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What is the website for sbbt to check refund?

    24-Hour Automated Customer Support: 1-800-717-7228
    Sbbt got my funds yesterday, I  just checked my bank and I have my money! Im so glad because after reading some of these post I was worried. I hope this helps..
      the refunds only go to sbbt if you were supposed to get a turbo tax refund card. sbbt is that bank they use for the refund card. the website is
      • does anyone have a number to sbbt... one where you can actually talk to a person?
      • @ Megt78
        This is also helpful for people who paid Turbo Tax fees directly from their refund, instead of paying immediately with a credit or debit card. First the funds get sent to this bank, they manage the payment to Turbo Tax and then it's sent to your bank or whatever option you used (turbotax card or whatever)
        I am having it directly deposited to my account with TD Bank but if I go to the sbbt website it shows me "Tax Preparation Fee" and "Bank Processing Fee". It also shows "Total Received by Bank", "Total Amount Paid On Your Behalf" and "Total Amount Paid To You"

        Hope this helps someone!! You can check this site and it might be helpful even if you don't have a Turbo Tax card but paid for the services with your return.

        Just throwing it out there that I was given an estimated date of 2/1 but haven't received any deposits and this website says they haven't received anything for me either. :(