Why wont turbo tax print a copy of my return????

filed 2011 return but cannot print or download & save.....why?
    How were you trying to do it, and what happens when you try?  The more specifics, the more likely someone can help you.

    Log off.  
    Delete cookies, clear your cache, close your browser, and refresh it.
    Be sure you have enable cookies for intuit.com
    Log back in.  

    At the top of the page, select the Print & File tab, and then select Print/Save for Your Records right below it.
    The Print and Save Center screen appears. Select the View/Print button in the Forms for Your Records box.
    The Your Tax Documents pop-up window appears. Click the floppy disk icon (Save) at the top of the screen.
    Specify the location to save your return, and then select Save.

    To see illustrations of all the above, visit the link below:


    I hope this helps.  Good luck!
    • I followed the view/print instructions.  The pop up window just says "preparing your documents, this may take a few moments".....but the documents do not appear even after 30 minutes.  Cannot download and save either....my computer states that the "item" could not be downloaded.
    • I was able to print it using firefox instead of internet eplorer.
    • Internet Explorer is problematic at times with the online version.  I'm glad you had Firefox available.  Thanks for reporting back.  That will help others.
    • I had the same problem for days and thought it was because it was pending but it wasn''t.  Internet explorer is the problem.  Download GOOGLE CHROME and then try again.  GOOGLE CHROME is much better and faster anyway
    • i cannot print a copy of my 2011 tax return.  Recieved email saying it was accepted.    When I log in to my account it does not show up  under the rest of my filing years
    fayle, if your using Internet Explorer, that is the most likely culprit.  If the workaround the browser settings as explained don't work for you, several people above have solved it by using Firefox or Chrome.

    Did you go through the recommendations listed in my first answerv above to see if clearling out your browser works for you?

    if not, you can contact customer support at the link below.  Read through the method first, because you must follow all the steps:

    Go to this link:  https://turbotax.intuit.com/support/contact/index.jsp

    When you arrive there, you will not immediately see a phone or chat interface box.  
    You must first select a topic on the left that is close to what your problem is, in general.   Click on FILING/ALREADY FILED, then choose a subtopic of PRINTING MY RETURN.

    By then the page will have expanded, and you should see some interface boxes appear a little farther down the page. one of which will say "CALL US", and the other will say "CHAT".   You should see the expected wait times for each.  

    Support hours are 5 AM - 9 PM PST, 7 days a week.
    • i had to open turbo tax with google chrome instead of IE, it worked fine, then was able to print and save to my documents in my computer.
    • Thanks to everyone who mentioned using Chrome - I tried everything I could think of and still spent hours trying (unsuccessfully) to load and print my return after successfully doing everything else on Turbo Tax using Internet Explorer. I signed into Turbo Tax on Chrome, and the return loaded in about 5 seconds.

      Hey folks at Turbo Tax, it seems apparent you have a glitch here and there are numerous users having this problem. Are you taking any steps to address this issue?
    • After all these years with TurboTax I cant get a print copy because of WHAT?
    • All of these answers indicate that you HAVE to have the online version to be able to print a return. Is this true" That really ups the cost of preparing your own return. I have this same problem and really do not want to pay extra to go online especially if all of you have had a problem with the online version.
    • @stelter:

      No, that is NOT true.  Every one of the posters in this thread who are having trouble are using the Online version, and almost every thread about a printing problem is from an Online viewer.  While the online printing is more problematic and idiosyncratic, occasionally there will be a desktop user with a printer problem, but that is relatively uncommon.  Nearly all online printing problems are due to Internet Explorer and its relationship to Adobe Reader.

      In the desktop product, viewing/printing/saving/archiving is all easier and does not involve the browser.  Desktop product also has other advantages such as the ability to prepare multiple returns, and Forms View.

      That having been said, what problem are you having in your desktop product?  Can you describe in detail what happens when you try to print?

      Are you able to view the pages of the return OK?  i.e., can you click in the very top right corner on Print Center.   When the print window comes up, select for example "All forms required for filing", then at the bottom click "PREVIEW" button.  That should open a temporary .PDF to view.  You can either print from that .PDF window, or you can print from the PRINT button at the bottom of the print window.  When using the PRINT button, I think it doesn't go through Adobe Reader like the .PDF does, but goes directly to the print driver.
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