Has anyone got their refund for 2012 yet?

  • Nope, im still waiting on mine. But i know some people that got them yesterday
  • I was told from the jump i should receive my deposit by the 7th of feb. on the saint paul bank website they said going by the irs deposit chart they should receive my redund on the first, well its the fist and the irs has updated my account and they are now saying my expected dd date is the 3rd
  • Well mine was accepted on the 25th at 9:04 am so I should have got mine today, Feb 1st according to Turbo Tax and IRS website. Now the IRS is saying the 14th on the Where's My Refund link. I am not happy!
  • I filed on the 21st accepted the 22nd.  TT and the IRS spreadsheet for refunds said 2/1.  The WRM said in processing.  It has said this now for 10 days with no updates.  Date on WMR says 2/7.  I understand that TT is giving us all an estimated date of when we can receive our return. But on their website they advertise receive your refund within 7-10 days.  They should not say that because if it does not happen like this year they now look bad.  I paid TT fees and used their services for the first time this year and not happy.  I also chose to have my refund direct deposit into my bank. Not using the TT card or the SBBT bank system.  TT should refund everyone the fees they paid to have their taxes done.  Perhaps they should then have the IRS refund them. This is a joke.  Alot of people said that the if we owed the IRS money there would be no problem with the system working to retrieve their money on time and charging interest, etc.  TT representatives have not really even responded to all of these blogs I have been reading for weeks. That is very unprofessional.  And if they do respond it  the same thing.  They sound like a recording.  Noone wants to except responsibility for any of this that is going on.
  • We filed our taxes on the 25th of January and Turbo Tax said the estimated delivery date was 2/1/2012. Well here it is about 9 AM and we have NO tax money. We paid a 30.00 fee to do them thru turbo tax and also a bank processing fee for it to be direct deposited into or account. We understand that it was an estimate but now the IRS is saying we will get our return by the 7th of February. I think this is false advertisement about getting your refund faster because I could've went to a tax shop and got my taxes filled out and get them when they tell me I will....

    I am ssoooooooooooooooooo pissed at you all right now!!!!

    PS: before any smart elects say that maybe it was a problem with your tax return...nope spoke to them and they said all was good and to expect my refund by the 7th!!!
  • That is what I am saying. There is nothing wrong with my return neither.  TT should not give out dates at all.  They draw you in with lower fees and the 7-10 day time period.  I paid 60 and change because I had them do my state also.  They should be looking into every person who filed with them and having problems.  They should be contacting the IRS on all of our behalfs.  Not us wasting our time typing comments, reading blogs and calling the IRS.  What did I pay TT the fee for.  All they do is hit a button to send it to them anyway. This is ridiculous.  The WRM better update mine very soon.
  • Got mine a few days ago.
  • According to Turbotax they state "The IRS estimates that you can expect| your tax refund to be direct deposited into your account on or around| 02/01/2012. _THIS IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE.   TT can only go by the information the the IRS has given them per the 2012 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart for the Tax Year 2011.
  • I must be confused Ive been reading everyone is getting charged to have it direct deposited in  their own bank.  They never did that to me !  I went with the free edition and had the state added and only paid the price stated for doing the state ! I have not had a update on mine and I filed the 21st and accepted the 22nd ! DD suppose to be the 1st but has stated since I filed the 7th from the IRS !
  • No!!!  And I will not until February or so of 2013. Now, my refund for 2011 is in the works.
  • I havent got mine yet. It said that i would today. my son filed his three days after he filed mine and he got his today. whats up with that? they both said the first
  • My return was accepted on 1/21. The expected date of direct deposit refund was 2/1 for mine. I received mine on 1/30. Mine usually goes earlier than expected, but I always file as early as possible too before they get swarmed with everyone else's returns.
  • My Federal refund paperwork was accepted on January 24th.  I received my refund today, February 1st, as a direct deposit in my checking account.
  • NOT HAPPY! Turbo Tax shame on you for charging me over $100.00 and advertising a 7-10 day return. I filed on the 19th and still nothing. Of course the WMR website has changed from Feb. 3 to Feb. 7, as of this morning. TT will not be getting my return business next year. Overcharged and lied to. That is bad business!
  • It's not turbo tax fault.  IRS has to be ready to accept returns, and it doesn't happen overnight.  Also if you go to a tax shop, they are just giving you a loan until they get paid from IRS.  Thats why its a rapid refund, and you pay more for that .  Be patient.  You shouldn't be counting on your tax return to pay bills or your rent.  It's found money.
The IRS is currently experiencing federal tax refund processing delays for some returns that are affecting all tax preparation methods, not just TurboTax.

The most up-to-date information is available through the IRS Get Refund Status tool, available 72 hours after your return is accepted by IRS.
    Understandable frustration caused by delay in payment, but you've got to remember to read the fine print. All Turbo Tax can really do is guess the refund return based on the average time it usually takes. Disclaimers are there for a purpose.
    • Wow y'all did get robbed. H&R block online only charged me $27.95 for federal and state e-file. I also ran my information thru both TT who I have used in the past and H&R who I have also used in the past. Thru H&R using the exact same numbers my refund was nearly $1000 more and the amount I had to pay in state taxes was exactly the same on both sites. Therefore, I deleted all my info out of TT and filed with H&R. They also sent out an email several days ago saying there were issues with the IRS whatever and that some refunds may be delayed. I chose to have my direct deposited in my bank account, I paid the fee up front. Still don't have my refund yet but I know it's coming soon. I filed on the 19th, it was accepted on the 20th and WMR always said refund will be in by 2/7. The refund schedule said 2/1 for my accepted date but anyway, glad I am not desperate for it like some of you are. There have been times in my life that I was very desperate for it so I know how you feel. Hope you all get your money very soon!!

      Oh and my kids filed the day before I did (the 18th, accepted on the 19th), they only worked part time and didn't make enough to have to file but I plugged their numbers in just to see what refund they would get and my sons was $300 and my daughters was $150 so of course they were like heck yeah I want that lol. I paid their filing fee up front and theirs is to be deposited into their bank accounts. They still don't have theirs either and both of them just filed single, no dependents, nothing that would cause them to be "flagged" such as HOH or EIC. The refund schedule for their dates said today but their WMR always said 2/7. My daughter received her $17 from the state the other day but my son hasnt' received his $11 state dollars yet lol.

      Anyway, hope you all get your money soon, and next year I would recommend using H&RB!
    • I was told that it depends on your filing status,Head of Household will be waiting 3 to 4 weeks to get their refund! Not happy,hopefully everyome gets their money soon! Mine is suppose to be there the 7th!
    I filed Head of Household on the 19th and my refund was DD'ed into my bank last night. I also have education credits (another audit flag) and I got mine before my kids who both filed 1040EZ single with no dependents.

    To nascarcutie who was asking about paying for direct deposit. I paid the $27.95 H&R charged to file my taxes up front (not taken out of my refund) is the only fee I paid is the filing fee, not a fee for direct deposit into my own bank account. Now some of these people may be paying a high fee to get their refund deposited onto a debit card thru some bank...whatever SSBT is (HUGE ripoff IMO) but just regular direct deposit into your own bank account...there is no fee.
    • I filed on Jan 23rd & was accepted the same day. However, did you guys know that when it says accepted, that just means the IRS (or State) has accepted your return as having no errors according to the information we inputed. They still have to process it (hence why the WMR website says processing) before releasing your funds. This is also the reason why refund amounts may change and etc. Think of processing as a mini-audit. Anyway, I filed HOH w/ dependants. I used TT free edition. No fees. WMR updated for me on Thursday, Feb 2nd stating that I would get my DD on the Feb 7th. On Friday, Feb 3rd, I called my bank & they verified if they had a deposit for me. They said they did, verified who it was from & how much it is. They also said they would post it to my account on Monday, Feb 6th. I have never used any other method then DD into my own account so I'm unaware of any fees that would need to be paid for that particular action. However, my advice is to just call your bank, if you can & find out if they see a pending deposit. That is the ONLY sure way to know. Yes, you can go by the estimated dates on the WMR website but even the IRS tells you to check with your bank before calling them. In my case, the IRS actually released my money to my bank on Fri, Feb 3rd but the bank isn't going to post if until the 6th. Ironically, I split my refund up into two banking accounts and although both banks saw the deposit on Fri, Feb 3rd and could tell me the exact amount and who the deposit was from, one of the banks actually did say they will post it on Tues, Feb 7th. LOL. My point is, yes, the IRS can be a pain to deal with and everyone wants their money immediately but there are other institutions involved in the process. Should I be pissed at the IRS for releasing my money to the banks although I haven't gotten the deposit yet or should I be pissed at my banks for holding onto my money until the 6th/7th? The answer is neither. I know my money is coming and I will get it on the date the IRS said, regardless of anything else. I just thank God that I have a refund coming. Keep your head up guys  I pray everyone gets their deposit soon.
    • Boy, you all need to unbunch your panties! With all the new tax laws changing daily, some online filers may not have all software ready to go yet by the time some of you 'early birds' want to file. Would you rather go back to the paper checks with NO confirmation that had you waiting 6-8 weeks? They serve millions of people and you don't get your money on the exact day they projected? Take a breath and be patient....
    • I have to say that I totally understand everyones frustration. Times are tuff right now and everyone is struggling. If they are going to give a date that the refund will be deposited then they should deposit it on that date. Maybe the IRS should not put charts out there that state one thing and then do another. I think if they right from the start said it will take 10-21 days then there wouldnt be so many upset ppl. I am waiting as well, WMR says deposit by the 28th of feb. my taxes were accepted on the 6th and by the IRS chart I should have a deposit by the 15th, but it does not look like that is going to happen. :(
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