Schedule K-1

Turbo Tax is saying that I can't file my taxes until they access a copy of my schedule K-1 from the government.  This is holding up filing by 2 weeks.  I have a copy of the K-1, can I scan the form and attach it to speed up the process?
    No, it doesn't work like that.  The message you're seeing means that TurboTax hasn't yet been updated for the final form & instructions.  So, when you enter your K-1 information into the program, we need more time to make sure our calculations have been updated.
    • So I could have filled these forms out by hand and mailed them almost two weeks ago. If I have to wait two more weeks, I am saving no time.  Not only may this be the last year I use Turbo Tax, I am starting to wish I could have my $49 back.
    • I am in the same boat.  Luckily I have not paid turbo to file yet.  I am thinking I am going to take my paperwork to H&R or liberty tax and just get it done.  I will not use turbo tax again.
    • I've been using TT for years now, and am in the same situation.  I've just learned that they've extended incorporting the K-1 form again from 2/9-2/16!  Last year my taxes were held up for the same reason, the K-1 form was late.  Next year I think I'll go with another route rather than Turbo Tax.
    • I agree! I continually have this issue as well! No more tt for me
    • I just went over to TaxAct and did my taxes.  Not only could I submit my return, it was way cheaper than turbo tax.  The software over there is a little harder to use but for 24 dollars to do both federal and state and not having to wait, it was a no brainer.  Turbo tax lost my business.
    • I have checked with H & R Block and Hewlitt Packard.  H & R Block says 02-08 and Hewlitt Packard says 02-16.  I just called the IRS and of course they were no help whatsoever!!
    • TaxAct worked fine.... Federal has been accept and refund will be deposited on 2/15.... H&R had a waiting period.  That's why I went with TaxAct.  It was cheaper too!
    • I agree with these comments.  My return is ready to go and the K-1 is the last piece.  My accountant forwarded me the K-1 and I sat down to file my return  . . . and TurboRTax says I can't file for 2 weeks?????  That's absurd.  It will be a hassell switching to a different electronic tax filing software, but I guess I have no choice.
    • K-1 was available on on 11/16/2011.  The fault is totally with Turbo Tax, and their customer service is awful.  I will never use this product again.
    • The TurboTax software is to blame for the delay.  When I found out about it, I went to TaxAct and filed my taxes.  I just got my state refund and will get federal tonight.  It was cheaper too!  I am really mad about the delay with TurboTax.  I have been using them for years.  They lost my business and probably will not get it back.  TaxAct was MUCH cheaper.
    • I don't even have a K1 as my business closed last year, it's still asking me for one and holding up my filing..
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