the turbotax it's deductible

will not automatically update in turbotax as advertised
  • Odd, TurboTax imported my It's Deductible items with no problem this year and the last 2.  I'm using the Windows version of TT so if you're using the Mac version, there might be something there that's causing your problem.  Hope you get it solved!
  • Definitely NOT working in 2010 turbo tax deluxe even though this has worked in past years.  Which is a HUGE pain since the itemized deductions are the longest part of my tax process.
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  • I am trying to add items to a donation in Browse by category. i get either no response or gibberish. I am on Mac and have been entering items for 2010 with no problems up until now.
  • Bought my deluxe t-tax at Staples and loaded on hard drive.   Will not automatically update in turbotax as advertised.
  • I can not get my online itsdeductible to download into my turbotax.  I do not want to manually reload all of these deductions, can anybody advise?
  • Me too.  It's really strange, I have Turbotax Premier, It's got a section to import from it's deductible online - when I click on yes it goes to the import from quicken screen.  Never had an issue in the past, not sure why there is a problem this year.
  • It didn't work for me the first time either.   So I logged on to  Itsdeductible,  stayed logged in, and then went back to turbotax and imported.   It worked just fine then.
  • It's not working on my Deluxe version for 2010 on PC either.  Keeps redirecting me to sign into
  • I also have been trying to import my It's Deductable into my Turbo Tax Deluxe. Tried staying logged in  then tried again to import. A box keeps coming up that says " It's Deductable Online is not available at this time. Please try again later" "If this problem persists contact It's Deductable Online for additional information" . This is the only thing I have left to complete my taxes. What are we supposed to do?
  • i'm having the same problem -- no 2009 data. donations I've been entering throughout 2010 aren't here!! what a mess.
  • I entered all of my contributions in 2010 and now they are showing in 2009...any suggestions?
  • I think "dstty" broke the code!  

        * dstty
        * commented

    It didn't work for me the first time either. So I logged on to Itsdeductible, stayed logged in, and then went back to turbotax and imported. It worked just fine then.

    ( Commented yesterday 12:08 PM

    Log on to the online ItsDeductable.  Stay logged on.   Go to TurboTax and import.
Make sure your internet connection is configured correctly
  • I am trying to import its deductable into my turbo tax, and it keeps telling me my user id does not exist.... how comforting.
  • Ok so I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem!  I am on a Mac as well, and when I try to import from itsdeductible it tells me invalid username or password, which is odd b/c I'm logged in now just fine.  I have reset my password I think 5 times now trying to figure this out.
    I've tried uploading both logged in to itsdeductible and logged out of itsdeductible.

    Is this just a Mac thing or are PC users have the same problem?
  • I'm using a PC with Windows 7 and am having the same problem.. TT will not update the changes I make in It's Deductible.  This is terrible!  C'mon Intuit, it's almost March!!!
  • Same problem here.  Filled it out in Its Deductible but it will not come over to Turbotax.
  • I'm another Quicken 2010 user, TT for windows and Its Deductible online user who can't import ID data to TT 2010. Same problem as others--directs me to my Quicken program. Gotta be a bug in the software. :-(
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