phone Number...

I would like to talk to someone, is there a phone number I can call

To speak with someone at TurboTax Support:

1. Go to:
2. Click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page
3. Select a category and a subcategory
4. Scroll down and click on "Call Us."

That should give you the correct phone number for an agent that can help you.

For more help, visit:

Thanks for using TurboTax.
  • I tried this..  I don't even see a "call us"..  Can't someone just post the phone number?  this is really frustrating!
  • How the hell do you get a phone number!? This is definitely the most annoying thing about this program!
  • W--? I have spent the last hour trying to file with DELUX program....cant get a phone number to complete..I previously gave a #5 as a score...would like to retract to ZERO!  Shame on you all for such poor customer service..and yet...web proclaims such positive support. VERY DISAPPOINTED
  • Customer Service is (number removed)
    How to reach a live person:
    Keep pressing "#" when they request social security number. Took me 2 or 3 times before their system gave up and placed me in the queue to speak to a customer service rep.
    Hours of Operation:
    Mon-Sun: 5am-9pm PT

    Business Support is(number removed)
    How to reach a live person:
    You must have an incident ID number to call this phone number
  • Well, the Turbo Tax moderator removed the contact numbers I put on here. This WILL BE the very last year I ever use Turbo Tax - they are ridiculous. Do a Google search for their number and you will find it. It is pretty sad that you can only find their number on a different website than their own.
You can reach a phone number by following these instructions:

Make sure to scroll down after making a selection.

We do this so that your call is routed to the correct department so we can assist you better.

Hope this helps.
  • I have a phone number 1-888-777-3066.  I actually spoke to a person in very little time. Going to the website and searching does not help!.
there is a "call us" button, just have to take the extra 30 seconds to read and submit a catagory and sub-catagory request so that turbo tax can give you an incident number to make it easier.
  • It is really ridiculous that you have to go through so much trouble to get a phone number. They say click the contact us button but it never actually gives you a phone number. They must not care too much about their customers.
  • No telephone number!!!! Will not use this svs again. Customers have to tell other customers how to get support? How frustrating! Cannot find a review of my tax rtn ...I dont have a printer and cannot download PDF file. At least it shows rtn amt on Home Page but called IRS & they have no record.
  • I would like to downgrade from home business/personal to just personal. It was super easy to upgrade, but downgrading doesn't seem to be option, even after I've cleared my info (not happy about that!). And now I'm even more frustrated that I can't find some help anywhere! LIVE help doesn't mean searching through pages and pages and pages of questions!!! Seriously, TurboTax??
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