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i have two w2s from two different do i file

You can enter as many W2's as needed in Turbo Tax.  Simply enter under Wages & Income > Wages & Salaries  after you enter the first one, you will have the opportunity to enter the second one.
You should get a W2 for each job.  After you enter the first one there should be a button to Add Another.
  • i have a form 1099-misc  & it only gives me i figure amount in box 7--non employees do i file this?
File WHAT together?  All your info, income and expenses go on one tax return.  So if you got one W2 or several W2s or a 1099Misc they all go on your return.  If you are filing a joint return both spouses info go on the same return.
  • I have 3 w 2;s could u tell me what too do next
  • Yes i have 3 w 2's to do could u tell me what to do next..
  • i have 2 more w2s
  • I have not been given the option to enter a different W-2 form after completing the first one.
If you got a 1099Misc......You are considered self employed and have to fill out a schedule C for business income.  Enter it under…..
Federal Taxes Tab
Wages & Income
Choose Explore on my own (if it comes up)
Then scroll way down to Business Income & Expenses
Then Profit or Loss from Business click Start or Update.

You use your own name and ssn.   You should say you use the Cash Accounting Method and all  income is at risk.  After you put in your income and expenses  if your net profit is $400 or more you will pay 15.3% Self Employment tax in addition to your regular income tax.

After it asks if you received any 1099Misc it will ask if you had any income not reported on a 1099Misc. You should be keeping your own records.  Just go through the interview and answer the questions.   Then you will enter your expenses.

Here are the IRS instructions for 2010 Schedule C, the business codes start on page 9

Also here is IRS information on Self Employment….,,id=115045,00.html

If you are using the Free Edition you will have  to upgrade to a higher paid version to fill out a Schedule C.
To Add a W2 enter it under
Federal Taxes Tab
Wages & Income
Choose Explore on My own (if it comes up)
Form W2 - Click the Start or Update button
Then you should have 2 buttons...Add w-2 for (taxpayer name) and Add w-2 for (spouse name). Click on the correct button to add a W-2.

BE SURE TO ENTER A W2 UNDER THE RIGHT PERSON'S NAME!  If you enter one for the wrong person you might get a letter from the IRS and owe more taxes!  So double check it!

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