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I amended my return 6-8 weeks ago and still have not received my additional federal and state refunds.  I thought they were supposed to be direct deposited just as my original refunds were.  I keep checking my efile status and it says accepted for both.  I can't go to because that site ony has my original refund amounts, not including the additional amount from the amended returns.  Please help.
    "I thought they were supposed to be direct deposited just as my original refunds were."

    The IRS does not direct deposit refunds.  They pay refunds on amended returns only by issuance of a paper check.

    It concerns me that you indicate "I keep checking my e-file status."  Amended returns cannot be e-filed.  They can only be printed and sent in on paper.  If you haven't done that, you haven't yet filed an amended return.  Also, the IRS does not have an on-line system for checking on the status of an amended return. To determine the status, you would need to contact them at 800 829 1040.
    • Also be aware that it takes the IRS 8-12 weeks to process an amended return, perhaps longer at this time of year.
    • what do you mean they don't efile amended returns ,turbo tax indicated they did efile my return
    If Turbotax indicated you e-filed your return, it was referring to your original return.  The IRS will not accept an e-filed amended return.
    • Turbo tax lets you set up your amended return, but you still have to print out the completed form.   they aren't efiled. .. you will have to print and send them and wait 8-12 weeks
    Its not going to take as long as it say, i filed my amended taxes on 3/03/2011, and i recieved my refund last friday but you can call irs and they will tell you the exact day to expect your refund.
      spenske -

      TurboTax does NOT allow amended returnes to be e-filed.  It is not possible to e-file an amended return - the IRS would not accept it so TT can not do it..  A amended return is a 1040X - only an 1040 can be e-filed.

      If you e-filed and it was accepted, then it was not a 1040X (amended return) that you filed.

      The first page of the amendment process states that you can only print and mail an amended return.
      • I also am receiving a message that my Amended 2010 return has been successfully e-filed.  (This message was not about my original return, as it has calculated a different amount for a refund.)  However, I did read elsewhere in Turbo Tax that Amended tax returns had to be mailed.  Turbo tax needs to change something, as obviously this has confused many persons.
      • I filed an amended return and they got it on Feb 17,2011 I am still waiting on my return.  After calling the irs over and over again and them telling me it had been processed and approved and I should be getting my money any time.  Then all of a sudden they send me a paper saying my return had not been signed which is bull cause I had copies of what I sent and it was signed so we had to send in the deceleration page signed now have to wait another 8-12 weeks.  I personally think they just drag their feet but I would call every week.  Also someone above said they do not direct deposit amended tax returns that is bull cause the irs had me sign a form to have it direct deposited and I verified with them and they said they defiantly do direct deposit amended returns.
      • I did everything the correct way. I amended my return for my school monies and I was expected an additional refun of $1000. I sent the paperwork in and the IRS sent it back stating they dont have enough information. I am now taking them to h and r block who is going to help me for $90. grrr. Plus turbo tax said it wouldnt affect my state return and the lady at h and r block told me it should. What the heck?
      • I only filed an amended CA State Tax return, and not a Federal... how can I check the status of my amended CA State Tax return? TT said it would take up to 6-8 weeks, which it now has been and more. I just need some sort of a point-of-contact to check in with on the status of my return since I am now worried that they may have never received it. Please help with any info that you may have on this. Thank you.
      I just got off the phone with the IRS after waiting for over 10 weeks for monies due from an amended tax return I submitted through Turbo Tax back in February.  I was told that the IRS does not process amended returns that have been e-filed.  The person at the IRS I spoke to researched my record and found nothing other than my original filing, even though I received a confirmation from Turbo Tax that the IRS had accepted it in late February.  She said I must mail it in and it will take up to 12 weeks for a check to be issued if a refund is due.
        The IRS does not reject amended tax forms 1040X which must be printed and mailed.
        • I'm mad too.  Turbo Tax should not allow the amended taxes to be efiled.  I have a paper saying that it has been efiled.  I'm not happy with the way Turbo Tax's system is set up.  I've been waiting and waiting.
        On one of the first screens you see when you begin to amend a return there is a sentence in the middle of the screen that says: Note: Amended returns can't be e-filed. They need to be filed the old-school way - by mail.
        • I certainly feel your pain YGFISH3. I,too, did an amended return this year to claim my school fees and additional deductions only to find out after waiting 8 whole weeks it'd never been processed by the IRS. I was going on the assumption that since the turbo tax software indicated it was received and estimated my amended additional funds to be $1936 that it would be electronically deposited. Well, truth of the matter is I had to go back and reprint the amended paperwork, send ALL supporting documents, and wait another 8 to 12 weeks for money I desperately need NOW! I am unemployed and this couldn't have happened at a worse time.
        • I also filed for an amendment and I've mailed everything in around 8 weeks ago and no check from IRS.  I've mailed mine in back on 02/16/2011 and for me not to receive a check is a bit weird.  I am worried that IRS has rejected turbotax's amendment form.  Some of my friends who uses turbotax and actually had amended their returns are having the same issues.
        • I am having the same issurs w/ tt...JUST  FOUND OUT YESTERDAY  waiting 9 weeks that IRS rejected my Turbo amendment tax...i am uemployed at this time i am very  desperate right now TT to help me out of THERE MESS..sorry i EVER went with TURBO TAX......NEVER NEVER AGAIN!! and ill make sure i will tell EVERY ONE I MET THE SAME THING..STAY AWAY FROM TURBO TAX
        need A COPY OF MY 2010
          Go to and click Contact Us at the top of the screen to see your options
          • I filed my return at the end of Feb. beginning of March and just received mine today via paper check! My amount was almost 300 less than what was quoted to me from turbo tax so beware!
          If the IRS adjusted your refund they will send a letter within two weeks explaining why.
          • Well, I have used turbo tax for 5 years now, and i will not ever use them again, they messed up on my submission to the irs and it took me over 2 months for my refund check to get to was a nightmare, and all i ever got from turbo tax was lies, that it was on its way anyday, and i also got hung up on several different times, they surely do suck this year!   I have lost my car during the wait and got my phone disconnected and it was a living nightmare~!!!!!  Good luck guys on getting ur money when they say, best bet is to get on the irs website and see when they say its due and thats the date you bank on, not when turbotax says....they have decieved ,me and let me down big time!
          • I just got my amended return refund and it took 8 weeks  give or take a day or 2,I had forgotten about it and thought it will be be returned with certain questions and ask me to send an amended , amended return . Listen this is govt ,your dealing with ,customer service is a lost trait.Being on government payrolls is something that provides job security a good salary and benfits most people would love to have ,but problem being
          • i have a print out copy from TT saying MY AMENDED return will be direct deposited in sosoo acct  & sso it WILL be direct TO YOUR Turbo tax card i have the paper fr TT..TTC told me IRS does NOT know WHAT thet are talking IRS said they NEVER direct deposited amended refund ONLY PAPER cks so here why iam sooooo mad at TT, 9 weeks of waiting i call IRS  AGAIN because of TT,i am HAVING TO TO GO THRU IT ALL OVER AGAIN...YOU GUYS NEED TO GET YOU $!$T FIXS???????????
          • I amended my return Feb. 21 and I still have received that refund yet.  How much longer do I have to wait???
          • BH28 - Amended returns usually take 8-12 weeks, but the IRS has pushed it out even further due to a large backlog.
          • I amended my return and mailed it March 18th. I recieved my payment in full Yesterday, May 16. I used all the forms from turbo tax and didnt have any issues.
          • I amended my 2009 federal tax return used turbo tax 2009 edition signed all papers and mailed regular mail got mine today it took about 6 weeks. no issues
          • IRS info on Amending. Note the 3rd dot that says…..
            "An amended tax return cannot be filed electronically under the e-file system."

            The IRS only sends checks for refunds.  See the very bottom of page 10 of the IRS 1040X instructions….
          SillySly -

          CA has a web page to check on refund status but I do not think it will work for amend returns because they must be hand processed.   There are telephone numbers listed that you probably will need to call to get a status.

          • What number can I call and actually speak with a LIVE person about my ammendment?  I call the 800 number and can never get through to anyone.