax why is this taking so long ? No e-mails no nothing from irs , turbotax , sbbt bank to explain any of this.
  • i have same message. but will recieve state refund on monday. just talked to irs and the said there is no info on my return. i think the irs just says whatever to get ppl off the phone. my cousin worked for them for 5 years and quit, he said that they hate these calls from inpatient idiots like us. leave it to the government employee's to say such a hateful comment. the lady i spoke to was rude and not helpful at all!!
  • I have had the same "31st" date for 9 days and I just got off the phone with the IRS and they told me DD February 3rd.
  • so glad I already have some money saved up and don't have to depend on the IRS for my tax refund....The excuses they are giving are such BS.
  • If you go to the IRS website the first available refund cycle date has been moved to 2/1/2012.  EVERYONE no matter when you already filed your return will receive the ACH funding on 2/1/2012 unless you havent filed yet then your refund date is later.  The IRS is in control not TurboTax.  You can go to the IRS website for all additional information.  Hope this helps those of you with questions.
  • allie25  I'm not sure why the IRS site (if they even are) is stating everyone's dd will be on the Feb 1.  I have several friends that have already received their deposit and I am due to get my on the 27th.  It's already showing up with the bank, I'm just waiting on my bank credit the money.  I looked on the irs website and could not find this information.  Please send a link to it.... Thanks
  • I was accepted on the 19th and was told it would be dd on the 25th, still nothing yet! I could have went to a local agency and had it on the 24th!!!!  i wont be using TT next year.
  • Im having the same exact problem i filed my taxes on the 7th they recieved them on the 18th and i was suppose to get them on the 25th, today is the 26th and still no deposit. i know other people that filed through jackson hewett and they already have their refund. when i go to the irs website it says that i should recieve it by the 31st. if thats the case they dont need to give out estimated dates if they are gonna deposit our money when they feel like it...but i wont be using this tax service next year.
  • The IRS site says my refund 'was' direct deposited on 1/25 but it is not in my bank how long can it take to run thru TT bank for their fees? I thought it was all electronic. I have used TT for many years and have never had a problem before
  • My refund was suppose to post the 25, on a turbo card, 26 still nothing irs website says no later than the 31st, yet turbo reps are saying payments are posting within 72hrs from proposed dates, which puts me into tomorrow......are those of you that has not recieved your money due to recieve it on a turbo card???????
  • I filed my taxes the 15th and it was accepted the 18th and turbo tax said 72 hrs after accepted. I received the turbo tax card the 18th and its now the 27th and still nothing. turbo tax charged me $29 for the fee for direct deposit, and a fee of $19 for the basic edition for something on received for 2010 taxes. friends of mine already received their refund when they filed on the 21. they went to Jackson hewitt to do taxes and only cost $39 to file. I've been using turbo tax every I do taxes. I WILL NEVER USE TURBO TAX AGAIN, call me impatient but when when money tight and I spent $50 to file it, next year I will prob do h&r or Jackson hewitt. 2 out of 5 stars, wasted money and time.
  • My taxes were received by the IRS on 1/17 and TT said I should get them by 2/1, but IRS says 2/7. TT says that you should receive within 14days.  That is a LITTLE bit more than 14days.  I need this so bad.  No time for errors.  What's going on...
  • I filed my taxes on Jan 11, 2012 & was told that I would have my refund by the 19th.  I got my State refund on that date but I am still waiting for my Federal.  I received a notice that I would get my Federal on the 25th but still no refund.  I don't understand why Turbo Tax has a refund processing service fee of $29.95 if you do DD and especially if I don't receive my refunds on time!!  I've used Turbo Tax for several years now but will be going somewhere else next year!
  • What bank does turbo tax go though to get my direct deposit with?
The IRS is having a lot of problems this year.  They are also very short staffed and they have implemented a new system that they seem to be having problems with.

Many banks only show you transactions as of yesterday, or the previous business day.  Some show you what is "pending" which means what will post to your account tomorrow.  If the bank received your refund they may not have posted it yet.
  • I still have not received my refund yet and when I checked the sbbt site it has now been updated to me receiving my refund on 02/01/12 when I should have received it on 01/25.
  • i have got many dates and every number i call i keep getting automated when i would like to speak to someone what am i doing wrong what number should i be calling?
  • I've been using TurboTax since 2000 and I always get my refund in two weeks. But mines always comes on a Friday. If you do not get it within two weeks (direct deposit). Then more likely someone such as loans, etc. has taken money out, then you may get the rest, if any, within a week. This is just from my experience.
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