tt/tax says refund march 4, wheres my refund says feb 24,25th

  • Well I just checked my and its says I should receive my refund my march 1 and  tt/tax says march 4 something isn't right at all
  • TT goes by the IRS cycle chart as to when your return was accepted. It does not go by your specific information. Where's my refund is a little better. Not sure why it would say 24th, 25th, normally they give a Tue. date, although they actually release the funds and deposit them at your bank the Friday before. My experience is if your return has been accepted and no errors have been found your "Where's my refund," should change on Wed/Thursday stating basically that it is scheduled and will be deposited by X date. They release the funds on a Friday, but your bank has until Tue to credit it to your account.
  • tt says march 4 wheres my refund says feb 24....i hope its feb 24
  • Turbo Tax also said my refund date is march the 4th, however, on the IRS website it clearly states March 1st  which is next Tuesday. Therefore, if everyone is right I am looking for my refund on Friday February the 25th.
  • mine says march 4 as well,but irs says by march 1st. it will probably be on fed 25. irs will update wmr wed. it should say it will be deposited in my account feb 25. it looks like they are trying to speed up refunds since they were so behind a week ago.
  • I checked wmr and it changed from expected by March 1.  It says to expect direct deposit on this Friday (25th).  I will let you all know if I receive it then.
  • As I eluded to this question yesterday my information stated the same as redass Turbo Tax stated March the 4th and The IRS stated March the 4th. i woke up to good news this morning as the IRS "where is my refund" has changed to "my deposit is to made on Feb. 25th." Now that news was better this morning than a cup of starbucks cause it woke me right up. Hopefully you will get the same message this morning and both our waits are finally over. Oh I almost forgot I still have to wait for the deposit to my bank.
  • Mine still says feb 24 (Thursday) and TT says march 4th
  • I just checked wmr and it said dd on 28 said 4 return was accepted late day on the 17th Feb after the cut off for dd of 25 feb...anyone else getting a 28 Feb date?
  • cookie good luck mine changed from this frid to the 8th now this is total bs three days before i am to receive it and now its not coming NICE
The IRS sends all refunds on Fridays. DD or Check. If your Federal tax return was accepted by the IRS between 2/10-2/17 by 11am then you should receive your DD on 2/25. If it was accepted after 11am 2/17-2/24 then you will get your DD on 3/4. Now the IRS states it can take a few days for banks to process your deposit. They send it to your bank on the date they specify. Depending on how you're getting your refund. I hope this helps. :-D Good Luck!
  • This is not true cause i was just on the phone with the irs and they told me that they send deposit's every day.
IRS website updates on wed , TT an sbbt had our date 2/25 irs had 3/1 when I checked it today IRs website also now states 2/25 with a if you do not recieved date of 3/2
  • Got mine today 8:00 am est
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