Software bug - Form 1116 foreign tax credit

TT Deluxe: I entered K-1 info from a L.P., which has Box 16-M data for foreign tax accrued. (I sold this partnership in 2010.) TT generated a Form 1116 copy and checked the PAID box instead of the ACCRUED box. This selection is calculated, and TT will not let me change it, but then flags it as an error on my return, suggesting that I link to a different 1116 copy. Where does this calculation come from, and how do I fix the error?
    For those watching...

    It appears the problem was related to my attempt to deal with K-1 box 16 with data for two different countries. I had created a second K-1 for the same LP to enter the second country data (with no entries except for box 16). When I deleted the second K-1, used "various" for the country in box 16, and summed the two country's figures in the first K-1, the error vanished.

    TT Easy Step does not support entering multiple country data for K-1 box 16. I suppose I could have tried entering the second country directly on the Form 1116 worksheet, but I am less confident that all the data would flow to the necessary fields.
    • I had the exact same problem when trying to enter the K1 data for KMP.
      It was driving me mad for a while, I re-entered it and a few weeks later this somehow went away, i don't think its because of what I did but probably cause there was a bug.
      Now in my case I am stuck with something else though...probably because adding and removing those stupid K1's messed up the order of the 1116 for me.

      But, the original issue you mentioned has gone away and I am not aware of having entered data any differently.
    • Whoops, its back again, I had to re-enter my K1 due to another problem that TT created...and now I am back at this problem :(   
      Has anybody found a way to solve this?
    • The problem is related in my case I believe to K1 16M, taxes accrued.
      One country in the case of KMP had M=0, which turbo tax interprets to check box taxes paid in the 1116. The other country has a few dollar as taxes accrued and both those up at the same 1116 resulting in the issue.

      No idea how to get around it...except follow somebody's advice here somewhere to combine the two countries into "various" on one K1 entry...though that seems to be in violation of how that needs to be reported.

      Anybody try this successfully and file ok with it?
    I was finally able to add the second country manually in Forms view -- the trick is that some entries need to be made on the Form 1116 worksheet, and some on the Form 1116 itself. The worksheet does not permit certain lines to be edited, but those same lines are editable on the associated Form copy. This allowed me to enter all the correct information without an override.

    Now it is still true that TT checks the "tax paid" box instead of the "tax accrued" box on the Form for Box 16 code "M" entries, and I cannot override that selection. (However, this may be because I sold the partnership in 2010, and the accrued taxes could be considered "paid" upon sale of the LP, since this is a final K-1.) I don't think the IRS cares about the distinction.
    • This is a horrible mess, and becomes unfixable the more I try to fix it.  Every other year I have a new problem with this--makes me wonder why I keep coming back.  Now I have tried checking other instead of RIC (RIC is gone forever).  Now various will not appear and gives me a choice between my previous non-sensical answers to questions 0 and USA.  so I am pretty much screwed.  I have tried deleting my downloaded info and re submitting it.  no good.
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