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IRS Direct Deposit Dates: Wednesday's or Friday's? I'm confused.

I see many people posting their DD dates on Wednesday and some on Friday.  Which does IRS actually send direct deposit.  Mine says by Feb. 1, 2012.  Does that mean on that day or the 27th, which is the Friday before the 1st of Feb?  I am having the fees taken out of my refund to the site is saying I should have my refund on Feb. 1 whereas the Where's my refund on IRS site is showing Feb. 7.  What is going on?
  • Where's my refund has updated mine and told me I should have my deposit on 1/24 which is a Tuesday...the bank had said 1/25. I would go by whatever is on Wheres MY REfund because that info is actually from the IRS
  • @amanda.  The WMR is telling me I should have it 'by' FEb. 7.  My return was accepted on jan 18, about 630pm est.
From my understanding, The IRS is using a new system to process returns and refunds called MeF. This new system gives the IRS the ability to make deposits on any day of the week rather than being restricted to only Fridays.
The date on the IRS where's my refund is a padded date. Pretty much they added 3-5 days for your bank to post it to your account in hopes of stopping premature calls into the IRS. That is why it says you should have your refund BY a certain date.
Hope this helps :-)
  • Mine too says Feb 1, and the IRS says should have it by Feb 7. I was really worried thought maybe I was the only one, my acceptance date was 18th around 7pm.
  • @igemini.  mine was accepted around the same time.  The acceptance date is not the irs' fault it's tt.  I submitted my taxes on jan 16 but they didn't send them to the governement until jan 18.  The way to check that is to go to 'file', then go down to 'electronic filing', then hit 'show electronic filing history' then you will see turbotax is not the same as it use to be.  tt is who has caused everyone this trouble, not the IRS.
  • Just to add to conversation, I called the Irs to make sure what I was reading is correct and the "nice" lady that I spoke to told me that she can't even find my return... but i have a date on the wmr and on the bank site and also have confirmation from tt that my return was accepted so what is going on at the irs?hmmmm....
  • the irs is allll screwed up this year.plz dnt take it out on tt...but i know for sure there is a new system and they do it everyday..not on just monday and friday...if its dd u could recive ur money anywhere from 4-14 days...but most likely it will come right on time...they also keep switching days ..go by what wmr says..and u got ur answer...just dnt check to much cuz they will lock u out...