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can i claim registration fee and tax fees on my car

    Before we spend too much time on this, do you own a house with a mortage and pay mortgage interest and real estate taxes? If not you probably don't have enough deductions to itemize deductions and therefore don't need to enter the taxes on your car.

    If you do itemize, you need to find out what portion if any of the taxes in Kentucky are based on the value of the car. TurboTax may help you with this. I live in a state where none of it is deducted so I don't know how much TurboTax helps. Click on Tools then Topic Search. Type car tags in the search box and click on matching words in the drop down box and click Go.

    Sorry I can't be more help.
    • thank you. I will do that
    You can claim the portion of registration fees and taxes that are based on the value of the car as an itemized deduction on your tax return. In some states none of the fees are based on the value.
    • my value of car was 19,150.
      I paid 236.04 for tax and then 21 for reg fee. Do i claim the whole 257.04 or just the 21. I am in kentucky. soooo confused.
    For Kentucky:

    "You cannot claim the registration fee, but you can claim the vehicle property tax as a tax deduction."