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Non-business bad debt

Have seen instructions in this forum to enter "bad debt, non-business" in the search box.  That takes me to the "Stocks, Mutual Funds and Other Investments" section for investment gains and losses, but there does not appear to be any place to enter a bad non-business debt.  How do I do it (details, please).
  • This is from the IRS website:
    A nonbusiness bad debt is reported as a short–term capital loss in Part 1 on Form 1040, Schedule D (PDF). It is subject to the capital loss limitations. A nonbusiness bad debt deduction requires a separate detailed statement attached to your return.
Keep going......

Enter a Bad Debt under
Federal Taxes Tab,
Wages and  Income,
Choose Explore on my own (if it comes up)
Then scroll down to Investment Income
Then Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Other - Click Start or Update

If you see a screen that says….Investment Sales say YES
If you have a screen showing your Investment Sales Summary - click Add Another Investment Sale

Then Select Guide Me
Then check the 9th circle for  Other: Other Investments - then Continue
Then check the 2nd circle Uncollectible Debt (Nonbusiness Bad Debt) - Continue
    Enter at the Federal Taxes tab, Wages & Income, Investment Income, Stocks, Mutual Funds... and follow the interview.  If you had entered "bad debt" in the Search Box, TT would have brought you to it.
    • I followed the interview but was never taken to a place to enter this information.  Maybe the 2011 software is not ready yet for this detail?  I got a message that I must revisit the stock gain/loss page again after 1/5/2012.
    You're right.  Sched. D won't be available 'til 1/5/12.  Here is a schedule of form availability:
    • I tried in my H&B version and didn't get the spot to enter it either.  So I guess we have to wait.
    • I was interested in the capital gain/loss forms too.I was told it should be available 01/05/2011 by tax expects.
    • Anyone ever figure this out? I have a non business bad debt from lending money out for bad real estate deal. Lost my shirt and it is not collectable. How do you enter this into TurboTax?
    • im looking for an answer here too
    • Sorry but I've tried the step by step and the forms section on doing the non business bad debt and its not working. If there was an update to this section its hiding.
    Here's another route:  I think that TT will modify this area in the future.

    Federal Taxes tab
    Wages & Income
    Explore on My Own (if it comes up)
    Your Income Summary
      Investment Income
      Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Other
    Choose the Type of Investment
      Other:  Other Investments (continue)
      Choose the Type of Investment
      Other Investments
         Select Uncollectible Debt (non-business bad debt)
    Enter data in the presented screens
      How to report bad debts.   Deduct nonbusiness bad debts as short-term capital losses on Form 8949.
        On Form 8949, Part I, line 1, enter the name of the debtor and “bad debt statement attached” in column (a). Enter your basis in the bad debt in column (f) and enter zero in column (e). Use a separate line for each bad debt.
      • Yes, but how do you do this in tt? Choosing "other" at stocks, bonds, etc. takes you to interview questions about stock sales, which are not at all relevant to a nonbusiness bad debt.