How do I downgrade to Basic?

This year I don't have any investments to report.  I want to downgrade to Turbotax Basic.  How do I do it?

Also, I thought it was free to file Federal, now it says it will cost $20.  What's the deal?

Why can't I log in for days at a time?

How do I delete absolutely all of my information from Turbotax and start over?
    Are you using the Basic version of TurboTax Online? If so, the Basic version of TurboTax Online is not free.

    To determine the version of TurboTax Online you're using, look to the top of the TurboTax Online screen.

    To use a less expensive version of TurboTax Online, like the Free Edition, you can create a new TurboTax Online user account and start over or contact TurboTax Support. To contact TurboTax Support, go here to receive a phone number or chat:
    • It does not look good for a company to disallow the option of downgrading an account when it has no trouble at all allowing you to upgrade at any point. If I am forced to set up a new account and password anyway, then I might as well shop around while I'm at it. Bad business or or bad design - same end result.
    • Ummmm NO, your advertisment said free Federal.  I have worked on the for two days and now your telling me it isn't!!??!   And then no phone number, or if there is, it is impossible to find on your website puzzle maze.... Definately shady tactics....  Your greed has lost you the 2 $39.95 fees for my state taxes..  Lost my business for sure.
    • This is ridiculous!  It stuffs the 'deluxe upgrades' down your throat, and then when you find out that it doesn't improve your ax refund, it is virtually impossible to downgrade back to basic.  If I have to completely start over and make a new ID and everything anyway, I mind as well just use another service that isn't so damn shady in the way they handle things, whether online or at a local service.
    • I was annoyed to have started the deluxe service only to find that a basic version was available - just hidden.  My taxes are beyond simple, and I really could just use the free edition.  I was even willing to pay the fee for the basic over the free if just to keep all my tax records in one place.  But to have to jump through hoops to do it? No thank you.  Since I have to start entirely over anyway I will be starting over elsewhere.
    • I agree. Same thing happened to me. I can find help with how to upgrade, no problem, but downgrading is nowhere to be found. Seems like the extra $15 they are trying to make is not worth all of the people who will go elsewhere and not return to use this service. I am still looking for an answer
    • Have any of you been responded to by a professional or been successful downgrading to the free version?
    • I agree, very annoying.
    • It would be a token of customer appreciation to make it simple to switch back to free if you accidentally clicked through to basic. I'll not be using your service this year because of this annoyance.
    • Really shady. Last time I'll use TT. I never used the Deluxe version of your program. You lost me as a customer.
    • It's not that bad! Just don't accept the upgrade
    • Indeed, there should Definitely be an option to allow downgrading. They promise to maximize your deductions and, when they find nothing, make it impossible for you to return to the basic file where you were. TuboTax.. You've lost my business completely. I have been using you for a decade and pointed many friends their way. Never again. A waste of several hours.
    • I clicked on Home and Business by accident, and now I'm stuck!!!  No option to contact you on the weekends?  That's when working people have time to work on taxes!  Frustrating just to get started because of this.  This has forced me to not use Turbo Tax going forward.
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