how long after my nc return is accepted is it taking to get a refund. i saw a refund cycle sheet on turbo tax when i filed amd it said if accepted by the 26th i would have a check on the 4th. does anyone know if that sheet is correct

    The refund schedule you saw is likely for the Federal IRS. States generally do not publish a schedule for distribution of refunds. But many states have a web site where you can find information about your return. North Carolina's can be found here
    • The frustrating thing about the NC DOR - I received word from TurboTax that NC accepted my state return yesterday, so I called (after searching FOREVER to find the DOR phone number) today and they said it takes 3-5 days after filing before they have any information at all. How is it possible that they can confirm to TurboTax acceptance of the return but not update their own records for several days???
    • my friend got her refund in her bank account yesterday so i went to the nc website today to see about mine, it says it has been received but still being processed...  i efiled mine on 1/29 and she didnt do hers until 1/31...  makes no sense
    • I filed my NC State taxes on 1/27.  Everytime I go to the site it is telling me that I am inputting the wrong SSN.  I have not received anything except that it was excepted by Turbotax.
    turbo tax,, and n.c.  state  suxx,,, this year,, if the state is broke,, maybe they need to look into , doing away with taxes all together,, since they cant seem to give us whats owed us,,  hey i bet they dint wait on their fat paychecks each week though
    • I dont know about the list but. I know I'm tired of of the website for nc and the people telling us 45days.... Well its been 45 days. People that have filed after us already have theirs and theirs is way more than ours.. Dont know what nc's problems is. Nc is one of the highest taxed states inthe country.. So where is the money????
    • why would this website say that my refund has been issued to my bank already, and should be processed within 10 days if its been waaaaay longer than that, I have kept an eye on my bank account and have received nothing! how do I find my money, is there a number i can call to talk to a live person?
    • I filled the 13th of April and the next day I got the email from Turbo Tax saying NC had accepted. I still haven't received my refund and today is May 7th. Just checked on my refund at the NC site and it says it could take up to 45 days. That does suck. I really need the money now.
    • Okay March 1st I filed electronically my Federal, my VA state and my NC state.  I have already rec'd my Federal (10 days) VA ( 15 days)  BUT NO NC STATE YET.  I called the NC number and talked to a lady there who stated they are running way behind on refunds but that mine had been rec'd and was awaiting processing.  SO now its been 26 days since I filed electronically and it still has not been processed.  WHAT THE H--ll.  I thought the whole idea was to file electronically and get a quicker refund...I mean that is why WE PAID to file electronically was for the easy Quick refund right???  Well there seems to be nothing QUICK or EASY about NC when it comes to taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Today's News & Observer.

      NC expects to get out refunds within 45 days of sucessful e-file.  
      EXCEPT for those it pulls for review, for any reason.  
      Current experience for taxpayers has been all over the map, timewise.
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