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Same IRS Pin, still rejected!

Original title: The irs gives me the same pin but it still keeps getting rejected.
  • I had the same happen to me.  And of course today is a holiday so they are not in until tomorrow
  • GRRR!!!!
  • same thing happened to me too..... figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • same thing is happening to me. i don't get it
  • Ok so why is it that the irs gives me my pin number i put it in and it says that its the wrong pin when it comes from the irs? what do i do now?
  • same thing here, just called the IRS and retrieved same PIN number previously entered and it keeps getting rejected. I'm entereing the PIN number provided by the IRS and TurboTax is rejecting it I guess, I doesn't make sense for it to be REJECTED if the number is provided by the IRS.
  • ok so the pin is correct,and i verified it with the, but my claim is rejected.. so whats next?
  • same here!
  • Some people seem to be quite confused when doing their own taxes... it might not be a bad idea for them to seek help with filling the forms. Better safe then sorry. But I really don't think you should blame Turbo Tax for your being unable to figure out your mistakes, especially if you are using their program for free. I find that Turbo Tax is almost too easy to use, I have so much fun with it I wish there was more of it for me to do on my own :)

      As to the question, I requested new pin numbers from IRS myself and had no problems entering the new ones. When asked how you want to verify your identity try selecting "I forgot my pin number" then the info to get a new one will drop down. At the end of that info it will say "enter new pin number here" and provide a box for you to do so. Enter your pin number in this box.
Ok I finally got my correct PIN #!

What you do is call this IRS number, 1-800-829-1040, press 2, do not select 7, press 1 and then press 3, this will take you to an actual person.  Let them know that the automated system is giving you the wrong PIN # and you need your prior year PIN & E-file AGI.

Then when you go to Turbo Tax to fix it, put in the PIN # you were given.  It should sound familiar since this is a number you selected before. If for some reason it gets rejected again or you just dont feel comfortable with the PIN, you can go back and select to put your in AGI instead. If you have a problem with trying to change it to put your AGI instead of your PIN, let me know and I can help guide you thru to it.

Hope that helps. By the way it is not Turbo Tax who is responsible for this, it is the IRS automated system for some reason giving out wrong PIN #s.
    Just wanted to make sure you saw this (I included it in my comment) since I think it will solve your problem:

     I requested new pin numbers from IRS myself and had no problems entering the new ones. When asked how you want to verify your identity try selecting "I forgot my pin number" then the info to get a new one will drop down. At the end of that info it will say "enter new pin number here" and provide a box for you to do so. Enter your pin number in this box.
    • I think I may be able to shed some light on this issue, I hope. I had the same issue where I did not know my 2009 PIN or AGI so I went to the IRS website to get the PIN and the return was rejected by the IRS. I thnk that the confusion with this is that when you go to the IRS website to get the PIN, it asks you to put in the information used on your 2009 tax return and then it gives you the PIN. However, the IRS website nor TurboTax specify if the PIN number the IRS website gives you is the one from 2009 or a new one. I think that since we are all putting in our 2009 information we are assuming the PIN we are being given is from 2009, not a new one. I refiled today with the new PIN and entering that under the I don't know either field on the TurboTax return. I think we were all putting this number in the 2009 PIN field so it was being rejected. If mine is rejected again it will clearly be because of an internal issue with the IRS. I hope this helps. I will repost when I get accepted/rejected. Thanks.
    • he irs keeps rejecting my return because of my aig number and my husband but i went to irs .gov and got the pin but its still rejecting it
    • So what are you suppose to do
    • I think there is a lot of misplaced frustration here. The IRS is rejecting your pin not Turbo Tax.  Turbo Tax has nothing to do with that part of the process -- they're just the messenger.  You'd likely be having the same issue e-filing with any other process.
    • I keep getting my husband and my pin number
    • Seriously i have submitted my return 3x now with both AGI and my PIN and its rejecting me... So now im on hold with IRS and will update you all...UGH this is so dum
    • what happens now?
    • so has anyone got accepted after inputting the pin that the irs issued in the  "enter new pin number here"  section???
    • Does anyone know how to get ahold of a real person with turbo tax? My pin is not working and my return keeps getting rejected.
    • I'm yet another having the same problem with the IRS rejecting my PIN. I don't know what else to do or try. The IRS keeps giving me the same PIN even when I hit the button that says REQUEST ANOTHER PIN. Has anyone had any luck?
    • why my return keeps getting rejected i dont know my pin
    • hi i did'nt filemy taxes last year my mom filed me  and my agi keeps getting rejected after i call the internal revenue and they gave me a pin witch i zero its keep getting rejected
    • I've done the same thing.  Checked via irs website and called.  Got the same pin both times and rejected both times.  Something sucks here.
    • (content removed) i have entered my pin 4 times still is rejecting
    • the same thing here, they gave me my pin and it came back rejected, how do you just find out your AGI from 2009, the automated system tells you they can get either but only gives me the pin and no option to get the AGI. I dont think it has to do with turbo tax, they are pretty easy, this part has do with the IRS giving us wrong numbers. If any one as been accepted with a correct pin please let us know what you did differently then the rest of us. Thanks
    That happened to me too at first but I was able to fix it and get it accepted. I would call IRS and speak with a LIVE person, b/c the automated and website  give you the wrong PIN for some reason. once you get the correct pin, you have to BACK space in turbotax until yoiu see the "RE-FILE button" on the bottom right in blue, EDIT your PIN,  if not the NEW pin still wont work if you just put it in that "rejection" screen, TURBOTAX/IRS should accept it then.
    • i keep getting the same thing i call every irs number and get the same agi and i too keep getting rejected i am contacting the better buisness buerue this is more than rediculius
    • i entered the pin the irs gave me but it keep getting rejected
    • I put my PIN number for 2009 in and it came up rejected also.  Then I double checked the pin thru phone and also online.  Same number however each time I enter to fix PIN . It comes back rejected  Hopefully this is not going to delay refund.
    • Everyone make sure your getting your info from a live person, as my answer above explain how to get ahold of a live person. You also got to make sure when you go to fix your return, as the person above me answer, after you put the new pin where it shows you, it will take you back to where you can edit all your stuff, you need to edit your pin or AGI, because your old PIN or AGI is still the wrong one unless you go back to where you orignally put that info in at. You can also select there to put your AGI in instead of the PIN. I know this is very aggravating and the blame goes to the automated system or website of the IRS and an actuall person from the IRS needs to fix it. Everyone take a deep breath and try to relax, you'll get it fix:)
    • I called IRS talked to a live person and they give a DIFFERENT pin and that one STILL didnt work. I dont know whats going on but needs to be fixed!!
    • Whether you are using this service for free or not it should work.  What is going on that TT wont work on the problem and instead keeps blaming the IRS.  Maybe an option to go back and use your AGI if your pin wont work.
    • I entered the pin that was given off the Irs website, got rejected. Called the Irs and they couldnt find the pin number that was given to me and asked if I used the Aig from last year. I verified my Aig from last year and they said yep, thats it! I entered it in and GOT REJECTED again. Will call again today and will post what happens. GOOD LUCK.
    • Everytime I call in it tell me no pin is required and to enter 0 is this going to be correct?
    I think some are so upset/aggravated with what is happening with this whole PIN thing that your not actually listening to the answers that have been given. First you have to TALK TO A LIVE PERSON AT IRS get both your PIN & AGI. Above I explain how to get thru to a live person to ask any questions you need to and get that info. Then when you go to FIX IT, the first screen will ask for your new or correct PIN, you can put the new PIN in there but it will take you to re-file, you'll get to a screen to EDIT your INFO, YOU HAVE TO EDIT YOUR PIN THAT YOU ORGINALLY PUT IN, it's the second option out of 3 options to edit. You'll see the old/wrong PIN is still there, put in your correct PIN or select the option to use your AGI. Once you finish that section it will replace the correct PIN in the 3rd edit spot also. When I was given my correct PIN, I didnt go back and edit it where you orignally put the pin in, so, it was rejected again. After I went and edited where you pick the option to use your PIN or AGI with the correct PIN, I have been accepted. Though I am mad and upset with this and the fact that I now have to wait an extra week longer then I should have if I was given the correct PIN to get my refund, I do not blame it on Turbo Tax, they are not at fault for this issue. The IRS is the one to blame and need to fix the problem since it is IRS automated system and website giving the wrong PINs to everyone. If any of us were to use another tax service that require us to use our PIN or AGI and we called IRS or went to the website to get it, we would be going thru the samething with other companies. I hope everyone can relax, have a little patience and read the answers given for this issue because you will get accept if you do so.

    to MARIBABY: I would just talk to an actual person and see what they say because you cant trust what the automated system or website gives you right now.
    • sorry but it's aquestion
      how come i call irs they gave me the pin for 2009 but i still rejected
    • I keep getting rejected with the pin # the IRS is giving me.
    • to mymy4 and Gaterslap, did you guys read the answers above? Did you go back and correct the PIn you orignally put in when you first filed? Its not the first screen you get when you go to FIX IT, you have to actually erase the old pin and put in the new PIN or use your AGI instead. And did you guys get your PIN from a live person and not the automated system when you call the 1-800 number or the website?
    • Ok I called the number on here I put in the correct pin and also tried AGI for the 5th time I have been rejected...what do I need to do now...? :'-(
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    • This is my first time and I want to know how to ask davenoel how to do the AIG to get my Federal Tax Return to be accepted.  Yes, I am having the same problem with the pin#'s. Thank You.
    • claudia... Did you get your AGI already? If not call the IRS # and talk to a person and get it. If you need to change from using your PIN to the AGI, when you go to fix the problem with TT it will direct you to putting in the new/correct PIN, it doesnt matter what you put there,  just go thru until it says to re-file at the bottom right. Then it will take you to the Page to edit your PIN or AGI, once you press edit(the 2nd option), on that page you either put in the correct PIN or switch to the option to using your AGI to verify your idenity. Once you done that continue on to refile. I hope everyone gets their return fix, I did get accepted once I change my PIN on that edit page, like I said it doesnt matter what numbers you put in the first screen TT directs you to , to fix it, they dont show up on your actual return, so you have to edit your return where you put in the wrong/incorrect PIN.
    • Lin141... I'm not sure what to tell you on that, it doesnt make sense because the ones I saw that actually went thru and edited their info got accepted including myself?!??!? The only thing I can think to do (if you cant get ahold of someone thru turbotax to figure out what else you need to do), is if you could start over, see if when you log in if somewhere on the page, usually at the bottom of the first screen it takes you to when you login, there is the option to start your return over. Maybe by erasing what ever is stopping you from getting accepted and now knowing you do have the correct PIN or AGI you will get accepted.
    I received a PIN from the IRS and entered it in Turbo Tax and it was rejected.  In my case, I realized it was simply because I entered it in the "PIN from previous year's return" field when it was actually a new PIN.  I went back and entered it in the "I don't know my PIN" field - you are prompted to get one and return to enter it in a field that pops up - and I think it worked this time.  Not realizing this at first, when my return was rejected I went back to the IRS and was given the same PIN and was confused, etc.  So just make sure you are entering it in the right place - if you just got a new PIN it can't go in the "last year's PIN" field.
    • I 'm not only have a pin problem but the IRS website sates i need to change my filing status also I went by the book as TT guided me and it was recommend i file Head of household for my situation because have been separated over a year now.This could cost me money and as a single parent this is a major Set back if i end up having to pay..I made sure i checked all it asked and then they guided me the best way to do it.Looks like I 'm in a Jam and I'm not blaming anyone, Just upset.

      I have been using TT for seven years then go it on my own by the book and what a awful outcome.I even asked before i filed if i should take my taxes to a tax pro and let them do my Misc 1099 form and everything was fine. listen to your gut on certain things..
      I won't be using TT tax anymore and I 'm paying for mine it's not a free return far from it with the efile.. I checked my answers to what they have in the boxes and they are not the same as what i put in.Trying to fix this for hours and no sleep this is wrong where is a phone number to contact Turbo Tax?
    • The irs gives me a pin number that keeps getting rejected
    • this isn the same number the irs keep giving me
    • Same problem here. Tried many time as you guys talked above. Still got rejected. I reall y don't know what to do next.
    • Just wanted to thank you for your info, i'm on hold now but hoping this works :) you've been very helpful!
    • Do what davenoel  posted and BAM  It's cake..Thank you for the help
    • I need help with this same issue. please help
    Ive tried to help as much as I can but if your just coming on here and posting, im going thru the samething, i keep getting rejected and are not reading what we all have post for answers then your wasting yours and the ones who answer you, time! But if you have read the answers and still dont know what to do, you need to give more details, so someone can help you if they can. Like another posted, did you have a prior year PIN for 2009, did you file in 09, did you get a new PIN? Because if you put your NEW PIN in the prior year PIN for 2009, you will keep being rejected. Or if you called and got your 2009 PIN and put in the New PIN spot, you will keep getting rejected. The best way I can say to solve the problem on the ones who keep getting rejected is just use your AGI for 2009, just go back and edit your selection, choose to use your AGI and put that in. (If you didnt file in 2009 then you put 0 for your AGI, the link I provided above, will tell you exactly what to do if you didnt file in 2009.) Make sure you got your AGI from a human being and dont use the automated system or website. Even if others have said they used it and got approved, I wouldnt trust it this year and its better to be safe then sorry and just go thru the prompts, it doesnt take long at all to get ahold of someone and you'll be saving more time in the long run.
     If someone is having a problem with their return, as one person has wrote about spending hours fixing what you didnt select, just start over, there is an option to start over and erase everything, so you can do it fresh. If TT suggest for you to file Head of Household, then thats because of the info and selection you choose, the reason you are Head of the Household. If your a single parent, with the income and taking care of your child, then you are Head of Household, what other option would you pick?
    Also about the IRS not accepting returns until mid=Feb., that isnt for everyone, I'm not sure what it is exactly about, just that it doesnt apply to everyone. I've been accepted and so has many others but if you not sure if your one of them, then go to the link i provided above, the 2nd one, and you'll find it on there or you can even search for it on your browser but you wont be rejected because of that, you would to be on hold until mid-Feb when the IRS starts accepting returns for certain people.
    • ive tried calling and getting my pin and they gave me one i wasnt familiar with. Ive always used 77777, the no. they gave me is 87518. I also tried to put AGI in and it wont accept it either
    • Ok here is my prob. Everything keeps getting rejected. I called the and talked to a real person..he gave me the same pin and same AGI numbers but they have both been rejected over whelmed...if anyone can help...PLEASE!!
    So I ran into the same problem as everyone else and I had to call and speak to an agent at the IRS to get my 2009 AGI and PIN. When you do it online or thru their automated system the system is actually creating you a NEW PIN.  And since TT wants to verify the PIN you used in 2009 this is not going to work and will keep coming up as rejected or incorrect. Call 8008291040 (the previous commenter had what prompts to press and those are correct as I followed them as well and got an agent right away. In fact, the 1st thing he asks is if you're calling to find out your AGI) Good luck!
        do what the guy with the number to call the irs and press the correct buttons. make sure you know your information from last years return
        • So it's doing the same thing to me, but I put in the AGI instead of the PIN and it won't let me select continue.  I'm beginning to think it was a mistake.  This is my first time using it and I'm NOT satisfied.
        • I aqm getting an error code 0679.  my pin and agi are correct what do i do?
        • thanks for the help .. u saved me some serious stress
        • Hi, this is for AGI number, the pin is not working.  Thank you
        • Thanks this helped a lot your awesome!
        • It is not turbo tax that is making the mistake its the irs for giving the wrong pin, I have been using turbo tax for years its the IRS making the mistakes not turbo tax everything went through on there end maybe if they would give you the correct pin and agi we wouldn't have so many problems
        • OMG!! all i want is my pin! frustrating.....
        • I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! TTAX is not taking pin/agi.  Yes I called and spoke to a LIVE person at IRS and got my pin/agi and it still is rejecting it.
        • So I'm on the phone with the IRS now and apparently they're having issues with their filing systems not accepting them, even with the correct information.  This is my second day trying to get this taken care of.
        • The last ones that are commenting........... After you got the correct PIN from IRS, where did you put it when you refile? If you just put it on the first screen after you press FIX IT, then you will be rejected because that alone doesnt replace the incorrect PIN. You have to edit your Return and put the correct PIN in the right spot or if your having such a problem with the PIN then use your AGI. Everyone on here who has answer, has told everyone how to fix the problem, there is nothing else we can tell you, unless you didnt understand what were saying, then say that and what you did when you refiled, so we can actually help you because everyone is repeating their selfs because it seems like some are not reading thru the comments on here.
        • the irs gave me a new pin and i was rejected on my federal
        • <----THIS IS A FIX to Rejected Filing PIN.

          When you recieve this rejection;
          When you click on the FIX IT tab; the area PROVIDED to enter in the number will NOT actually changE the number thats on the file being prepared to be resent.
          Meaning YOU will have to edit them physically.

          This can be done by reviewing the pin numbers or editing them in the following steps after the Provided step.
          When you find the filiinf pin numbers on the actual documents, you will se that the numbers havent changed by adjusting them with provided.
          Change them yourself and then resend.

          This should fix the issue.
        • I tried ,but still don't have a pin# please help me
        This can happen for various reasons.  If you are being rejected due to AGI or PIN, the easiest way to solve this is to get a new PIN.

        You can get a pin from the IRS. Go to this IRS site to sign up.

        After, you can use this PIN to E-file your return. There is some more detailed information here:

        Hope this helps!.  Here is a great article.
          I found this on turbotax, it shows how to go back and fix your PIN or AGI, it might make it easier then me trying to explain how to do it. I hope by coping and pasting the link that your able to copy it to your url and it take you to the correct place...

          Here's a link I was given on here to contact Turbotax or for support...

          If the first link doesnt work, use the 2nd one and I went to the blue button Filing/Already Filed, down to the option Problems E-filing My Return, then I clicked on Info you need to e-file (AGI/PIN), then under YOUR ANSWER I clicked on other articles to try.
          Hopefully others who are still being rejected can get some help by this and what else is there.
            • So I called the IRS and got the pin from them and I put that pin in and it still is getting rejected...does anyone know what is going on? I also heard that the IRS isn't accepting any taxes until the middle of Feb. I'm not sure if this is true but it might be since everyone (including myself) is getting rejected.
            • same thing here, dang they make it more confusing every year.
            Turbo Tax IS NOT changing your pin when you get the new one.  You have to go back and EDIT or you will keep getting rejected over and over.  Go back to "Print and File" and select the EDIT button next to "You have provided your identifying information"
            • I Keep getting rejected for my prior year AGI Or Pin!!!!! What do I do
            • Ok, here is the issue.  I just hung up with the IRS.  Amazing that the lady who assisted me knew a lot about TT.  When you go into the IRS website, verify name, address from 2009 and file status it gives you a pin.  Not the right pin.  That is a temporary pin to verify it is you.  So, if you did what I did.... I entered the pin filed and it was rejected.

              Call the IRS, verify info, they will issue your permanant pin number to e-file (on hold for 6 mins) this took 2 minutes to correct.

              Here is the important part.
              When you log in to correct the issue TT takes you to the fix it page.  DO NOT ENTER THE PIN IN THAT SECTION.  YOU MUST ENTER THE PIN THE IRS GIVES YOU THROUGH THE PRINT AND FILE SECTION.  You basically stored  your pin, so in order to fix the pin you have to go through the entire print and file section, a screen will appear after it asks you to efile federal now, edit name, edit pin, etc.  EDIT PIN UNDER PRINT AND FILE SECTION OR IT WILL NEVER WORK AND WILL BE REJECTED OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Basically because the software stored the original pin you used which was temporary and not the right pin.  So you have to edit the pin you entered, enter the new pin and re-file.

              Thank you IRS staff for helping me and alerting me to the issue.  I appreciate that!  Hope this helps you as well.   By the way if you try to go through the IRS website, enter name, dob, address for 2009, file status that is not the right pin either just so you know.

              Save time, call them get the correct pin and EDIT PIN ON THE PRINT AND FILE PAGE OR IT WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED!
            • yeah mine too! last year it was so easy this yr idk. i just summited the same pen i will let ya'll know if it works :/
            • I cant figure out how to put in my agi instead of my pin
            • the irs gives me the same pin but it still keeps getting rejected
            • I put in my pin number and it won't work
              • Im having problems with my pin from last yerar even though I created a new one this year
              • Uuugh this thing is happening to me too!! Won't let me correct the thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting frustrated cause I just want to finish this. :/ Is Turbo Tax open on Sundays?
              • where do you go to reenter your agl instead of your pin
              • say9
              • I am having the same problem.............. This is getting ridiculous!
              • i ken not get in
              • I have been rejected  twice and I continue to recieve the same pin number...I did not have a pin number last tax return 2009 my tax checked was mailed to me this in the first time I have filed electronicly  What must I do to receive the correct filing status?
              • I have never had a problem with Turbo Tax for the past 8 years and this year they keep rejecting my agi and pin. I have talked to them and still get rejected!!!! Aggrivating
              • My pin keeps on getting rejected. I called the IRS and gave me a different pin but that was rejected as well. They also gave me my AGI number. Where do I put my AGI number to see if that works? PLEASE HELP!
              • I got my  e-file pin number, but  I don't know why i'm getting rejected
              • the irs gives me the same pin bit it still keeps getting rejected
              • I want to use my agi ,instead of using a pin # , can you please  help guide me thru
              • yes; I need help, To enter my agi ,
              • I just don"t feel comfortable with the pin #, I went back to select to put AGI in ,instead ,and I have a problem  with trying to change it to put my AGI .  I need a help quide ,please
              • Holo , I have a question ,I need a help guide ,to enter my AGI in ,in stead of using a pin number
              • still saying incorrect pin. how do i change to the agi #
              • what is the answer
              • this is so rediculious i stress for hours doing my taxes and then i get rejected because of a PIN number arrrrghh and cant get one that works either FRUSTRATING !!
              • I contacted the IRS, got a live person, they gave me a PIN and it still doesn' t work.