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has anyone received their Idaho tax refund yet?

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    Here's a link to the State of Idaho's "Where's My Refund" tool. I hope this is helpful:

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    • Well at least the status has changed from yesterday, it is now saying "your refund has been deposited, but check with your bank it could take 28 days to deposit".  Thats encouraging!!
    • When did you file yours? I saw that you said yours had changed to deposited. Have you received it yet?
    • i should have receved mine a week ago but im still waiting. last year i got it before my fed.
    • I just called them and they said it will take 28 days. They said they couldn't start processing them until January 27th. They processed mine on February 10th so according to her I should check my bank around March 10th. So, since I paid to e-file for a faster return shouldn't I get a refund since it is not a fast return?
    • Did they say if the process date is the date they accepted yours or is it the date that it shows as deposit pending?
    • i got mine last monday, just letting everyone know
    • My daughter got hers last Friday and used another service to file.  I filed a week after she did using Turbo Tax so expected mine today too but alas .. it hasn't come. I'm thinking maybe they will post on Monday since this Monday was a bank holiday.  One more one word comment too about the Idaho State Tax 'wheres my refund' site: Useless.  It says thanks for filing - you can expect your refund within 6 weeks. Message never changes that I've noticed in all the years I've used it. At least the IRS gives you a date refunds are run. Guess its the economy - state government can't afford to use 21st century techology to keep their tax payers informed like the IRS can.
    • Addendum to my last comment: I thought the refund would arrive Monday - Not. Oh well .. if I don't have it in my account; I won't spend it!
    • I filed mine on Feb 15 and was accepted Feb. 17.  The Idaho website has stated for 3 weeks that it "has not been entered".  As of March 8, it now states that it has been entered and processed, if I am due a refund, please allow 3 weeks to receive.  How long does it actually take to receive it?  Does anyone know? Will they direct deposit?
    • I received my federal on Feb. 18 and as yet I still do not have my state.
    • I filed my state at the beginning of February, and it got accepted and everything, I got direct deposit, and I still haven't received it. I got my federal about a week after I filed.
    • I clicked on the wheres my refund link, and all it told me was it was finished processing feb 9 and it could take approx 3 wks to receive my what i am wondering is, is that for people who are having a check mailed to them, or is that for both mailed checks AND direct deposit??  I filed my taxes January 21, I guess so much for the 4 wk mark that they gave to receive your refund when you file
    • My Idaho taxes were accepted on the 4th of February .Here is what mine has said since then.                                                                                                                 
       Your return finished processing on February 10. If you are due a refund, allow 3 weeks for it to arrive.
      Thank you for using our Web site to check on your Idaho Refund Status. .

      I have not received it as of yet. I am hoping it comes very soon. If I go by the Feb 10th date that it has finished processing I should be getting it sometime next week. I am having it direct deposited if that makes a difference
    Hoislady, that 3 weeks period I believe is if you are having it direct deposited. I know on the where's my refund it does say 4 weeks for direct deposit and up to 10 weeks if you are having a check mailed to you
    • I used Turbo Tax to do my taxes, I received a confirmation that my taxes were accepted on January 29th, the State of Idaho says they didn't receive them till February 4th a whole week later. The States phone system says 1 to 3 weeks to process, the person I finally got to talk to says there phone system must be wrong that it is 4 to 6 Weeks if electronically filed, though friends filed some before and after me and thy have received there's already. Either Turbo Tax or the State are liars, so disappointing to pay for a service that doesn't do what it says it did if its turbo tax, might need a new software to use next year.If its the Idaho Tax Commision then no wonder they need an overhaul.
    • An update on my non refund as of yet return, the Idaho State Tax commision has now changed there expected date of finishing my return to in seven weeks though there site says if I e-filed my return I should have gotten it in approx 4 Weeks. I guess calling them made them mad so I get to wait longer, wow how it would be to be such abusive in your authority. I could see if I was a jerk when I called to check on my return but I wasn't. I simply asked what might be the issue with my return as people who did there's when I did had already received there returns. I hope Karma takes a big chunk out of them soon. Idaho has shown they need an overhaul but I guess that wont happen as long as the people they appoint wont even stay there.
    • It would be a little less irritating if Turbo Tax people would quit posting the wheres my refund info.
    • Both my federal and state were accepted February 5th.  I got my federal 2 weeks ago and still no state.  Idaho is sitting firm on 7 weeks now -- both on their website and If you call them. They "can not" give any specific dates. They did tell me that they  direct deposit every day of the week.