Quick Zoom on my Turbo Tax (CD) doesn't work. Is there anything Intuit can do about this? (I run updates daily.)

I don't know IRS forms well enough to scroll through to find the correct one, but Quick Zoom won't take me to related forms as Turbo Tax recommends on worksheets.
    Hey I figured something out that might help.  in the upper right corner of your screen, you will see an option to view "forms".   Select that, and you should get a frame on the left side of your screen that lists all your forms.  look for the form there.  I found mine, probably because there was already data in it.   Good luck.
    • Thank you for your reply, Oliver, I appreciate it.  I am not familiar with terms (which is why Turbo Tax helps me through this process on most every point).  I don't know what a Data Source window is (I learn quickest with a graphic and an arrow).  However, SoggyFeet found something that worked for us, so the problem did get resolved.  I do not advocate 'dumbing down' in any situation, but total clarity calms the nerves when dealing with the IRS. :-)
    SoggyFeet's answer was the "Open Sesame" for me as far as the Quickzoom feature was concerned...Thanks! As an alternative to clicking on the "Forms" icon in the upper right corner, one can also go to "View" on the "File  Edit  View..." line and click on "Forms", which will "toggle" you to the frame on the left side of the screen that SoggyFeet mentions. Once there, clicking on Quickzoom will work. To get back to "normal" Turbo Tax operating mode, go to "View" again and click on "Step-by-Step".
      Try Data source
      You should see an explanation and in most cases, the links to sources.  You may have to scroll within the Data Source window.
      Quick Zoom and Data Source are part of a window opened by rihght clicking on an entry box in the forms mode.
      Data Source is usually right below Quick Zoom in the window that pops up.
      • I am having the same problem and the answer given does not help me either.
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