Why i received just half of my refund?

hi, i just wanna ask some1,,
i received my refund on feb 1. and it show only less than half of it.
i already cantact the IRS and they say i dont owe them anything
can some1 give me the turbotax number? not the coz that's sux,  and i wanna talk to a real person.
send me e-mail please..
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    I'm sorry but no one at Turbotax can give you any information about your refund amount.  Only the IRS knows why they changed the amount.  They may have changed something on your return and will send you a letter within 2 weeks detailing the changes.  Sometimes they withhold a porion of your refund that came from a credit like EIC and will send you a letter asking for more detail.  Wait a couple days and call the IRS back again and they may show a letter being sent to you.
    • i called out the IRS yesterday,, and they said, that they been released an amount $1112 federal + $190 state
      total is $1,302

      and i ask them if i owe them any thing, and they say nothing.
      and i ask them where the problems coming from... they said its from my tax preparer which is turbotax.
      and i called the turbotax customer service,, i waited for 15 long mins for them to answer. my question.
      and i tell them that its not on the IRS. and the guy said, i must call the irs because the problem is not from turbotax.



      the total amount i recieved is $660
      lets say the total payments for using turbotax is 160.

      482 <<<<<<< this is the amount im missing

    I'm not sure what all those numbers are, but Turbotax has absolutely nothing to do with your refund.  We don't receive it and the IRS does not communicate anything about it to us.  Are youy sure you're just looking at your federal refund and not including the state?  There's also something wrong with what the IRS rep told you because they have nothing to do with your state refund.  That comes directly fromthe state.  The IRS doesn't "release" it anywhere
    • im just having problem getting the rest of my refund from federal.
      they say, ill get my money on feb 1 which i did.
      but the problem is, they only deposit half of it.
      is it there is just some delayed depositing my money to my turbotax card?

      thank you verry much
    • Check your return.  Maybe you put down to apply part of it to next year.  Check 1040 line 75 or 1040A line 44

      Also you get the federal and state refunds separately.  And we don't understand what your numbers are.
    • Same here Irs released 2900 to me turbo only deposited 1090 what the hell is going on.
    • I only received half of my refund today. What is going on?
    • I only got half as well. What is going on?
    Turbotax does not receive your refund at all.  If you had your fees withheld from your federal refund, call the bank that withdrew your fees before dpositing the balance in your account, but only after you've called the IRS.  You can find a contact number at sbbt.com.  If you diud not have your fees withheld from your refund, then the deposit info is only known byt he IRS and oyur own bacl.
    • The number for IRS on page 1 of my Turbotax return is an automated service and when it has finished its speil you get disconnected.
       I see a bunch or Turbotax users asking "why have I received only half of the tax refund my Turbotax return says I am going to get?" Don't say you dont know. Your program calculated the result. If your program is "100%" correct why am I not getting the 100% refund ?
      (personal info removed)
    • I only recieved half as well.  Turbo tax is full of shit.
    • My refund was deposited today and I was $4000 short.  This is some BS!!
    • It is NOT due to TurboTax ! The IRS is doing this to a lot of people I know. They only received half their refund that was deposited into their accounts. My cousin asked me about it so I've been looking everywhere for answers and it led me here. The IRS needs to put a notice out about this because no one knows why they are only receiving half their refunds at this time. Wth.
    that happen to me too!!!
      This happened to me too! My refund was $1898 shorter than what I expected. I called the irs and was told that my EIC credit was adjusted due to an error on my taxes. I did receive a letter in the mail about it and I had to call the irs to verify the information. Once I verified the info, a credit of $1898 was direct deposited into my account a few days later.
      • Where did you find the phone number? I don't know what number to call to get a hold of the irs
      • IRS 1-800-829-1040
      You will all receive letters from the IRS explaining the change they made.  Most likely they decided to withhold part of your refund for some kind of credit until you provide furtherr documentation to prove you are eligible for it.
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