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Why did my refund amount change after I filed my state return by mail?

I was checking the status of my federal return on Turbo tax and my state refund increased $280. Do iI need to file an amended return or will the state send me the new amount since my refund has not been processed. I don't know what changed to cause the increase.
  • This is on a NC tax return I forgot to state this in my question.
Sometimes the State will note an error and send the  increased amount.
Then you don't have to do anything and they will send you a letter with a reason for the change.
(unless you want to challenge them for giving you too much.)

If you printed, or saved a copy to PDF when you first printed out your NC tax return...That copy hasn't changed, just give it a new name (Init_NC_TAxReturn.pdf) to prevent an overwrite,

Only then, print out the "new" tax return and compare them line-by=line to see what changed.  Could just be a software update error (there were NC updates on 1/22 and 2/8).  If you find the error, and NC doesn't refund you the extra automatically...after the refund comes and yoou know what it is, only then consider doing an NC amendment.

I always tell people to never file before 1 March.  Let all the software bugs be worked out on someone else's tax return.

(EDITED IN LATER.  Read the Following Post:
    TT also changed my return after mine was submittted.  TT indicated that their software was ready even though the IRS was not ready with their programming changes.  In true fact, TT had some States that still had to be modified.  TT went ahead and submitted State returns, then made changes such as adding the College deductions, which will enable you to receive more money back on your State return.  After you receive your State money back, you will have to now amend your State return by paper to claim the deductions and receive the difference owed (thanks TT).  The big concern would be for those who don't look and see if they are due a bigger return in TT, will not ever receive those funds back from the State, as the State is giving refunds, and not questioning any differences due back to individuals.  TT is not notifying anyone that changes were made from the time that you submitted your return and that they made changes.  From my perspective, this is not cool whatsoever....Hope this helps!
    • I've already filed and got my state refund back. But I just logged on to print myself a copy and it decreased my refund amount by $150. I don't get it.

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