Illinois Refund Status

Has anyone received their Illinois State refund yet?  My return was accepted 1/31/12 and have had no update on my refund.  Just curious if anyone has had any luck with Illinois.  Thanks.
    Nope I was told my federal by 2/14. Here is the Illinois Refund website and you can check the status. Hope it helps. It told me mines was recieved and being processed and should be received in a week of filng.
    • My IL state return was accepted on 1/24/12. This is the only status I get...

      We have received your return and it is being processed. Unless we find mistakes or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund in about 1 week if you filed electronically. If you filed a paper return, please allow as long as 15 weeks.
    • Thats the it says when I look on that website. I do not understand.
    • It's Illinois we're talking about. They got their money from us so what's the rush? They can't even give us an indication as to when to expect our refunds aka tax over payments. "You should receive your refund in about 1 week if you filed electronically" thats such BS! I'm going on 3 weeks. Better hurry & file your IL state taxes before our politicians steal, skim & scam that from us too. You watch! They'll claim IL is too broke so checks will be delayed...again. Not to go on an IL political rant but personally I'm sick of them embaressing us Illinois citizens with their greed & shame, then making us constantly bail them out. Time to think about relocating to a less corrupt state.
    • Yes I called the about the Illinois Refund and guess what they being processed. The person I spoke with not trying  to give no information out. You should recieve them soon. This has been the most stressed out tax year ever because there are so many problems with returns and no one has an answer. Im being patient. My son turned 19 today and I wanted to do something special for him but since the federal or state has not come in, I can not do what I planned for his birthday.
    • My stsatus changed (from - see above.)...

      Your return has been processed; however a date for your refund has not been determined. If you filed electronically please check back with us in a few days. However, if you mailed your return, please check back in two weeks.
    • Yeah we are all waiting for the government to get off their fingers for a change and stop enjoying themselves when they should be issuing our refunds to us. We need them to survive and to get our bills paid. Yet another deploy to suck us dry until we just give in and take it up the rear. O'stupid bama gives it to us dry so why not Quinn as well? They are both from Illinois and both have NO CLUE as to what poverty is really like. Oh wait, they are changing us all to it for the past 3 years so far. Someone needs to kick both these a$$holes out of office and get someone with a brain in there to change this state and country around. The IRS isn't sending out refunds and now Illinois has no clue as to how to send money out when the state is bankrupt as it is. Good luck on getting your refunds, cause I have been waiting for 2 months now and still NO change in status. Everything was efiled and accepted back in mid January. By the time it arrives, I might as well camp out in the yard cause that refund was to get me current on my bills so I can stay here. Oh well. Time to start thinking about moving out of this state for good. This state is turning into a dam joke and ghetto. People killing other people over chicken and sneakers? Now that's just plain stupid and can only be the work of the Obama gang.
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