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Its been a few years since I used tt. The last time i used tt. I chose to have my refund dd. into my account and my refund had to go to meta bank first for whatever reason idk. It was a big headache. Do they still do that or will it be dd.  into my account by tt.
    TurboTax still offers the option to pay for the TurboTax fees as a deduction from your refund amounts.  If you choose to pay for TurboTax using that manner of payment, then it will go through similar routes as the one you remember.  The bank names have changed (currently University National Bank of St. Paul, MN), but it is still the same process.

    To avoid the refund transfer and the additional $29.95 fee associated with this form of payment for your TurboTax fees, then use a credit card payment instead.  Just be sure that you carefully read through the payment options presented to you toward the end of your tax preparation.  If you are planning to use a credit card for payment of the TT fees and direct deposit to your bank account, then you can say "no" to agreeing to see all options for payment at the end of tax preparation screens.  All that does is allow for you to go through the steps for refund transfer payment options and a few others.

    You can have your refund direct deposited without using the refund transfer option to pay for TT fees; just be sure that you select you are paying with your credit card.

    Your current version of TurboTax shows as Deluxe online, and that is one of the paid versions of TurboTax.  If you choose to use the program to prepare your state taxes as well, there is an additional fee for state tax preparation in the online version.

    For information about refund transfer options:
        Both H&R Block and Turbotax offer the opportunity, at outrageous cost, for a tax filer to use a selected bank who pays the fee for use of the product. I think each company, H&R and TurboTax, or the respective bank, charge $30.

        As said, it is an outrageous cost and you can avoid it simply by buying at a convenience store or CVS or Walgrens a prepaid debit card and using that to pay for TurboTax. The result is that instead of costing you $30 it only costs you $2 or $3

        Oh, and by the way, using the bank to pay your fee may well delay your refund by the extra time involved in having the bank accept the agreement to pay and then pay your fee.

        For example, if their refund is $1,000.
        The IRS would get it to them within 2 weeks of their submitting their eFile in all likelihood and possibly sooner.
        So we are talking a 2 week loan ]1/26 of a year].

        $30/$1,000 = 0.03 * 26 weeks = That is 78% SIMPLE INTEREST ANNUALIZED

        A Mafioso would be proud!