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1099-C and Form 982

Will Turbotax desktop include Form 982 during e-file for cancelled mortgage debt reported on 1099-C?
    All the desktop versions support the 982, the online version does not.  If you need or want help filling it out, you can call Ask A Tax Expert for free this year
    • Anita, you advise the desktop versions support 982, but I'm still confused whether or not I can e-file with 982 attached or does return have to be mailed.  If capable of e-file, does it automatically attach to 1040 return or is there a manual process that must be followed?
    • Is the form populated through the interview process or does it have to be manually filled out?  Can return be e-filed with 982 or does it have to be mailed?
    Form 982 can be very complex.  It is best to use the Forms mode in the desktop version, as opposed to the interview process.  rrm3's comment is correct regarding Form 982 and the interview process.  When working on Form 982 in Forms mode you will be able to access several very useful worksheets using the QuickZoom feature.
      Form 982 will be prepared through the interview process and you can email your return with the 982 form.
      • I looked at multiple chats and some say form 982 is supported  and others say no. Here are notes from recent chat with TurboTax. Clearly Form 982 is not supported through normal interview process with Turbo Tax.  After years and years of filing using TurboTax itlooks like simple form 982 is not possible using noram flow.

        Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
        You have been connected to 10_Alkabir A.
        10_Alkabir A: Hello Rob--thank you for contacting TurboTax. Please allow me a moment to read your question.
        10_Alkabir A: One moment please.
        Rob Moore: Thanks, quick summary is I need to know how to fill out Form 982 - offsetting income reported on 1099-C. Does not seem to show up anywhere in the interview process.
        10_Alkabir A: I have a website you must go to for this situation
        Rob Moore: Great
        10_Alkabir A:
        10_Alkabir A: Is there anything else I can help you with today.
        Rob Moore: Will there be a chat that I start on that site to get this answered.
        10_Alkabir A: I am not sure but if you would rather talk to someone I can give you a phone number.
        Rob Moore: I just went to this site. I am confused about how this site helps me fill out my standard forms on Turbo Tax. My question was does Turbo Tax support form nine eight two.
        10_Alkabir A: I can answer that for you but when you are advised to speak to a tax pro I have to direct you to one because I am not.
        10_Alkabir A: Which version of turbotax are you useing?
        Rob Moore: Online - Home and Business.
        10_Alkabir A: Thankyou please allow me a moment to check into this for you.
        10_Alkabir A: Yes Turbotax Home and Business does contain this form,but it appears as though certain circumstances will not allow everyone to efile when the form is used.
        Rob Moore: That is fine. I just don't want to go to another software to complete this simple form when I have used Turbo TAx for many years. Please advise on how this process works.
        10_Alkabir A: That is what I can not do sir, when turbotax tells you to use a professional tax expert I can not advise you on the situation.
        10_Alkabir A: I can only give you the email and number to speak to one of our tax pro's.
        Rob Moore: Simple answer I am looking for then is No, Turbo Tax won't support this using standard software. Please provide email or phone number for tax pro's.
      Yes it will be included in your efile.
      • I have completed the 1099-C for a cancellation of debt but I cannot find Form 982.  Where is that form located so that I can complete the efile process?