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Questions about Minnesota M1PR form

Does the Minnesota M1PR (property tax refund) form get filed with a state return when it is e-filed? I know that I have to mail in the M1PR form with my CRP form separately to claim that refund, but I realized that I wanted to change how I receive my refund from direct deposit to a mailed check. Is there a way to change that after I have already filed?

(Keep in mind that I did not say I wanted to change how I received my INCOME TAX REFUND, only my PROPERTY TAX REFUND--if there was a function for us to underline or italicize words, I would've done that rather than capitalize them)
  • I have not been able to locate the answers to any part of my question elsewhere in the Turbo Tax Live Community archives...
Form M1PR cannot be e-filed using TurboTax and must be mailed.  It appears that the method for receiving your refund cannot be changed after Form M1PR has been filed.  (Of course, if the direct deposit fails due to incorrect routing or account numbers, closing of the account, or for some other reason, you will receive a paper check.)
  • TurboTaxEdS: I have not yet mailed my Form M1PR. So then I am to understand correctly I can still change from a direct deposit to a paper check for my property tax refund, or would that have no effect since my actual return has been filed (but not my M1PR form)?
  • If you haven't mailed your Form M1PR yet, then you can change from direct deposit to paper check. (The refund receipt choice for one return is independent of the other.)
  • TurboTaxEdS: Gotcha. Thanks, I appreciate it!