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Will there be a delay in refunds for itemized filers?

I heard there is going to be a delay in refunds for people who itemize and use schedule A...Has anyone heard how long the delay will be?
    On the screen where you were told that you were itemizing your deductions, there was a very clear sentence telling you that your return would not be filed until mid-February and a place to change to the standard deduction.  You do have to read what's on the screens.  We can put this info in, but we can't force you to take the extra seconds to read it.
      For those who are blaming turbo tax for this, I'm just completely shocked. It has been on the news for a month now about the delays. If you do not pay attention to the world outside your door, that is not the fault of turbo tax. It is not the fault of turbo tax that the IRS is rejecting some filings, that would be on the heads of the IRS. And to blame turbo tax because you can't make your BACK payments on your mortgage? Really? For starters it's going to take a mortgage company months to foreclose and sell your home out from under you, not 2 weeks, and second of all if you are counting on a tax return to save your house you need to move to a house you can AFFORD.

      Wow just plain crazy!
      • well hydro12496 - i guess you have never had a close family member die, but funerals are VERY expensive. it was either let him rot in my backyard OR bury him properly. i am going to blame TT because they already had all the updates and they didn't tell me. i have 2 small children and excuse me if i don't have all the time in the world to sit down and watch the news. i think you should get off your high horse and realize that the world is struggling right now. yes, my taxes (that i overpaid and the money i earned fair and square) was going to help me to catch up after burying my HUSBAND. thank you SO much for your understanding!!! i guess you have all the money in the world and have never had trouble paying your bills. and by the way - my husband served this country for the last 15 years so that YOU would have the freedom to sit and watch the news. have a great day!
      • If I submit my return today will my tax return come back in 8 business days or 8 days?
      • I'm afraid I have to disagree with everyone bashing turbotax. First and foremost, being well-informed about IRS PRESS RELEASES that directly affect the timing or your return is a personal responsibility. TT has no control over if and when the government can get their act together. Clearly, if you are dissapointed with a 2 week delay (really, 2-3 weeks? c'mon) you should write your congressman for not choosing to pass legislation until the end of DECEMBER. Regardless of the tax preparer you use, you will not get your return any faster. And not to be insensitive, but ULTIMATELY you CHOSE to overpay the government (as someone astutely mentioned "that i overpaid and the money i earned fair and square"). If you properly file form w-4 and claims the proper number of exemptions, then you wouldnt be relying on the government OR turbotax to get your refund, you could have been using it last year.
      This is ridiculous.  I put in to take the standard deduction so I wouldn't be affected by the delay.  Then I entered an education credit of a small amount, and the box did not come up that it would affect my return.  After I filed it, I got an email from turbo tax saying it would be delayed.  I contacted turbo tax and they said to contact the IRS to reject it.  But from what I've read turbo tax still has my tax file and they won't submit it to the IRS until February 14.  I don;t want to take this credit but I am unable to change my return and I can't seem to get any help.
      • yea, i have used TT for years but it will be the last time.  They are very misleading with information and their hidden fees.  Maybe we shoud write the IRS and raise the issue.
      • i just saw a commercial for TT. after my anger subsided, i heard them say that if you are NOT SATISFIED with the outcome, you are entitled to get your money back. WE ALL WANT OUR MONEY BACK, RIGHT?????? make sure you call their customer service number (866-888-2402) and tell them. after i bought the program for $50, i then had to pay $29.95 for the filing fee and $19.95 to file the state. I will be calling in the morning to make sure they give some of that back to me. Everyone should call and bombard them!!!
      • I filed on 1/11/2011 so I thought.... I then spent three long conversations on the phone with turbo tax in the days to come trying to figure out where my taxes were... I was assured by three different employees of turbo tax that they had in fact been filed with the IRS and it was a problem with the IRS.... Well that was wrong...I finally was told that they are holding the return when I had gone back and chose not to itemize but the shed A form was still present in my documents... COME ON TT if you are going to hold our return that we have purchased (PAYING YOUR WAGES) then we should be allowed the option of either getting our money refunded with cancelation of efile or amending our return! I mean whats the problem you are just hanging on to them anyway..... Are we going to create cyber mania if you were to allow us to make adjustments so that our return were to be accepted a bit sooner?
      • I did the same thing.  I was on the phone with turbo tax, they said to have the IRS reject my tax return and then resubmit.  I called the IRS and they said that turbo tax has my return and they won't send it til 2/14.  I talked to turbo tax and they said there's nothing they can do.  I told them what the IRS said, they kept saying there's nothing they can do.  This stinks!
      • What would happen if I did my taxes on the H&R block website and filed with them, not taking the education expense and not having a delay?  What would happen to my turbo tax return that's still pending?
      • I submitted mine on January 20, 2011 and it is still pending as well and I do own a home and unfortunately chose to put in my mortgage interest and property taxes on Schedule A (even though that benefits me very little)...and I'm placed in the category of being held till February 14th.

        I'm pissed...I didn't get any notification from TT until after I submitted the efile.

        I would have just left it out!!!

        I'd like to know that as well...can we file with somebody else if we're still pending in TT?
      Read this IRS article about the delay in processing certain forms, including Schedule A:,,id=234736,00.html

      And I'm sure that TTAnita meant 2/14, not 1/14, in her posting above.
      • i talked to turbo tax on friday. i told them my delimma and they told me i could take it back to the store i bought it at and they would have to refund me because of their money back guarantee. i took it back to walmart today and they said they WILL NOT refund me because it was opened. i am finished. i re-filed my taxes with H&R block on the web, took out the itemized schedule (because it did not change my amount which is weird) and sent. i will have my money in my account on the 11th. without an issue. i then called turbo tax and they said all i would have to do is call the IRS on the 14th and tell them to rejuect my TT filing. that is what i am going to do. and for those of you that are telling people to read the screens a little better.....i did that. it takes me longer than the average person to do my taxes because i read every line on a screen. don't assume that everyone else in the world is an idiot just because you are. TT DID NOT ASK ME IF I WANTED TO SWITCH.....EVER!!!!
      • I don't know about that, but I do know my daughter filed with I-CAN!  E-file and she's getting her refund in 7-10 days.  To boot then it didn't cost her a dime, not like these theifs.  They don't want to wait for their cut so they want to be paid their cut up front or pay a higher amount to the bookie(TT). So it's going to be bye bye for me and I'll bet a lot more.  With this comment I'm sure I'll be waiting longer.
      • what about state tax? is it affected also?
      • While I too am not happy with the delay, I just check TT and yes indeed they do have a message including the word important highlighted in yellow, an "explain this" link for more info, and a change my deduction check box option to switch to the standard deduction! (See below)

        While doing my taxes I didn't notice the message either, but as previously stated, it's been all over the news! Hope we all get our returns as soon as possible and hope those who are inconvenienced by the delay find a suitable alternative!!!!!
        Change my deduction
         Important! Due to tax laws passed in December 2010, the IRS won’t start processing
        returns with itemized deductions until February 14, 2011. Just keep going and
        fie your return with Turbo Tax now. We’ll take care of everything to  get your
        return processed as quickly as possible. Explain this
      • I would not have paid the 70 dollars yet until they were accepting the returns. I am very disappointed with TURBO TAX for not making us aware of that.  Obviously they just want my money for a service not yet available to me...that's a rip off! If I didn't need the money I wouldn't have spent the 70 just yet! Thanks Turbo Tax.
      Returns with itemized deductions are not being accepted by the IRS, regardless of the tax service you used.  They'll begin accepting them on 1/14
        Yes. Turbotax is holding all returns with Schedule A until February 14th when the IRS will begin accepting them. I'm concerned that Turbotax did not adequately inform their customers that using a Schedule A, whether or not you have deductions affected by December tax changes, can delay your filing.  I guess they did not want to miss out on the business. You can verify at, that's where I got the correct answer.
        • My neighbor used an established Certified Account group, gathered all the info and this group did their taxes for $250.00 (state and federal).  Than advised them that they would need to wait until mid February to send to IRS.  They don't get to ask for their $250.00 back..this was a hot topic back in late December about a delay in filing.  Again, the IRS (Government) has screwed us, not TT.

          I do have a slight beef with TT though.  I paid 39.95 for the Deluxe vs that includes 1 state filing.  I live in one state and work in another.  For the additional State it will cost 36.00 plus some change.  This is almost as much as the Deluxe (Federal and State) incl.  Should be some discount for purchase of Deluxe or Premier for additionals.  The more you buy...the more the discount.
        • I can't believe all of these people crying about TT not informing them of the delay.  Here's a hint....Read what is on the screen completely before you hit the "Next" button.  I filed on Thursday and it warned me several times during and also right before I payed and submitted my taxes for efile.  I am not any happier than the rest of you about having to wait longer for my refund but to blame TT makes you look stupid.  My daughter told me the other day that the average American reads at a 4rth grade level.  Evidently she was correct.  LOL
        • I'm very disappointed with TT this year!  TT needs to tell costumer up front what is going on with delays, not at the point where we have no choice, but to wait.   I could have used different option when I knew of all this going on!
        • I understand that TT is not responsible for the new tax laws,however,the only warning i rescieved was when i tried to take a education credit.It told me if i took this credit,i would expect a delay.So i took it out becasue it didnt make a huge difference.Yes,they should have warned us as soon as the Itemized page popped ip.Also at the end ,right before you chose to e-file.
        If you itemize deductions you may be affected by the IRS delay in processing Schedule A until mid-February, see this new FAQ…..
        • i just got all the way through an it locked up and said i had to come back later for my refund amount ????
        On the screen telling you whether you were taking itemized deductions or the standard, there was a short paragraph giving you exactly this news.  It seemed quire a good place to put it as there was a box right there for you to switch to the standard deduction if you did not want the delay.  The info was also posted throughout the program where there were delayed forms, deductions, and credits.
        • Howard1948 and Hydro12496 you are both wrong.  It's TurboTax that is hold our returns.  IRS does not hold them.  You would be getting a message that says IRS has received and accepted your return if it had gone thru.  H & R Block has had a lot of accepted efiles.  I feel bad for TurboTax next year, the only customers they will have will be new ones that didn't get affected by this years return.  I still don't understand why TT hasn't released them.  Sure do wish I had used H & R Block, my coworker did and she should have her return 2/8/11 and she just efiled hers 2/24/11.  TT is sorry.
        Here is the official IRS answer to your question:,,id=234736,00.html
          Why when I completed my tax return with Turbo Tax they didn't inform me of the delay because of the tax law in December, they allowed me to complete and then said it would be up to 8 days when I finished and gave them my bank information.
          • I filed on Jan 18, 2011 and it still says pending. Should I contact anyone about this or just wait?
          • If I follow this conversation correctly, am I reading that TT is holding ALL returns until 2/14 even if we don't fall into the category of those who would be effected by the changes?
          I was told February 14th is the day the IRS would start processing itemized returns. I received this info from turbo tax after I filed. The wording I saw as I completed my returns as well as what I had heard on the news was that "some" itemized returns "may" be delayed. I too would have chosen not to itemize because there was only a $5 difference between the standard deduction and itemizing for me. I don't blame TT for the IRS delay but I have always used them for the great little reminders and advice they provide and I do feel it could have been stated differently such as having the filer check off a box saying it "will" impact your return and you acknowledge it at that time..........turbo tax software could have identified that fact with certainty at that point......... in doing that  a very long blog filled with frustrated customers could be avoided.
            I just spoke to the IRS.
            They stated the following: Itemized deductionas will  be processed on Feb 14th, and will need to be re-submitted. Currenty all of these files are in a holding pattern with turbotax and such like
            My question : Will turbotax be resubmitting or do we hav't to????
              Just got off hte phone with the IRS. They stated the following;
              All itemized Fed forms will start to be filed on Feb 14th. All itemized submitted forms are in a holding patten with Turbotax and other tax preparers.
              My question is to turbotax: Do we hav't to resubmit are forms on Feb14th or do you????
                The IRS has not announced a specific date on which they will begin accepting returns that include Schedule A.  What they have said so far is that they expect this to occur sometime in mid-February.
                  NCDave 2 -- No, TT only holds those that the IRS will not accept until 2/14 -- those using the forms that the IRS cannot yet process.  All other returns are submitted as received.
                  • i e-filed my taxes on jan 22 with turbo tax. it never told me that there was a delay in the refunds if you did an itemized form. it never asked me if i wanted to continue with the itemized or if i wanted to do the standard deductions. because i filed with itemized deductions, now my refund will be delayed until atleast feb 25. i needed this money to pay my back mortgage because we are in financial distress due to a death in the family. i am very angry. i would have just taken the standard deduction so i could have my refund my feb 4th. now, i have to call my mortgage company and BEG them to give me more time. i have used TT for the last 5 years and have never had an issue. and i have always gotten my money by the folowing friday. this makes me want to go to h&r block or jackson hewitt because i bet they would have told me and given me the choice. i am very upset and the support line could not help me at all because they said my return is being "held" in their system until the IRS "unlocks" their computer system. it will then be automatically sent. why does the government wait until DECEMBER to make changes to the tax laws? the same thing happened last year but TT notified me that they were waiting for updates and that i had to wait to even file my taxes. my husband is leaving for afghanistan in a few weeks - hope it comes before then!!!
                  • I completely agree with kadams - TT should have let us know my return was almost the same with ID and SD I would have NOT used ID if TT tax had of told me - I have been laid off and desperately needed my refund by the first week in Feburary just like I have received the last few years!  I am extremely Upset and will not be recommeding TT to anyone in fact I will MAKE SURE TO TELL PEOPLE TO USE A LIVE PERSON - HR BLOCK OR JACKSON HEWITT,,, T HIS REALLY BLOWS!


                  Read the posting just above yours
                  • I just submitted my fderal and state last night (2/1//11) I just noticed myemail which says the IRS accepted my federal return! So things must be rolling now :)
                  • I talked to turbotax. I took none of the deductions affected by the tax laws yet mine is delayed too. TT said that because I ran thru the itemized selections mine will be delayed even tho i took NO deductions. They said they were figuring that out yesterday. I talked to IRS and they said they could process mine but TT holding it. Why would they not release those that can be filed. They told me sorry there was nothing they could do now.
                  • Also I did NOT file a schdule A...i had a schedule C because i had a 1099 but took NO deductions at all...
                  • I finished my taxes about a week ago.  At that time, TT said some forms weren't ready and would not be until 2/14.  I was expecting that, so no big deal.  Couple days later, I fire up TT and it does an update..then it said I could file by 2/3.  Yipee!.  Couple days later, and it changed says 2/5.
                  I filed on 1/20 and once it was determined (by TT) that itemized deductions was my best option, I saw the information about my return not be processed until mid-February. I later received notice that it had been updated from mid-February to February 14. It stated VERY plainly that it would be delayed. For those that say they didn't know, did you read everything on the screen before proceeding? This is my 2nd year using TT and I've very pleased with them. You cannot very well blame TT when it is the IRS who isn't processing payments until 2/14.

                  I knew there would be a delay and I opted for it anyway. After all, it's only an additional 3 weeks or so. I'm sure the earlier you filed, the sooner you will get your return. I figure I should have my return by the 25th.
                  • OK so I get the whole waiting for the stupid government thing but since I live in NC they accepted my return just to tell me to call them when I go to the department of revenue services web site to check on my return to make sure they received it.  Then when you call which is only during the hours of 8am-5pm mon-fri, the hold times are outrageous!!!!!   NC does not tell you anything!!!!  Has anyone else in NC had this trouble this year? and i do believe that tt accepts all returns so they can get your money first.  Also if you are trying to figure out which deductions and scenarios are best for your situation, tt will not allow you to go back and edit as in payment.  I was trying to figure out which way would be best to file my son's taxes and when it asks you to upgrade your fees later and you check yes there is nothing you can do to edit that. So you feel as though you are stuck paying through the nose for doing your taxes !!!!!!
                  • i need to file my 2000 tax refund
                  • Yep, I filed my tax return with H&R block and it will will be deposited Feb 4th and that is 3 days earlier than estimated. I helped my friend file his on TT on Jan 24 and his is just sitting there doing nothing. Not sure what's going on. I feel bad because I picked TT to see how they compare. He is not too happy..
                  • lost login info how do i access my account?
                  • dont know
                  • I think those posts saying folks should've read are coming from turbotax employees.  Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who was in shock at the end. And even at the end, there was no certainty of delay. Right now the explanation states, "IF YOUR TAXES ARE NOT ACCEPTED IN 24 - 48 Hours, you have been effected by a tax law passed December 2010." And then it still doesn't have a date of certainty as to when the IRS +ill begin procesing. The comments above makes alot of sense. I tried to think optimistically by saying, "whatever it is, it wil probably help me in the end...maybe more money"... About mid February was a scheme so that one can think maybe it will process at a earlier time Imo... Very very disappointed turbotax. Hopefully you all have added a better warning for customers who submitted after I submitted. I definitely was hoping to use the small amount that I am receiving for some things I wanted to accomplish at an earlier date. Thank God my story is not like the woman who lost her husband and really needed the money. If you all could at least not charge her for processing, that would be the least you could do. I don't know the woman but her story saddens me. Just a thought... But I know that sometimes mistakes are made so I will not completely write turbotax off. But I am considering... Turbotax has been an assett to me since I do not get a big refund to pay a live professional... Didn know H& Are Block offer a similar program though, so Idk what I will do next year. Think Turbotax is better than this though. But you have to protect the business and your customers at all times.
                  • TurbotaxAnita--if TT is only holding returns with Schedule A's, then why is mine still pending?  I didn't have one, and mine has been pending since 29 Jan.  So, say what you will, but at this point, I'm finding it hard to believe TT anymore.  I've been using TT since 2001 and I have NEVER waited this long.
                  There;s a whole series of forms being held, not just the Schedule A.  The initial  question here was related tot he Schedule A.
                  • I understand this delay thing, but, TT says I should see "pending" but I only see "received". Within this thread others say that TT won't send to IRS until 2/14. Either way until after 2/14, there is nothing to do until after 2/14! If in fact TT is holding returns, they should have updated their site to you should see "received" rather than you should see "pending".

                    mnite554,"I live in NC they accepted...","Has anyone else in NC had this trouble this year? " I feel your pain, but, I have not asked NC revenue for a status, TT says it has been accepted by NC. I have to give the system some time (8 days) before I shake the bush. Also, I have called NC revenue and got right through. Called first thing, before the rush though. Good luck.
                  • I also filed on the 8th and didnt see anything about the delay until AFTER I hit the transmit button, which apparently it wasnt transmitted. I looked carefully at every screen I went through. I believe they updated that towards the end of the month and now they are telling me it was there all along. PRETTY SHADY. I have talked seen MANY people on here who filed very early January and experienced the same thing. OK, one person, 2 maybe..but many people saying the same thing, we are all not that oblivious.
                  • mnite554.. I just accessed the NC site and got the same message to call 877-252-3052. I will try calling next week(Monday). But, considering NC needs info from Fed.Ret., probably tied up with this delay issue. Schedule A for me.

                    Note: my fed status is now pending!
                    Also, anyone retired and filing in NC, check to see if you got an additional "pension" deduction(Line 48), up to $2000, because of your IRA income. I didn't but I don't know if it was my input mistake or if TT didn't carry over the required info from my Fed.Ret. As I owe no tax, makes little difference to me, but, others might need the extra deduction. A "chat" with TT went nowhere.
                  On the screen where you're told you are itemizing, there is a note telling you that your return will be delayed in processing until the 14th and you have the option there to change to standard deduction.  That information is clearly given to you multiple places in the program.  You can read the prior entry by another user who went back to verify the existence of this note and tells everyone what she found.
                  • That is not true.  3 weeks ago when I filed mine, I was never notified UNTIL after i hit the file button. On top of that I did NOT have any deductions or a schedule A. I was told that just because I went thru the itemized deductions and didnt take any that mine would be delayed. Maybe thats some info that should have been shared. Supposedly that method generated blank forms that would cause a delay whether you took any deductions or not. I only filed a Schedule C with no deductions. I think you should warn future customers of this fact. I have just gotten off the phone with TT support. This is what they told me...

                  I filed my taxes (Schedule A) 1/24/11; as I own a few properties and still have an education loan commitment for my MBA.  There was a VERY clear, 1/2 paragraph sentence that clearly states this method (Schedule A, education expenses, etc) would be delayed do to the passing of CC (Congress Crap - I try to stay out of politics).  The message was quite visible.

                  For those of you who missed it, must have been clicking "next" at the speed of light just to see the end of the tunnel for the final refund rewarded.

                  Base your submissions on education (reading and understand).  TT is a TOOL, it is not a system that automatically completes your tax filing process for you.

                  I understand everyone's point of view.  I, too, was relying on money some years ago due to a death in the family.  Since it was that IMPORTANT and DYER that I have it, I took my taxes to professional to have the entire process explained to me.  With that said, if you really were expecting your rebate quickly, or was unsure of the rebate return process, you should have sought out help from a tax professional not a TOOL guided/relying upon your entries for the end result.

                  Overall:  User Error.

                  • You know, i have talked to several people who filed early in the month and also did not see the information. I dont know if it was added AFTER i filed or what. But the point I was making was the fact that I had none of the deductions you had, in fact I had NO deductions. Not even a schedule A. If you would go back and read the text excluding the portion about whether or not the warning was there, which at this point doesnt matter. I also have a college degree and am not ignorant.
                  • Can I go back and add information after my refund has been accepted?
                  smm10 -- the problem is at the IRS end due to Congress changing the tax laws right at year end.  See the article referenced in Volvogirl's answer above.
                  • I'm confused too.  I was told that IRS would process it too even though I have itemized deductions.  It confuses me that tt won't submit them when they are received so that they can be procesed as soon as the IRS allows for it.
                  • When I e-filed on the 8th I received a message saying I would have to wait until mid feb before my return would be received by IRS due to the itemized filing. I think that TT should have made me aware before i itemized cause i could have used the 1040 ez form as well. Don't know if I will use TT next year!
                  • TT is really odd this year, maybe the congress making lots of changes, but the complainers are the ones the Feds owe money to, and if the Feds keep the money even two weeks longer they earn millions in interest....seems odd to me that filing with itemize now takes till mid February.
                  The IRS just published on its website that they will accept returns with itemized deductions on 2/14.  What are they going to do if you mail prior to that date?  Send it back?
                  • this may be the  LAST YEAR I USE TURBO TAX. I entered my information, archived it for later use, and now it says it has no records stored. not even for past years. This is unacceptable - and I AM referring others to working reputable tax preparers, so they do NOT experience this repeated problem...
                  They sent me a respond today that the IRS will start processing returns on the 14 of Feb.
                  • I have used TT for four tax years. Due to what I believe to be them misleading people to file and then they hold it up and no make that fact known, I will be using H&R Block from now on. I have already set up an acct. with them. might even file through them if TT doesn't get their act straight by mid-Feb.  This is absolutely ridiculous. Money back guarantee? Hardly
                  i filed my taxes through turbo tax on 1/21/11. Ive received my state refund on 1/28/11. I have been trying to see my stat on my fed through there web site and no info is available. When should i see my return in my account?
                  • listen, I am on fixed income, as I am not afforded a pay raise or medical benefits as well, but TT did in several places state the delay issues and the IRS is NOT accepting ANY returns in the categories under change. the H R Blocks are giving refund anticipation loans not refunds!! and just to be aware, I have had two friends who received other peoples returns using HR block and finding out the same had happened to their returns other people were walking around with ALL their personal info as well as refund checks.There are draw backs to every filing process, it is OUR responsibility as consumers to research and chose the best option for our own personal self. Point being this no matter how many kids you have you at some point see the news read an article or talk to another human being..having children is not an excuse for ignorance. As far as your husbands death, I was in military and there are death benefits for burial for service men and well as life insurance policies, it may take a bit but the money will come. Hang on and be patient. I am sure if you calmly explain and give proof to mortgage company they will work something out also shows importance of having mortgage insurance, death coverage I  am sorry for your loss and hope that some peace knowing that many of us appreciate the sacrifice you and your family have made to keep us free.
                  vluv33 -- No.  The only way to change your return after it has been accepted by the IRS is to file an amended return using Form 1040X.
                    The IRS has announced that it will begin accepting tax returns with the Schedule A, and higher education and tuition deductions on Feb 14.
                    • My refund is delayed due to the new tax laws. But my state return has been accepted by the agency does that mean that I will receive my state return soon?
                    • We filed our taxes e-file a week ago and it says they haven't received it?  I went to check and print and hit continue and it apparently was filed because there was to place for me to send it.  What should I do?
                    SallyL66 -- If you have already efiled your return with TT, you do not have to resubmit your return on 2/14.  It is being held until the IRS is ready to capture it and will happen automatically when the IRS "opens for business".
                    • Ok I have one question? I can understand the hold up for the federal return (don't like it at all!) but why is TT holding up my state of Iowa return! It has nothing to do with the IRS hold of February 14Th!  This is really upsetting! I am going to rethink the software I will use next year!
                    • My efile was accepted on January 19th and I still don't have my refund and TT charged me 52.00. I will not use TT again either. What's the problem?
                    I could not claim moving last year becuase I had not been working in new job last year for 39 weeks. Can I calim it this year?
                      if you moved in 2009, and had a reasonable expectation that you would be working at least 39 weeks, then you could have claimed the expenses.  (You would be required to repay the deduction if you lost your job.)  You can't claim the deduction in 2010 because you paid it in 2009, so at this point, if you have now worked at least 39 weeks, you can go back and amend your 2009 return.

                      (If the 39 week requirement was taken as an absolute, that you must move AND work 39 weeks in the same year, then only people who moved in the first 13 weeks could ever qualify, and that's not what the deduction is about.)
                      • how long will I recieved my refund into my bank account after feb 14 deadline

                      • My daughter and I filed on the same day. She has her refund using H&R block...I used TT again this year. How can this be IRS sanctioned? Something is not being told to us as TT customers....
                      • never recieved my answer
                      • thanks for the answer
                      Here's a link as I guideline! Good luck to all of us!! Copy and paste and hope this helps!
                        Here is a clickable link......

                        Here is the IRS Refund Cycle chart…

                        And Where's My Refund?  This is for your Federal Return.