Wash sale loss disallowed

I have 2 errors that I imported from Edward Jones. One has various various acquisiton dates and shows a gain of 3.21 with value of 0 in the wash sale item. The other has 5 months between acquisition and sale with a gain of 459.00 and a zero value in line 10 wash sale disallolwed. I don't understand how to fix this. Help!
    For some reason, Edward Jones has reported "0.00" in the "wash sale" column of some sales, even though the sale resulted in a gain.  For some reason, TT does NOT find that equivalent to a blank entry.  Solution: edit the downloaded gain items to be sure the "wash sale" column is blank ... (if it is 0.00, delete it). Then proceed to the Federal check for errors, and this error should disappear.  It did for me.
    • Follow the end of this question and you will find the answer! Thanks to KSDavid, he solved my issue. I wonder though, is this a TT issue or a Edward Jones issue. No need to respond, just me wondering. Next year will probably be the same issues.
    • My TT Deluxe came out just fine by placing the dollar value of the disallowed wash sale in the Wash Sale (Box 5) space in TT. This resulted in the disalowed wash sale amount getting factored into my total net loss/gains just as was done on my broker's 1099-B.
    You're not exactly clear what the problem is.  A gain on a sale is not subject to the wash sale rules and so a zero "disallowed loss" would not affect calculations, however redundant.  You can manually edit any of the imported entries if this bothers you.  However, wash sale rules do transfer losses to other holdings in that security and those losses are recaptured when the latter are sold, reducing the gain or increasing the loss.  Without some details of the actual imported values, I cannot determine which, if either, of the above scenarios is relevant to your return.
    • evidently TT does not want me to have a value of zero in the wash sale loss disallowed spot. I don't understand what to do about it to get TT to accept my fianlized return.
    • TT allows you to enter transactions manually.  You don't have to import them.  Write down the details of the two problematic entries, delete them, and then add them manually.
    • I'm having the same issues but 10 fold. Also imported from Edward Jones. I understand being able to manually enter numbers, but what numbers? All of the stuff I see is greek to me.
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