itsdeductible online login problem

I have used itsdeductible for a few years now, including a lot of donation information for 2011.  But starting in November, 2011, I have been unable to login to itsdeductible.  I have tried several browsers (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome).  I have tried clearing cookies and cache.  I have reset my password.

But I still can't log in.  After I enter my name&password and click the "sign in" button, the page never changes...

Please, Intuit, you have my data, let me have access to it!!
  • Still no complete solution (I tried resetting my password twice).

    However, I was able to import the data into TurboTax.  So at least I could retrieve the data I had already entered into itsdeductible.

    The tech help basically gave up after that, there was no solution to accessing my itsdeductible online account from a browser.

    I suppose if I want to use it in the future, I'll have to make a new account....

    If anyone finds a solution, please post!
It sounds like a corrupt preference file. Recreating my preference file worked for me.

I'm working on a Mac so this is for all the Mac users. Go to user home folder/ library/ preferences/ Macromedia. Drag the Macromedia folder to the desktop. (Do not trash it at this point) and try logging in again. A new preference folder will automatically be created in your user library. If you are now able to log in you can put the old Macromedia folder in the trash.

Good luck!
  • fcwinkel,

    You got it!  Thank you so much, your solution enabled me to log in again (after four months of frustration).
    Indeed, sounds like a Flash problem - shame on Macromedia...
  • Grayed out (or gray film on) the login window after entering userid and password in both Firefox and Safari.

    Thanks to fcwinkel for showing the right direction!

    Trash just the

    ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/

    folder, if you want to save anything else that might be in ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/ .
  • Been searching for answer to this for a while. Thank you fcwinkel!! That solution worked. No wonder why Flash will be extinct soon!
  • To fcwinkel, this solution didn't work for me.  Any other thoughts?  Thank you.
  • I can't get in using Firefox, but did get access via Chrome.
  • I am having the exact same problem. I only tried IE and Firefox on Windows 7. I clear cookies, temp files, history. I had my password reset - twice.   Does anyone have a fix?  I try to login and the screen changes to a lighter shade and stays that way........
  • Thinking that I would abandon my account of the last number of years - I tried to create a new account using both Firefox and Internet Explorer - to no avail.  No one else is having this problem?
  • Cweber_QA labeled their comment above as an "ANSWER."  But Cweber_QA did NOT answer the question or solve the problem.

    Four2pool - I have seen this problem in lots of different forums - we are not the only ones having this trouble.  I've crawled through all the information I could find that claimed to have an "ANSWER" but none of it worked.

    I have given up and will never use its deductible online again.

    For folks who think "cloud computing" is a great idea...think again!  I know, that's a sweeping statement.  But we should not willingly give all our personal data to corporations, they are not responsible for maintaining the data or our access to it.  To say nothing of the security risks.
I have a workaround.  Install the ItsDeductible toolbar for your browser as an addon.  Then you can click "Total Donations" and be prompted to login, which bypasses the buggy default java script and gets you in.
  • BHirsch,
    Sounds like a viable solution.  But I am working on a Mac, I don't think IE works on Mac computers anymore.  I tried finding an its deductible toolbar for Firefox but without luck.
    Still searching for a solution to this problem...
The user id you selected is already used but the log in screen just locks up and doesn't tell you the problem. Try creating a new user id and try again.  It took me several times but once I had a unique id it let me in.
  • heepyjeepy,

    you said you created a new unique user id and then you could log in.

    but with a new user id, did you have access to all the data in the original account?  or did you have to start entering data from scratch?

    if you started from scratch, then this is no help, i want to access all the data already logged with my current user id.
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