Why is my refund delayed

I was supposed to get my refund direct deposited on 02/04/2011. Now the IRS website says
"We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 22, 2011. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience."

Anyone know what's going on???
  • I got the same repsonse but mine said February 15th. I asked the same question.
  • I got that as well.  Then I got an email from TT that states they made an error with direct deposit this year.  I will be getting a paper check before 1/22. Crazy!!!
  • I received the vary same message but it also states that I will receive a check-I chose direct deposit. Turbo tax is a joke-I paid $86.00 for my filing-I am going back to taxslayer-never had a problem-i chose turbo last year and had problems-thought i'd try again-no more-im telling everyone to use another sit-very discouraged
  • The same thing here! I'm so upset... this is having a terrible domino effect in my family!! I have been a customer for over TEN years, and this has never happened! No direct deposit!? So I get to pay $100 to have it cashed!?!? (I was depositing on a Visa).

    I am fuuuuuming!
  • I just recieved an email from Turbo Tax telling me the same thing. I called them. Turbo Tax messed up the Direct Deposits. So anyone that choose direct deposit, is now going to recieve the paper check. And according to them, the IRS won't mail them until 7 days after  it was supposed to be Direct Deposited.  And they also said that the Audit Protection might be messed up too. Hope that helps.
  • I got the same email today.  I am glad that it is not something going on with my actual taxes and that it seems to be a TurboTax problem.  TT also said they are waiving all fees and I will get back my entire refund, which is good news.
Thats incorrect info.... I filed jan 14th was accepted the 16th
I asked for DD
I had no notice from Turbo tax etc .. when i called they told me they had ALL My correct DD info and that it was not the error!
she repeated my bank info to me...
Filed Jan 14th
Accepted Jan 16th
DD date Feb 2
Changed to code 8002
Chnaged to Delay feb 22
Changed to 1201
has been there 2+ weeks
no info... not in errors dept  only in examinations.
No request for more info.
Only letter 4464c sent feb 1st,.
I was told every time DD info is correct i will not be getting a check!
    jessssssslo - d443 said if you filed between 1/20-2/4 - you filed on 1-14 so we not affected by the DD glitch
    • well, today is 1 month since I filed and was accepted.  WMR and automated # still says," should rec. by 2/22".  No mention of paper check or dd ( what I requested).  My dd changed 3 times.  I filed a 1040 claimed my 2 little ones, no different than I've done in the past.  But, when I call IRS, reps. tell me it's in error processing for 1 month now and to be patient.  They don't show a refund release for me.  Rep. told me, but, does tell me it will be a paper check.  WTH??? So, who the heck knows what is going on.  But, my patience is 0.  I did get the 4464c letter, which states wait 45 days, that would be 3/12.  But, no one can tell me why the LONG delay and why is it in error processing.  This is ridiculous, esp. since I went with TT, for the past 10 years...then, I chat online with TT and they tell me I am not due a refund from them, the hold up is with the IRS...go figure, all we want are HONEST answers.  This is like waiting for a paycheck for a month, bills don't wait!  Any clue would be helpful.  Thought about getting an advocate, but, I've been reading on here they aren't helpful...any thoughts??  Answers?  explanations?  Something?
    According to associated press , and the IRS blog as well as TT there were multiple factors.

    I did not itemize or have any changes to my returns in the past 7 years. same employers etc . never ever a issue.
    My return was ACCEPTED 1/16.2011
    I have no errors, no desk audit, no issues, no request for more info. The delays affected 90,000 americans
    30,000 were TT errors in sending info to the IRS missing EIC info on some and DD info on others.
    the irs had there own delays due to softtware, system, and new tax laws. None applied to me.

    I am so upset... spoke with the nicest IRS agent today.
    First of all my refund has no errors, its not on a desk audit, its just not finalized processing. She said there going so slow  that more that 25% of early filers are still waiting including HERSELF!
    she said my refund is there. There is no offset, no errors, no letters to employers.
    The 4464c letter that went out was a computer generated form letter that foes to anyone with a delay.
    I am not being audited etc. she said they are bad about many thing but they really are good about making there 45 day deadline. she didnt see a direct deposit date yet but assured me it will come and to hang in there. 6 weeks after filing.... its hard to deal with... I am deppressed. Nothing has really changed on my return in 7 years.

    summary of my case:
    Filed Jan 14th
    Accepted: Jan 16
    Original DD date: Jan 28th
    Letter 4464c letter sent out dated Feb 1st ( no request for info)
    Changed to delay code 8002 ( processing delay)
    Changed to DD date Feb 22 ( due to processing delays)
    Changed to code 1201 no dd date

    its has sat at 1201 for now the 3rd week.
    the 45 day waiting period ends march 13th.

    I just want this to end.. its so sad to check for a hopeful update ever wed and it be the 1201.
    I have called the IRS every single week, all they say is its still in processing and i will be getting the full amount acording to the computers... anyone else understand how this is!!? i feel like the TT board has become a support group for the people Turbo tax and the IRS bent over this year!
    • jesssssssio...same thing here..except for I have no codes.  Called the audit #, they don't have mine there, mine is just sitting on someone's desk for 3 1/2 weeks ( filed/accepted on 1/18), dd 1/28, then, 2/4, now for the past 3 1/2 wks, 2/22 ( well, we all know that day pasted) still no update, pretty much being told the same thing by IRS reps...I'm depressed, angry, and just wish someone from TT would respond to our postings with answers, instead of what we all already know.
    • hey ccable just wanted to place conformation on what jesssslo has stated i too also called the audit department to find out that it wasnt there and that basically it was in review  and they hadn't made a decision as to if they were gonna close the file and send the refund or send out another letter. She did state to me that those of us that did receive the 4464c letters where being reviewed to make sure we can claim the credits that we are claiming. so on a more positive note we will be getting our refund soon we just have to be patient cause there is nothing else that can be done about it. As for the 1201 code those are just codes the irs place on the website that dont really mean nothing but a delay. And she also told me that by calling everyday wasnt gonna make it go any faster. As for the advocate you dont need it because by the time your case gets assigned to someone its gonna take an additional 4-6 weeks for them to get anything done i had one and fired him because they serve no purpose. The same thing that they do you can do yourself it does not get your money any faster so as i stated just have a little more patient its coming, if you havent recevied any more letters as of now your pretty much ok i far as the rep from the audit department told me on yesterday and she was a manager and she actually took the time to explain to me what was going on. So stop worrying i know its easier said then done but waiting is the only option right now. I wish you many blessings and pray that you are very prosperous in all that you may do. God Bless You
    • blakk dyamond..THANK YOU sooooo much for giving me some piece of mind.  But, I do have a few questions, when you say credits, is that for the EIC?  Wouldn't the rep or audit dept. know if we were getting any more letters?  When, I called ( every Wed., since 1/28), they all said no more letters for me.  As for the advocate, thank you, since I was ready to call them tomorrow, but, you're right we're all doing their jobs...for free. Just praying, that we all get our refunds within the next 2 weeks ( trying to take a long overdue vacation with the kids).  But on a different note,  I really appreciate you keeping me and others up to date....thank you again.
      PS  Our friend did reply to me also, the response: if you dint get a status yesterday saying Delay your in good shape so stop worrying. And he ( brother) said if have that letter that they sent out he said be patient they or trying to catchup.

    We’re aware that some customers who chose to have their refund direct deposited are instead getting their refund by check through the mail.

    *** This does not impact the accuracy of your return in any way!!  You’ll receive your full refund amount. ***

    This was our mistake. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and unexpected delay. We are communicating directly with ALL affected customers and of course, we’re waiving all their TurboTax fees.  

    We know exactly which returns are affected by this processing error.  If you think your return is one of them, you don’t need to contact support.  If your return is affected Intuit has already sent emails to all customers impacted.

    If ALL of the following apply, you may be affected.  

    1. You selected to have TurboTax fees paid from your refund by using the Refund Transfer Service.
    2. You choose to have your refund sent to you by Direct Deposit
    3. Your return was expected to be Direct Deposited on: Jan. 28th, Feb 4th OR Feb 11th.
    4. You checked the IRS website http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0,,id=96596,00.html and your refund status has been changed from Direct Deposit to Check.

    What does this mean for me?

    1. We have waived all TurboTax product and refund processing fees.
    2. You will receive the full amount of your refund.
    3. A check will be mailed to you 1-2 weeks after your expected direct deposit date.
    4. The check will be mailed to the address on your return filed.  

    We know that getting your maximum refund back fast is one of the reasons you choose TurboTax. We did not meet that expectation and have taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.  

    Please see this article for detailed information about dates, addresses, Refund Cards, bank accounts and more.  http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/go/SLN45513
    • Same thing happened to me.  I appreciate TT apologizing, and waiving their fees, but it doesn't really make my situation any better.  I was really relying on this money being there when I was told it would be there.  Now it will be another week before my check is even mailed.  Then I have to wait for the check to clear at my bank.  I am really disappointed with TT this year, but really we are all at the mercy of TT and the IRS.  There is nothing we can do but sit and wait for our refund.  It sucks.
    • I didn't get any email from tt ....I was delayed however and wmr site says nothing about paper check.... so confused
    • The IRS is also giving me a different answer! There is NO mention of a paper check OR direct deposit. And Turbo Tax is showing the original information. So now I have THREE dates of (maybe?!) getting my tax return. I'm so thoroughly disgusted that I can't even begin to explain!  I don't care if my fees were waived, the affect this has is going to cost waaaay more than that! That's why I've used TT for 10+ years, because I trusted them with these things. Well, no more.
    • When I went to the WMR site I got the exact message posted in the original post. No mention of a paper Check and No e-mails from TT! This is going to get ugly for TT.
    • If you go to the IRS website and it says your refund is going to be direct deposited then you were not impacted by this issue caused by a TurboTax error and your refund will be direct deposited.  Any delays in direct deposit would be related directly to IRS processing.  Sorry for the confusion, I know its important that you get your refund fast.
    • What if it doesn't say either way like in the original post? And TT still has today's date for the deposit.
    • I never rec'd an email from TT either, I paid by credit card.  I did file on 1/17, accepted on 1/19, refund to dd on 1/28/11, then, 2/1/11, receive letter 4664c from IRS that refund is delayed for processing delays ( nothing for me to do, IRS asking nothing from me).  Then, get this message on the IRS website and automatd sytem:  

      Refund Status Results

      We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 22, 2011. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience.

      So will be this dd or in a form of a check?  Called IRS numerous times, each time, being told that refund should be there sometime between now and the 22nd...lovely!!!  IRS are behind on their refunds, due to people filing early and their systems are overloaded...wondering how that is my problem...when, if I owed, they wouldn;t want to hear, oh I can't pay you....just very confusing and not knowing what to think.    Has this happened to anyone?  If so, have you called the IRS and what have they told you?  Any help would be great and confronting..since my family was depending on this on 1/28 and then, again on 2/1/11.
          PS  THIS WOULD be 5 weeks of waiting.....
    • Exact same thing, only Irs said my Deposit would be 2/15
    • @ccable123 i got the exact same message on irs website saying should receive by feb.22nd no mention of paper check.. i always get auto sys. when i call irs turbo tax dont know left from right this is so frustrating my original acceptance date was jan.16th .. original direct. dep. date jan.28th now feb. 22 this is stupid crazy...does
    • Hey guys....just wanted to update.........despite getting the msg of my refund being delayed til the 22nd from the original Feb 1st.........the IRS told me this morning, i shud receive it by this Friday.  I'll believe it more if I see the website change status on Wednesday. There may be hope for us afterall !!
    • akinstacey10, I hope whoever you spoke with at the IRS was telling the truth! The 22nd is such a long wait from when we were originally expecting to receive our refunds on the 4th.
    • @TLC2280..........believe me....I dont trust anything the IRS says.  Especially giving the fact that I had previously called 10 times and got 10 different answers.  BUT...I called TWICE today (2 get a second opinion) and BOTH ppl told me to check my financial institution on Friday for the deposit.  Im not putting all faith in the fact that it will come, but it's looking better then before.
    • This is maddening! The TT site still has my original status there... DD expected on the 11th. The IRS website does not specify at all if it will be DD or paper, and says no later than the 15th!?

      TT will not respond at all to my inquiry, and I'm just sickened over the whole ordeal!
      UPDATE: while TT has not updated my status, the IRS now says I should expect a mailing by the 18th. :(
    • Of course they were lying...today is Friday, and still nothing and I filed on 1/9, accepted on 1/16, had 2, yes TWO direct deposit dates, one on 1/28 and the other 2/1..now its "around the 22nd"...God I hope someday I owe taxes, then I'll tell them "sorry I'm on a processing delay, you'll get your money when I feel like sending it"....
    • Same here still nothing!! As far as I know I was not affected by itemization delay?? This is just a bunch of bull!!! People are struggling and are counting on this money! I did file a schedule C with my return as I have been doing for the past 5 years. Nothing like this has ever happened?? NO e-mails or letters from TT or IRS explaining the delay. WMR still saying the 22nd, TT still saying 2-4-2011.
    • I think something else is going on.  I don't think the problem is necessarily deriving from TT. My friend used Tax Act and she is having the same issue. She was suppose to receive her refund via Direct Deposit on 02/04. The IRS website says her refund has been delayed to Feb 22. due to processing errors. I really would like to know what is going on.
    • if you would like more info on what's going on with our refunds...type in  received letter 4464c and you will everything there....we are all in the same boat...frustrated, confused and needing our refunds..
    • Anyone who filed with direct deposit from 1/20-2/4 will receive a check instead.  turbo tax experienced a one time system glitch.  This is what i was told by a representative.
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