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Cant move turbotax files from old computer to new one.

I have always used turbotax deluxe issue. When I purchased turbotax this year, it would not install on my old computer because it does not have SP3. I cannot install SP3 on my old computer. I purchased a new computer with WINDOWS 7 and installed the new turbotax. How do I get my old TURBOTAX files from the old computer over to the new computer. I put the entire TURBOTAX folder on a flashdrive, but it would not pick it up. What do I need to do , to get the new computer to pick up the last years turbotax from theold computer?
    If you moved the whole Turbo Tax folder then you should have everything you need.  You moved the one under My Documents, right?  Not the program folder.  To transfer to 2011 you only need the .tax2010 file.  Did you copy the flash drive to the new computer?  Make a note where to copied it to so you can find it when you start your 2011 return.  Or search your new computer's hard drive for all files ending in .tax or .tax2010.

    You first start a new 2011 return and if it finds your 2010 files it should ask if you want to transfer it.  If it doesn't find your files look for a button to either Find a Tax File or Browse Files.