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Can I file married and jointly in my federal tax return and file married but separately in my MA state return? Is turbotax system supporting this?

The reason is I only have foreign earned income and only stay in MA for 29 days in 2010 and my wife has only MA earned income and stay in MA and our children for the whole year in MA. If I declared as MA resident and filed jointly in MA state return, there is no foreign earned exclusion and neither foreign tax paid credit available. As a result of this, I need to pay a great sum of tax while my federal tax return is tax refund status.
When I select non resident in MA state tax return, look like my wife resident status also change to non resident of MA and her income does not enjoy any credit and deduction which supposed she is entitled. And because of this, we pay tax even it is much smaller than if we filed as resident of MA.
To solve the above situation, look like  we need to file married but separately in MA tax return and I am not sure is turbotax system support this and if yes, how do I proceed? Or we just pay MA tax and my wife also becomes non resident in MA in the tax return, I am not sure, how it will be affected in future.
    Please see the link in you previous question.
    You will need the desktop version.
    Also, did you call MA DOR to clarify your residency status?
    • hi - bine22, I did not call DOR to clarify as I stayed overseas and it is very difficult to call them overseas and I try to e-mail my question to them, their website for question is not working. thanks for your comment, I will try the desktop function and will check again the previous answer how to do it.
    • I have problems in downloading the turbotax software for separating my State return with my wife, to avoid the further delay can I just wrap up the state tax return in the turbotax online and pay MA tax and my wife residency status also becomes non resident in MA in the tax return, I am not sure, how it will be affected in future.
    No, you cannot do that. You wife needs to file a resident return if she lives in MA. Why do thou ask you wife to call DOR and buy the software?
    • To file separately or jointly, that is the question. The answer is that it depends, because there are drawbacks and benefits of each. <a title="Newlyweds of 2011 have to weigh filing separately or jointly" href="">Newlyweds of 2011 have to weigh filing separately or jointly.</a> But it is almost always better off filing jointly. You can calculate your taxes both ways to see which way comes out better for you.
    Goldkey/Guillermo: please note that you are answering to a question that is one year old and there are several other issues that need to be considered (see the askers other questions)
      i would think that wife filing seperately and as a MA full year resident. I would even check to see if she would qualify to file HH?