IRS Refund info.

A lot of people often get confused or panicked over the dates provided by the refund chart. Let me start by saying that my mother works for the IRS so my information is coming from an inside source. Do NOT rely on the refund chart or on the Where's My Refund information. Direct Deposits are made on Fridays. For some reason the refund chart is saying Wednesday deposit dates. You will likely see your deposit on the 27th, perhaps as late as the 3rd but I'm leaning more toward the 27th. Those are Friday dates. Before anyone jumps me like they did last year...the IRS tested a new system last year that allowed a certain number of people to receive their refunds on a Wednesday. They are not using or testing that system this year. Refunds will come out on Fridays. That is the only day that the IRS make deposits. If the deposit is going directly to a bank account, check your account on Friday. If you used a money card, keep in mind that the money will go to the money card bank first and then your card. If you are waiting on a paper check, they will most likely mail your check out on Friday (the 27th). I hope that helps you get a better idea of when you should expect your refund. If you do not see anything in your account on the 27th, try calling the IRS for a better idea of where your refund is. I hope that helped!
My mother works for the IRS and has for a long time.
  • Then how did some receive refunds yesterday and today?
  • With all due respect. I got my refund today.  So that means your whole statement has no merit.
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You may want to check this IRS web page. This is on their web page. The IRS has changed to a system that posts transactions daily rather than weekly. However, some accounts are still processed weekly. Here are some issues that would make it a weekly account:

1. An ITIN rather than a SSN
2. Foreign Address
3. Campus Address
4. Identity Theft Indicators
5. Prisoner File
6. Related MFT 31 Account (i.e, a joint account has been split due to bankruptcy, Offer-In-Compromise, Installment Agreements for only one party, Innocent Spouse)
7. Criminal Investigation Activity
8. Civil Penalty Account (MFT 55)
9. Tax Module History (two years prior) with Criminal Investigation, Exam or Collection Activity.

A direct deposit should be issued four business days after the tax return posts. Here are examples for a daily account:

Return is accepted on the 17th and posts on the 18th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 24th.

Return is accepted on the 18th and posts on the 19th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 25th.

Return is accepted on the 19th and posts on the 20th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 26th.

The refund cycle chart is based on weekly processing. Here are some examples for accounts subject to weekly processing:

Return is accepted between 11 a,m. on the 18th and 11 a.m on the 25th. It is held for posting until the 26th. DD would be 4 business days later on the 1st.

Here's a word about "Where's My Refund." WMR initially shows a "receive by" date that is the Tuesday following the week that the DD is actually made. Once the return posts, the date is changed to the actual DD date. Since the posting date varies, its possible WMR may be updated after you actually receive the refund!

I work for the IRS and your mommy is full of ***t  and can loose her job for giving false information.
  • I received mine on Wed last year and on Tues the year before.  I should receive this year's refund tomorrow.  I've never gotten a Friday DD.
  • I said that the IRS releases on friday. Now how your prepaid card or bank issues it to you is another story. Think about this unless you got a R.A.L.. No bank or CC will release moneys that they don't have. Thats why some people got updated info this past weekend on DD changes, because the money was released Friday.
  • That still makes no sense considering the IRS released money to sbbt yesterday AND today, Monday and a Tuesday.
  • kp...Me thinks you are full of it.
  • i think we all think that
Actually, since the switch to the new system, the IRS will be depositing money Monday-Friday! You were correct when you said that you shouldn't rely on the calender. It's just a chart with estimated dates.


Melissa D. Arnold-Jackson,
27 Year Tax Professional
  • last year i got my refund on a tues. this year im having to wait. so maybe your mom need to recheck her info. there are alot of people that got returns today and many yesterday. people that used different software other than TT got theirs monday so......??????
I just want to try and give some hope, and set some of your minds at ease .
my return was Sent to Tax Authority | 01/17/12 01:10:42 PM
Accepted | 01/19/12 02:34:06 AM.. TT said I should get my refund on 2/01/2012.
The  WMR site before it went down said by 1/31/2012 ..
The IRS hotline said I would receive my refund on 1/25/2012.
This morning when I checked my bank account my refund was in there..
FYI::: I have Wright Patt Credit Union..
Hope this help....
  • to those posting the time their tax return was accepted where do you see the time stamp? on my email it just says the 19th. the IRS chart says 2/01, my email of acceptance on 1/19 says dd on 2/01, WMR says 2/07... and now people are saying 4 days from date of acceptance or something. Just wondering when the right time to expect it is.... ugh lol
  • @peeved I filed on 17th accepted on the 18th but IRS saying I won't get mine til Feb 7. wonder why u got yours so soon or why I get mine so late
  • @Pamif... Mine says the exact same thing
  • Yea thats a bunch of baloney my best friend got hers today and so dyd a bunch of other people..u coulda kept that miscommunication to urself..they r releasing dd mon-fri like all new thyngs there are glitches..we all are anxious myself included
  • I think the guy was just trying to help, mine said the 25th, and look no refund???  I do know that every year I get mine on Friday!!  Was hoping this year it would be during the week, but oh well maybe tomorrow!!
  • hey i file mone on the 21 of jan an they say i get mine on the first with turbo tax but when i call the irs hotline its telling me the have no imformation on my refund wats up with that
  • I got mine on a Monday last year. My brother got is yesterday (Tuesday the 24th). So who knows...I still don't have mine this year though.
  • People who are saying it will be DD 4 days after you are accepted or processed are full of sh*t as well.  Because, if that's the case, I should be sitting on a nice big chunk of change right now...but guess what??  I'm not.  What a surprise!!!  Like I said before, people are just pulling info out of their a** and passing it off as fact.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this madness at this point.  Just because your son's cousin's best friend's baby momma got their refund today doesn't mean anything.  It seems that everyone is different so stop making blanket statements like you know what you're talking about.
  • Jay...maybe you weren't processed by the new system? The 4 days after processing is for people who were processed under the new system and that comes straight from the IRS manual. When were you accepted?
  • Okay, I'm with the whole slew of people who where told that they have three different dates for their tax return. As of 1:30am PST, I am still "processing and should receive your refund by January 31, 2012". I called the IRS this morning and she told me that because they are still processing my refund that they couldn't see my refund at all. It was accepted on January 17 at 8:56 am. I am going to head to bed now and wait it out, hoping that things update for myself on the WMR hotline/website. I am having my refund dd onto my GreenDot MasterCard which releases funds immediately (I would know, I get paid today and my pay check is already there). Jackson Hewitt officials say that I should receive my refund on Friday, the 27th, but we shall see. I hate all the miss information and would advise that you write down your questions and call the IRS directly to have them answered. And please don't think that I need my money more than anyone else. I don't. But it really would be nice to have a little bit of Good Information rather than the Bad Information that floats around.
  • Hey Melissa...or heck anyone....I efiled on the 14th.  now i know the feds wernt begining to process stuff until the 17th witch was fine.  the 18th the feds accepted my return, and says i should see a dd today...with some luck i am seeing.  My state (NY) is still pending.....11 days later.  when i call the state they have no record of it.   Turbo tax says they sent it and to give it more time.  But if the state never got it, a few more days wont mean anything. i recived the confermation email from the feds, but not for the state, but turbo tax is "reassuring" me they sent it.  what do i do?  I have never waited this long for the state to process it. Has always been within a day or so after the feds accept it.
  • I am having the same problem with my State it still pending its been a while to. I went to my state Where is my State refund it said  no info on mine.. I know this is my last year using TT, My  Co-works went or us other Taxes company and other receive theirs 24 to 3 days later after filing, so if are on a delay why have they receive theirs, I do not think its the IRS fault, I think TT made a mistake some where and trying to fix it..  I did my Federal on the 14th and was accept  on the 17th and no refund will be due until &the because of IRS delays.. come on...
  • well my daughter filed hers on the 12th it was accepted the 17 at 525 p.m not sure how you know if its the old or new system hers has been stuck on by 31st of january since she started...I just gotta say its bs and frustrating for people when its their money and they have no clue when they are gonna have it. We both decided next year we are mailing it...Good luck everyone
  • I always got my DD on a Friday.  Going by the new IRS chart I am supposed to get my refund tomorrow.  i like the old system better because at least I knew if my return was accepted last week which it was, I was not going to recieve it until the following Friday.  Now I am not sure, the chart says something different.  Please pay attention to the new chart it looks like it has mostly Thursday dates.
  • what new chart
  • My return was accepted on the 17th.  WMR still says it is processing and I will receive it by the 31st, as does the 800 number.  I still don't have my refund, and it's been more than 4 days.
  • @dottie1003...I filled my state directly through the Pennsylvania department of revenue website on the 1/19. I checked it this morning and it keeps saying the refund amount I entered is incorrect. I don't know if there is a major hack in the systems this year or if we're all crazy. My mothers Federal was accepted on the 19th and has yet to have any information on it. So everything is just fkd up this year.
  • it isnt making sense and what new chart?  how many charts do they have geesh
  • I love the fact, that I e-filed the 13th was accepted the 18th by the Irs, and wmr and the phone system say by Feb. 7 and I already have received my State refund.  So WTF IRS what freaking gives?  Guess I'll wait till Friday since I get it on a Friday ever year anyway :(
  • i thought the point of filing electronically was to get the refund EARLY?!   wtf?!  i have had the date of BY the 31 for my refund since last Thursday. Spoke with someone last night and he told me that everything was ok and that by the 31st i should see it, ok fine...he said if the 31st is a friday it will be there, told him was a tuesday, he said then i should see it the friday before.  Ok again....fine.....but WMR is not updated with anything and I am not in full panic mode.  I will be ok if i don't see it friday, i mean i will have a little money in the bank, but need to pay my utilities or they are going to get shut off.....and before someone says anything negative to fiance has been out of work since christmas due to an injury and then getting sick, so we have MY income and MY income alone.

    Screw the charts, I will not go by them. I am not on hold AGAIN wanting to talk to a LIVE person.  As of last night there were no issues and it was still processing?  really?  its been a week!  I read something on thier site that states "direct deposits are done 4 days after being accepted"  which judging by some of the posts on here, holds true.  But people who had a response on the WMR site for receiving thier refunds by Feb 7th, have been updated to actually get thier deposits FRIDAY the 27th.  Ok, what about the rest of us who have the 31st for a date?!  Are we the forgotten ones?  Seriously now...people who got accepted AFTER me have a date of the 27th to get thier deposit!   Thay had all dam year to work out the kinks on the system, but no, they wait till NOW to fix them?

    I don't mean to sound bitchy, but i needed to i am thinking that there is a problem with my return!  But the guy i talked to last night said that it was ok.  Gave me hope that i will see it friday, but WMR is not showing that.  

  • I was offended by the post  of  the post I work for the IRS and can get your mother fired comment-I see ones saying I got my dd yesterday-And others saying the site says this-Its the government-we will get it when we get it-And there are many branches Of the IRS-and I have a hard time believing a IRS worker would be on tt giving his or her opinion. I may have blonde hair but I am not an idiot to believe all that is here.
  • well my daughter called and spoke to three different reps at the irs the first lady told her it was in errors the second said that it wasnt in errors it was on its way to errors and if its an easy fix that they will fix it and send it on then she spoke to someone yesterday that said its being processed and there are no errors?  Ok so are they trying to make people panic and who do you believe?   Cause every rep tells you something different and the person above who is depending on her money becausae her bf is out of work i completely understand my daughters bf was out of work until yesterday he got his job back and they were in the process of being evicted with two kids because he had lsot his job...It just plain sucks that its suppose to be faster and every year it seems to be worse.. Good luck to you all
  • the refund cycle chart says projected date for deposit, i would assume thats when they are trying to get the monies to people, mine was accepted the 18th no dd yet and says should expect by 1/31
  • My friend was accepted on 1/17 and her money was DD last night. They are delivering refunds every day of the week. My personal return has three different dates so I am just waiting it out as long as I can before I call the IRS. I know next year I will have to file a paper return because of my adoption but I have never had to wait this long on my tax return. I used TT for a long time but the next time I efile I will use HR Block in person. Good luck everyone!
  • Your mom must smoke crack, and gossip like all of the other state employee's.. Does she even file her tax's ?
  • I know everyone is looking for there IRS deposit.  I was suppose to get that today still have not BUT i just got my State deposit ....It posted at 8am.....maybe IRS will post at 9am ?????
  • I've been reading these over the last few days and it's really confusing...Believe me I really need my refund also but I guess I will wait till my back account says it's there...Too many speculations for me...God bless all!!
Just because your mommy works at the IRS dept doesn't mean ANYTHING. The deposit is set for this Wednesday and I hope no one go by your message because your mom work at the IRS DEPT.
  • That not true my mom got her refund today.
  • It seems that IRS employees are giving conflicting info on the phone to people who call there as well.
there is a new system and it is not working properly at this time so was is your mom talking about? there is no new system I mean it was even on the news.
    The irs website states that they are depositing everyday M-F......So not to be mean or anything but I think your mom is wrong.
    • I was so disappointed because I checked this morning and nothing,I was accepted on the 17 and I have 3 different dd dates.I am holding out to call the irs but I am starting to get upset with this whole mess.We have to file taxes but when we do we can't get our refund or a straight answer from them,but if I owed them money they would drive us crazy til they got it.It is sad that people have to lie to us about our refunds and for the charts,I don't even think they are true.I was to get my state dd and I checked yesterday and they are mailing me a check?I paid for dd what is up with that?People who work for the irs should not have time to post here on tt they should be busy getting our money out to us or resting up for their next day of work.
    • I am one of those people filed the 15th, accepted 17th, TT and WMR have always said DD would happen 1/25 but that didn't happen.  I am a single mom in school full time and like one of the PPs above, I am counting on this money to help out with bills.  Does anyone have any REAL updates about errors, etc...?
    • Let me try and offer a little ray of hope for those of us who has a dd date of Feb.7th. I can assume that anyone who has this date, would received their dd on the 1st of Feb. Well....WMR said it was processing and I would receive my dd on the 7th of Feb also but, when I checked this morning it changed to I was scheduled to received my dd on Jan 27th. I filed on the 17th and was accepted on the 18th at 3:13pm CT.  My daughter was accepted on the 18th also but at 11:18am and her's still say processing  and a Feb 7th dd date but I am GUESSING that she could possibly receive her's on the 27th too. Just my thought but hopes it helps.
    • i feel like something is going on with everybody's return who got accepted on the 17th and wmr says the 31st mine still says processing and i was accepted on the 17th i called irs yesterday and she says i would not be getting my money today because i was still in processing so when wmr updates to a final dd date thats when you will get your money ..
    • My return was accepted on the 17th and scheduled for DD today, the 25th, and it STILL hasn't hit my account yet.
    • At guccigal, when did you receive your state tax, and was it by check?
    • your advise is false... I hate to tell you this but I believe even the people at the irs are not sure of what exactly is going and things are changing daily to make up for All the errors that are happening.
    • Im also one of the people suppose to get their refund today filed the 16th accepted the 17th at 11:10am called my bank and they stated that their is no refund pending and its reached the cut off time for dd wtf!!!??
    • Hey idiots!!!it is not helping calling the irs and keeping their phone lines tied up.I am broke have no money and looking to buy a car that i have someone expecting me to call.And all you morons calling the irs tieing their phone lines up arent helping.They will deposit it when they deposit it.We are talking about the federal goverment.They can do whatever whenever they want.If they wanted to they would not pay out for months.It is people like you all complaining that is going to make all this go away then there will not be any tax refunds.Just remember president clinton put it into play and whatever president can take it away.If people are ungreatful about something they are getting then you dont keep giving.We all used to pay taxes and not see a penny.So i say stop complaining and wait it out.They will deposit it when they do.Dont ruin it for everyone.Because if they start seeing problems and chaos with this they will take it away.
    • I did my taxes on the 16th and was accepted at 11:03am on the 17th. WMR has always had a jan 31st date to anticipate my refund.... It shouldve been today based on their chart, but everyone knows the IRS is unreliable so I'm not sure why this is much of a surprise to anyone. Since that is the date they have given since the return was accepted I'm not trippin about it coming later that what the chart days it shouldve
    • Just got off the phone with IRS-they are nice enough but really don't know what the hell they are saying. I filed 1/10 and accepted 1/17 at 3 p.m. Only info I've gotten (besides TT chart and email showing DD 1/25) is processing will receive by 1/31.
      So IRS tells me it is processing and they don't have any "will receive by" date. I told operator it was showing 1/31 to which he replied "oh, yes, I see that." When I referenced IRS chart he never heard of it. Also claimed he hadn't seen one DD date of 1/24 or 1/25 yet. Said that was too quick. There really is no point in calling nobody knows anything except it is in the pipeline and will come when it does. BTW, both first and second operator that I spoke to said WMR and Automated Phone systems are not always up to date or working correctly.
    • 1-800-829-1040
    • 18008291094, I just called them and they said its still being processed and I have no errors,
    • My date of DD was said to be today..01-25-2011.. its now 9:28am and I still have nothing :( Does anyone know if theres certain times through out the day that they sent out? Last year I got mine early and at like 3am. If this has anything to do with TT than next year I will be bringing my business else where.
    • Nada on the 25th. Called SBTT and they do not have it- not does my bank WMR down
    • WMR is you click on wmr it still will bring the page up.. On the main screen is says its down but  its not..
    • my god people why are yall being so rude!!! the girl was just trying to help and was giving information there is no need to be all like "YOUR MOMMY' get the cornflakes out your ass and grow up!!
    • well what has me troubled is I did me and friend taxes the same day, she received her money today and mine is still saying proccessed and should be deposited by the 31st. we were both accepted the same day with in minutes of each other. i really need this money. i dont know what to do... does anyone have anymore updates?
    • The following website may help a lot of you out:  

      It may show you the same information as where's my refund, but at least it's a little something.  My return was accepted on the evening of January 18th.  I'm still scheduled to receive my refund "by" February 7th.  Good luck everyone.
    • I agree with you on that when your nice their nice
    • All I know is Santa Barbara has my money and it was supposed to go in  the 25th...per IRS uh, todays the 25th and NOTHING in my bank account. I think someone was right when they said to pay ahead and dont let Santa Barbara make a whold lot of money off of us. I also owed the IRS and it went through fine minus what I owed! Its Santa Barbara thats screwed up. Well, day isnt over yet though... we will see. The past years as soon as it hit Santa Barbara they turned it around and DD into my account so whats the holdup? Dont know. Thanks for all the comments!
    • My refund was accepted on the 17th, my deposit date is today the 25th, I checked with SBBT and found out they received my refund from the IRS yesterday the 24th and sent it on to my bank for direct deposit yesterday, the 25th, they said it could take 1 to 2 days to get there. I called my bank just now and they have not yet received it and they told me they have no way of knowing exactly what time it will be there and for me to keep checking. Hopefully it comes today, if anyone else has similar circumstances and has received their refund, please let me know. Thanks.
    • was hoping for DD today even though WMR says 02/07 .............. got accepted on 01/19 at 12:46am ... no money yet and WMR has not changed also ... hm?
    • Could you all stop being so mean and spiteful to each other.  Just thank God you are getting something back and NOBAMA isn't taking it from you!!  BE GRATEFUL people!!   I swear I'd hate to be in a  real crisis situation with any of would all kill each other.  You will get your money soon.... Heck if I get mine this week you are all invited to my house for a Barbaque!!  LOL    I Hope you all have a great day!!
    • I sent my return via TT on the 5th, It was accepted by the IRS on the 17th. We are being told via the "where's my refund" that we will receive our DD on the 31st. According to all these posts & comments, no one has any idea when they will be receiving their refunds.

      How can we get an honest and truthful answer when the IRS themselves are contradicting themselves?
    • I filed on Saturday 1/21, got my federal acceptance by email at 3:50am Sunday (1/22) morning and got my state acceptance on 1/23. According to TT I should get my DD by 2/1/12.
      A friend of mind filed on the same day that I did and has not received an acceptance for federal or state returns yet at all. But when he logs into TT it says both have been accepted. Should he rely on that information without a confirmation email?
    • wmr is now saying:

      "You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again."

    • and my state says i need to call about the amount taxes i get back ???? i tried calling but was on hold for more then an hour and gave up ............. what a disaster
    I'm glad you could get that info from your mother, KP. However, you may want to ask her why IDRS (the system the IRS uses) was down during the last 2 weeks of December....because they were implementing and migrating the data to the new system that IS running this year. According to the new system, some transactions will post in shorter cycles, instead of 2 weeks for everything like it used to be. So far all they've said about the system is that, no specific training has been given to most (I can't say all, of course) employees.

    In my case, I got accepted on the 19th and called yesterday and the rep had no information, neither did WMR (when it went back up yesterday night). Apparently with the new system it's taking longer for returns to show up after you get the acceptance email, or so I was told. I went into WMR about 15 minutes ago and finally got a status. So, all we need is some patience. If you got an acceptance email, it's probably fine but won't be available to the reps or WMR for a few more days.

    I worked for the IRS until the end of 2011 and still have friends in there, that's where I got my info.
      My sister was suppose to get it today and she check her bank account and nothing. The IRS website is not working so I can't check the status of my refund. I hope they get it together soon becasue I want my money on 2/1/12.
      • Hi i am more confused then every lol, i filed the first day that tt would allow and was accepted the 18th and got a letter that should receive money on 25th but nothing today yet.  I went to where's my refund and it says Friday the 27th.  I dont know if they were overwhelmed or what but i have always received my returns on Friday in the past it seems at least.

        We shall see but it is the government so no clue what is going on.
      • I filed my taxes on the 18th it was accepted on the 19th and they are telling me i will get it before the 7th...any clue as to weather i will get it anytime sooner
      • Like everyone else my info is all screwed up, no errors on my return, it posted 3:21am on the 19th, TT says deposit on 2/1, IRS says in no delay 2/7.  I just wish I knew because it got deposited 2 days early last year and by the time I checked with the bank someone had managed to walk off with a nice sum of money, the bank gave it back but I would like to be on top of things this year.  Unfortunately my local bank does not have mobil app to update you about your account, so I have to call and bug them, it would be nice not to have to pester them for a whole week in case it does come in on 2/1 not 2/7.  Good luck to everyone.
      RS is having problems with the new MeF system (tax blog)
      MeF System Status -- ETIN Retrieval Problem RESOLVED

      Resolution: ETIN Retrieval Errors Reported in MeF (Updated at 1:30 pm, Eastern on 01/24/2012 The ETIN Retrieval error has been resolved.

      We are currently not sending to the MeF system. The following message was posted on the MeF Status Page:

      ETIN Retrieval Errors Reported in MeF (Posted 10:30 am, Eastern on 01/24/2012)

      Transmitters are reporting intermittent “ETIN Retrieval Errors” and “Read Timed Out Errors” in MeF. We are working this issue as a high priority. Thank you for your patience.

      SFS Comment: We are not transmitting MeF returns until they correct their system errors. This will assure that our returns will not fall into a failure status.

      What does this mean for you? You can continue sending your e-files to the CCH SFS Electronic Filing Center. We will hold the e-files until the IRS corrects the ETIN Retrieval problem.
      Posted by Kim Manuel at 11:45 AM (Not My Post) just thought this might explain some of the delays the IRS is having'
      • Only thing I know is I don't  work for the IRS nor do I know anyone who does.I just know about computers and batch jobs and have worked  for several Fortune 100 IT companies. With all that said it makes sense to me that the IRS would release funds via batch/night jobs once a week, much easier to manage. If the banks have awindow for when they can release the funds, that is alot of money they can hold on to make more money.,, I am just saying. Anyway, I guess we will get it when we get it! Good Luck  Everyone!
      • That is so untrue.....people are already getting DDs.  They are depositing more than on Fridays....check the facts...
      • It would make sense Because there are confirmed reports of testing a new system vs the legacy. Some people are lucky enough to b on the early end of the new system. The legacy processed returns will probably batch tonight just like mr fortune 100 IT worker said.

        If you don't get it tonight maybe you are on the new system that deposits five days a week
      • well this just clears everything up for me now i know why things are a mess this year because people like your mom are giving out incorrect information.... no offense but unless you have the facts to back it up you shouldn't throw around false information and get people worried some families depend on that money!
      • This year they are depositing on all days. They are not only releasing funds on Friday. I know someone that works at the IRS as well. And they no longer only release Fridays. A lot of the employees don't know the information, especially if they don't work directly in that department. Those who got refunds today and yesterday it is obvious the money wasn't released last Friday. It's a shame there is so much information being given. Hope it works out for everyone. Mine is scheduled to be direct deposited tomm. Which again is a Wednesday.
      • well i dont know anyone who works at the irs but i have spoken to them and they said they are depositing monday thru fridays this year and that the system is having issues not the people processing the returns anytime that they have a stockpile of returns it causes chaos.  But they are working on the refunds its just not showing up on their systems which is freaking people out...Keep fingers crossed i have faith :)
      • @KP, ur mom works for the IRS in what dept? Janitorial? Because I spoke to the IRS refund dept today and she told me I would recv my DD tomorrow 1/25, a few people I know got theirs today. So plz stop misdirecting people and discouraging them! Jeez!!!!
      • I say who cares, it will be here when it gets here.
      TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2012

      MeF issues on Tuesday Morning
      The IRS has posted on their MeF status page that they are having "ETIN Retrieval Errors" and "Read Timed Out Errors" in MeF.

      What this means is that transmitters are having trouble transmitting and picking up acks.

      ACK turn-around time has gone from minutes to almost an hour.  

      IRS is working the issue as a high priority.   ACKs may be delayed.

      --- Phil Drake
        When Can I Expect My Refund?
        IRS YouTube Video: Where's My Refund?: English | Spanish | ASL

        FS-2012-4, January 2012

        The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers to keep in mind that many variables can affect the speed of a tax refund. Using e-file with direct deposit remains the fastest option for taxpayers.

        Following technology improvements, the IRS will issue refunds to more taxpayers in as few as 10 days this year for those who e-file and select direct deposit. Overall, the IRS issues the vast majority (more than 9 out of 10) of all refunds — whether filed electronically or on paper — in 21 days or less.

        Although refund speed will generally increase overall, the IRS emphasizes these are “best-case scenarios,” where tax returns are filed accurately and no corrections or review are required.

        In addition, the IRS also cautions taxpayers it is increasing scrutiny of tax returns for signs of fraud. This means some tax refunds will face additional screening and review before being released, which will add time before the refund is delivered.

        There are some simple ways for people to help ensure they receive their refund quickly.

        E-file remains the best way to ensure an error-free return.

        Taxpayers can help ensure their refund arrives as expected by submitting an error free return. Use the correct Social Security number or taxpayer identification number, the correct address, and the correct bank and routing number if electing direct deposit.

        You don’t need to wait on the phone to check on the status of your refund. The fastest and best way to get information on your refund is through the “Where's My Refund?” tool on and the IRS2Go phone app. Information about refund status is available about three days after the IRS acknowledges receipt of your e-filed return, or four weeks after mailing a paper return.

        The free IRS2Go application is available at the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.

        When checking the status of your refund through these IRS online tools, you will need to have your federal tax return handy. To get your personalized refund information you must enter the following information on the safe and secure website or phone app:

        Your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number;
        Your filing status, which will be Single, Married Filing Joint Return, Married Filing Separate Return, Head of Household or Qualifying Widow(er); and
        Exact whole dollar refund amount shown on your tax return.
        Once you’ve entered your personal information, and depending on the status of your refund, our online tool may provide several pieces of information, including acknowledgement that your return was received and is being processed, the mailing or payment issuance date of your refund, and possibly a notification that the IRS could not deliver your refund due to an incorrect address.

        The IRS must review tax returns to prevent fraudulent and erroneous refunds, while balancing customer service, fast refunds and protecting against fraud. If the IRS needs additional information to process your return, we will contact you by mail. You don’t need to call and wait on the phone. Taxpayers are encouraged not to tie major financial decisions to the receipt of their tax refund by a specific day, but please know that the IRS works hard to issue proper refunds as quickly as possible.



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        Hope this helps good luck to all.
        • I am in the same situation with SBBT, they have received my refund and said they have sent it to my bank, but it hasnt posted yet, they supposedly sent it since yesterday....can someone post if they have gotten their deposit from SBBT in the last 2 days..thanks
        • checked too many times, locked you out...happened to me too before.  just call the 800 number
        • I got the same response.  by the 31st and he said it will more than likely post on friday the 27th. but said nothing is concrete though.  nothing is wrong with mine it's just processing.  he was the nicest one yet.
        • How are people contacting SBBT?
        • I submitted my taxes on 1/5, they were accepted on 1/17, both my emails, the charts, and WMF have said I would get my refund today, 1/25, however I do not have the deposit in my account and my bank says they have not received it.  So I'm not sure what's going on.
        • Thank you for putting me down on my post some of you and thanks for the ones that didn't. Now for those of you that are on the 31st date be patient it most likley will be there NEXT  Tues, or Wed. Regardless of what you read or what these newly hired IRS workers are telling you, The IRS ONLY releases money on Fridays. Now you can get it any day of the week it just depends on your bank releasing it to you. Now If you were to getting  anything  this week you would have already got an update on your status. You would have gotten it between Fri-Tues. One of two things will happen....1 Either it updates and tells you your DD date or.....2  tells you other info. that you don't want to read such as delays or a code to look up.  My mom has been at the IRS for 27 yrs. I wouldn't tell you anything wrong. I am trying to help people understand. NOW I AM NOT SAYING THAT SOME OF YOU WILL NOT GET MONEY FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK, BUT IF YOUR STATUS UPDATED YOU WILL GET BUT IF IT HASN'T DON'T COUNT ON IT TILL NEXT WEEK.
        i filed on 01/13 nd mine was accepted on 01/17 01:45pm, TT told me expected refund date is 01/25 and irs website by 01/31....i havent rcvd any DD till now and the  IRS cycle chart also shows the refund for 01/25.....i also chkd the SBTP website , it said they havent rcvd the refund from IRS, so wat is this mean, is there any errors wat number i have to call IRS, , i think i m gonna wait till friday 01/27 before i will call the IRS, plss guide me
        • For the past 10 years I always got my direct deposit on Fridays. The IRS only makes deposits on that day as far as i know.
        • @Pinchi What exactly does the new system look.  Like what makes it different form last years system.  I believe the new system is clashing with information causing unforseen errors which is delaying returns.
        • I checked the SBTP website after seeing it mentioned on here a few times.  It is a little confusing itself.  One of the first lines in bold is that the bank has received all or part of my income tax return.  It then proceeds to go through what my refund amount is, what the fees were, and then what was sent to me (or will be sent to me), however when I click a link to a more detailed viewing, it doesn't show that it has received anything yet shows my fees.  Very strange.  I have emailed them and asked them to please explain my account status.  Does anyone have a phone number to them?
        • TO check with Santa Barbara about your refund visit this site:

        • wohooooooooooooo. This morning I woke up and checked the WMR on the IRS site and it changed from processing and getting a refund on 2/7 if there were no delays to a DD date of 1/27 and unless my bank holds its (which it doesn't) then I'll get my funds on 2/1 So everyone don't panic anymore <3 I know it's tough and very stressful for waiting but I realized once I stopped checking it everything was going to work out and sure enough it did. I hope and pray you all get your refunds back ASAP. Were all in the same boat with NEEDING and wanting our money
        • "why are people getting on here and being so damn disrespectful to people, when the people you need to be mad at is the irs this message thread is for answers not insults you have to understand some of this answers are straight from the irs!!!"
          so thats who you nee to call to vent too !!!!!!!!!!!
        • My mom has nothing to do with the IRS and youre an idiot. Theres two facts for ya.
        • Ok I was accepted 17th my IRS web site said 1/25 sbbt didnt say anything untill right at 1100 my time eastern standard Im assuming they r probably in Cali. Anyway it says now that it was paid and when I click on the above link for detail it now shows an ACH transfer to my bank and the amount that im supposed to get my bank does not have it yet but its forward progress. If this helps everyone seems so stressed.
        • There are two refund cycle charts and they are both wrong. There was a RCC printed on 4/2011 which would make my refund tomorrow and then one on 11/11 which would make my refund today . My return was accepted on the 17th by 11am. On the WMR it says by the 31st, TT app says the 27th but the RCC said today, and well its definitely not there today.  My electric service will be cut off on Friday if I dont pay, and I was relying on that money. I have never had the problems with the refund cycle chart being wrong. I lost my job 01/13 and since Im a single parent its just me. Im hoping Friday is my day. I called the IRS they said I should have it by the 31st but wont give me a specific day.
        • I thought the sbbt site was only for the people who paid to have thier taxes done on tt?
        • @ Just Me40 - Correcto.
        • I jst called them no one knows anything but they did say they want us to give them 3 weeks and they are processing it Monday-Friday but they were very rude the guy hung up in my face and said that they are very busy goodbye when i asked him a question.
        • Android App "My Tax Return" says Jan 27th, TT email says Feb 1st and WMR says Feb 7th.  I just want to know which one to go by.
        • I'm hoping they didn't have a glitch with the bank routing numbers. Then we're all fkd and gonna be waiting a hell of a long time before it's figured out. Better start planning our 4th of July parties now.
        The IRS legaxy system issues a DCN for the return (14 digits), the MeF system issues a submission ID (20 digits).
        any IRS agent who said they didn't know which system could tell just from that information.
        Look at the PDF files from your return after acceptance. If the numbers aren't there call TT they have. They have to have it as those numbers are proof of filing.
        • Dunndeal, you will more than likely get it on the 27th. But, if you want a full confirmation, call. When I talked to them their automated system was down. 18008291040 and hit # until you get a recording telling you its sending you to a rep.
        • I agree with you styxavier1 you came on here to help some of this people and you get slapped in your face if everyone on here knows all the answers then why are they on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • Barbara where do i find those numbers at?
        • Guys check out this news report about the IRS workload dated 1/11/12. Some people are waiting up to six months for their returns averaging $5,600.
        • This year the IRS is using two different systems. If taxpayers fell into the old system, they would still only receive their deposits on Friday. However, most taxpayers fell into the new system this year meaning that they could receive a deposit any day of the week Monday through Friday. Many people have already reported seeing their deposits as of yesterday and even today.

          Now, a lot of people are seeing a deposit day of either 1/31 2/1 or 2/7. The WMR is providing little response because it constantly seems to be done, experiencing technical difficulties, or the same dates over and over again. It's very frustrating for all of us. However, chances are you WILL receive your deposit by the 27th.

          Do not rely on the IRS refund cycle chart. It is a PDF that is based off incorrect deposit dates. Also, the WMR is not updating correctly but this is actually a common problem from past years. The reason the WMR is down right now is not currently known but a lot of people are speculating that it is probably from a flood of inquiries going into the system that caused it to experience those problems. That is a very believable explanation. Most of us are hitting refresh every half an hour to an hour to see if the date has changed because we all are relying on that money.

          With all that said, a few people were lucky enough to get through to a live IRS agent, and even luckier to find a very NICE agent. I wouldn't call unless you absolutely have to. It might be hard but they don't really know much this year either. They are still under the impression that the direct deposit dates only occur on Fridays. It's a MESS at the IRS. It's sad that half of them don't know what's going on.

          Anyway, those few people that got in touch with an agent that had a DD date of 2/7 were told that their deposits are scheduled for the 27th. The WMR is simply a cushion. It is to keep us from calling and harassing them until that date. Your direct deposit will occur anywhere between now and the 7th is basically what that means. Chances are, you will receive your refund on the 27th also. Those with a DD date of 1/31 or 2/1 will likely receive theirs sometime tomorrow or the day after. PLEASE understand that is simply speculation. I'm not saying it is a DEFINITE.

          Although it might be hard, try and remain calm. Your return will come back to you before the 7th, that much I can promise you. I also have a return date of 2/7 which frustrated me to no end but I have hope that I will see my deposit on the 27th like many people are already saying. Pass this information to the many others that are still freaking about the 2/7 anticipation date. I hope I have helped all of you in whatever way possible!

          Aaayyyyeee: They will not necessarily give you a definitive date of the 27th. It is entirely possible you will get a deposit on the 27th. The problem is that if they give you a specific date when you call and then your money isn't there, they risk receiving a FLOOD of phone calls from angry taxpayers wanting to know where their money is so they provide you with the "possibility" of receiving your taxes on the 27th. I'm sure you'll get it on that date. Keep your head up and just keep hoping and praying like the rest of us! I know all of my fingers and toes are crossed! Good luck to you. All of you! And me too! :-)
        • I looked at the IRS website found this article first which states that during certain times of the day the efiles go to the legacy system
          Then look at the print out of your taxes if at the top it says Declaration control number it went into legacy, if you have a submission ID it went into the newer MeFT system.
          Now depending on which system it went into you will one of the "everyday of the week" refunds or be one of the old Friday refunds.
        • I just looked and I am on the old system, and My iphone app says 27 wmr and hotline say by 31 and ssbt hotline says 25. SO i think it will be by the 31, thats what I am hoping. Old system only deposits Fridays
        • @ Barbara1215 its so confusing because on my Accepted return ts just shows the date it was accepted next to DCN
        • that means it on the old system tamparockstarr. should be Friday
        • Ok so mine says Declaration and it was accepted on the 18th so why is my dd on the WMR Feb 7th??
        • It says by the 7th, so probaly the Friday before..
        • okay i just called tt, and they said I am filed under the new system MEF. I do have  a MEF number.. this sucks. so   I dont knwo maybe the 27
        • GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WERE SUPPOSED TO GET REFUND ON 1/25. My return was accepted the 17th, and as of yesterday tt, wmr, and irs was saying deposit on 1/25. I waited all day and no deposit and as of now, my bank's automated system is still showing no deposit, but I called my bank and was told my deposit was showing for tomorrow 1/26 and I could withdraw it at 8am as soon as the bank opened. Only 16 1/2 hours to go.
        • I'm sitting here getting all worried about my refund being wrong. I'm on Facebook and every single tax page H&R and all of them have the entire country flipping right now. LOL at least this is making the time go really fast. It's quite amusing.
        • I'm also getting that mine may have been pulled for review and may take 3 weeks to get a letter to submit information. They may do this if they could not verify your w-2 statements or your refund is unusually large. Some returns accidentally get pulled but must go through the same verification process. Just a heads up.
        • Holli they cant even verify W2 until end of Feb,from what I heard, I sure hope thats notthe case for you ...Who told you that?
        • Hey guys, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. Because now I don't have none. Thanks a lot damn IRS.
        • Holli you are a mess.. I sure hope you get your taxes soon..
        • You are crazy.......
        • That  was pretty funny, Holli.
        • so mine still pending for the 31st anyone status has changes
        • OK I called again and someone took the time to look at my account.  (i am also stuck in the processing 1/31 boat).. she said there was some code that for whatever reason  it was set back a cycle... she said it could be due to the new system problems and it could still come sooner.  Also could have been a mistake that they could fix without having to send it back to me (but I don't think so - the amount of the refund still seemed to be the same).

          Sounds like she is seeing one of the many returns that was caught in the "snafu" and hopefully will be going throught the deal.

          what do you guys think.. any IRS ppl know what this means?.  P.S.  I did verify there was no letter sent out, no 45 day hold or anything like that
        • whats the number so i can talk to them
        • I want to know why my taxes are supposedly gonna be given out later this year than last year. Last year I filed on the 22nd and got my return back on the 28th..  This year I filed on the 5th, got accepted on the 18th and still waiting for the money..
        • This is redic. I just checked my state refund and it has already been processed and sent out. Now I know there is nothing wrong with my taxes. WTF, I want my 5k already.
        • wmr no longer is showing my info
        • Its no longer showing mines also....WTH?"??????
        • Me also, How many times did you check today.. we could be locked out, if you check more than three times a day, But maybe we are just updating...
        • Mine will not show any info either. Maybe I am locked out too. Mine still says I should receive it by Jan 31st if I dont owe other taxes or have processing delays.
        • I checked about  time today, first it said basically it didnt have any info then I re-entered my info then it showed "We are sorry Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954."
        • Well lets hope they are updating, from previous experience it always goes done and says they dont have your info, than you get your dd . But with all the problems this year who knows.. But I am going to bed and goona pray, cause i would just like to know when I am gonna get it. thats all.. I pray I Have no audit like all these other people are talking about.. Good luck everyone, cause I think i actuall updated on Thursday on wmr
        • The ent site is down AGAIN
        • I called the irs number and it said I am still processing. It was accepted the night of the 18th. Makes no sense. Getting ticked cuz a lot of people got accepted around the same time and are already seeing refunds. I need my money.
        • I just found this info....
          Turbo Tax and H&R Block said problems at the IRS are causing big delays.
          The IRS started its e-file system two days late. Usually it starts on Jan. 15th, this year it was Jan 17th.
          Now for those people who have filed, they're going to this site ( ) to check the status of their refund and getting an error message.
          That's because of an unplanned outage of the IRS e-file system.
          Companies like H&R Block and Turbo Tax are letting customers know via Facebook and in-person about the e-file issues.
          H&R Block's Central Coast district manager in Watsonville told Central Coast News Wednesday, he sees quite a few people filing their taxes early, especially families.
          The delay is putting refund's behind schedule. For example, if you filed your taxes on Jan. 17th, you should expect to see a refund Feb. 1st, a week later than normal.
          "We try to explain before they start doing their taxes. We give expectations and we try to explain what the IRS is doing this year, so that when we do the return they aren't shocked or surprised," said Fernando Paco.
          Even when the IRS fixes the problems in e-filing, you could still be waiting longer to get your refund, that's because funding to the agency has been reduced the past two years.
          Right now, the IRS said it is unable to answer three out of ten calls from taxpayers.
        • mines finally this morning said on wmr that dd was scheduled for the 30th...i filed on the 18th...this is a bunch of crap
        • The irs still cannot tell me why my refund is still processing. It got accepted on the night of the 18th. I am po'd
        • Thats good chasemom1
        • We have recently learned that the we have a refund processing delay. This was discovered on January 24th  , which has caused a vast majority of refunds to be delayed at least one week. This affects all  taxpayers who have an accepted e-filed return prior to January 24th.

          To check the status of your refund or to see if your refund has been affected by this IRS error, please use the “Where’s My Refund” link found on

          The returns that were done  before the 24th that got kick back because of the computer glitch will be getting money soon. Between tomorrow and Wednesday 60% of you will get your money by 2-1.  80% of you by 2-3, but only if you got accepted before 1-23 as long as it wasn't anything wrong with you return.
          Got this from my mom she works for the IRS and has been there for 27yrs.
        i file my taxes on 01/11, accepted by IRS on 17th and had three different dates for refund, TT :01/25...WMR : estimated by 01/31 (if no errors ) and TT (Android) 01/ 01/27 WMR says my DD is schedule for 01/30 and i should check with the bank till 02/04, if i dont get the refund till 02/04 i should contact i hope now i should get it by 01/30 as IRS WMR says direct deposit is schudule for 01/30/12.....
        • TT app said today but still no $$$.
        • Wow
        • Finally got some answers,  I called and they said I have an offset under me, but beteen me and my hubby thier is pleanty to pay it, She asked me if i was gonna file a injured spouse form I stated no, I want the debt to be paid. SO will they just keep processing and it and take the money out of mine and my husband return than give us the difference, thats what we want, its whY we didnt file a injurged spouse form..
        • Hello All!! OMG let me just thank ALL for keeping me entertained for the past 2 days with the comments!! LOL Lord knows I needed the last!! So I don't have like some answer to everyone solution but what I can say is based off of everyones post and talking to the IRS, my filing and google.....
          let me just say I have read that some people are saying how they dont want to use TT anymore bcs they messed up thier taxes its not just TT its Jackson Hewitt, H and R Block...its everyone....I did mine 01/24/2012 and got the accetance email from TT that same day... lol negative!! It didn't show up in the WMR until this morning 01/27/2012 (72 hours)...whcih is what WMR tells you...Also another thing some people that tell you they got thier check the next day or in 2 days that is because they got the RAL (refund anticipated loan) check. That is money that is issued from a bank and given to you based off of what your taxes are.....people that are using TT, and e-file have to wait for it to actually be accepted by the IRS before they get any details of the money. It seems like if you filed after 01/21/2012 you might be okay...everyone that filed on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th seem to be having the most problems and can most likely be trumped up to this new and old system crap!!! And it seems like money is going out all days of the week....TT says my money will be rcvd 02/01/2012 and WMR says 02/07/2012 both wed's so my thought process would be I am hoping to get it 02/03/2012...which falls pretty safely in the 4 business day category since my refund was not TECHNICALLY rcvd by the IRS until this am!! Mon-Thus would be 4 business days. I called my bank to verify if they held the funds (i read someones post that said they hold funds)..I  am only going to speak for mine and they don't. When they rcvd funds (just like a work direct deposit) they will release them the same way with no holds and no issues!!! Soooo I just think between the new and old systems and all of the conflcited info between the taxpreparers and us its been hectic!!! I hope all works out with everyone.....and smh from the sounds of it we should all have our money by the 7th.....SMDH
          Good luck to you all!!!
        • I suggest calling!  I have been stuck on BY 1/31st since last thursday.  I called this morning, spoke to a very nice woman and got my date.  DD Feb1st.  WMR and the phone system is NOT updating and she told me that.  I asked her if this was the actual date i would see it in the bank...she said yes.  So before you go and get all stressed out again....i do suggest you call :)  I feel soooooo much better now
        • Am getting very frustrate. i had it filed on the 25 of jan, i was told it was going to be on my account btw the 8th of feb to the 15. some how i got the state on the mail with a note saying that they were unable to direct deposit like i had requested. i called my financial inst. and say that there isnt any problem with the info i had provided. i double/tripe check that the info i had provided to turbo tax was the right one.. and it is.. now am trying to call the IRS and am not getting an operator.. just the freaking recording. the website all it say is that there are unable to process my request. am in limbo here.
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