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why is my return still pending?

It says it takes 24-48 hours.  It's been 6 days now.  Soooo....
Then how long does it take? You really should not post that it takes 24-48 hours if that is not the case. The comment should be more like "you can expect your refund 7-14 days after the acceptance of your return from the Federal and/or your state tax department". You lead people to believe that returns are accepted 24-48 hours then that's what they expect. Plain and simple!!! Truth in advertising!!!!
  • My Federal return was accepted but my NYS return is STILL pending now after 5 Days.....It was sent to NYS on the 18, now its the 23rd and still pending.....what the hell
  • Rob same here  NYS STILL pending. I filed 17th. Not happy w TT service at all!
  • Same here, Oregon state taxes still pending.  I didn't have this problem last year?
  • same here michigan state taxes still pending....when will i get my money!!!!!
  • My NJ State taxes are still pending... it's been 6 days now! Usually I have my state tax return back in less than a week!
  • I filed my PA state tax on 1/31 and as of today it is still pending...this is horrible..last year it was reviewed and i received way before my federal tax..anyone from PA having the same issue?
  • Hmmm   I filed Thursday night, my federal was accepted early Friday, still no acceptance of MS state forms either.
  • I filed on the 5th and My MI still hasnt been accepted...Why is it taking so long! my federal had no issues and was accepted the next day
  • The hope of filing with TT is to get a rpid refund like they advertised, but it's been ove a week now and my state tax is still pending and there is nothing on my federal except for "accepted" what is the problem with efile through TT tax?  maybe you should refund the service fee or give credit for next year because this is not what you advertised
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one! I thought maybe I was just being impatient. I efiled both thur feb 2nd federal was accepted in less then 15 min but my michigan state return is still pending wtf? I know mi is broke but when they want their money we don't get to delay or they charge interest, are they gonna pay us interest??? Of course not!
  • I sent my Pa state return six days ago and it's still pending.  Also when I check on line to see when I can expect my federal refund the IRS has no record of it.  I don't know what to do.  Didn't have this problem last year.
  • I am wondering if it is something wrong with Turbo Tax sending them to the states.  I e-filed my Indiana taxes a week ago and it is still pending
  • wondering why my state taxes has not been accepted yet when I file on Feb. 5, 2012. I filed with turbo tax and e-filed my federal was accepted already. Is there something wrong with turbo tax sending to state? I have seen several comments about this. I live in Indiana
  • I filed my taxes on 2/4/12.  Indiana still has not accepted as of 2/9/12.  I see other from Indiana having the same issue.  Has anyone from Indiana had their state taxes accepted?  My son did his on 2/5/12 and his state has not been accepted either as of 2/9/12.
  • I am experiencing the same delays. My federal was accepted in 24 hours but my state tax is still pending. Last year was completely different. Received my state tax within a week after filing and the same with federal. Very disappointed in the service Turbo Tax is providing this year.
  • filed taxes 7 days ago have heard nothing also turbo tax is not free had to pay them plus pay to have electronically into bank .  so i don't see where they say its free
  • I efiled on feb 4th,was accepted feb5th but still no email from tt. Called irs, no refund until approx march6th...could have mailed it for that time frame. Why is tt still charging me a bank processing fee for anticipation loan on a direct deposit that never happened within 7-14 days ???? that is a rip off!
  • I am having the same state and federal was accepted on Feb 5th. got my state a week ago but haven't seen my federal and no one can tell me where it is. this is so irritating. just wait it out is what they are telling me..... and if its not here in a month to call back! not happy with turbo tax this year!
  • I have the same problem, I was getting worried that there is a problem with the return. My NJ state tax return has not been accepted but my federal and NY state was accepted a few hours after filing. Does anyone have an idea how long it took for NJ state to accept there return?
  • I submitted my federal and NC, SC state returns on 4/11. My Federal and NC returns are accepted within a day, but SC is still pending. Going by some comments, it looks like some states are having delays in accepting the returns. It will be really helpful for Turbo Tax to post the average date of acceptance by State, based on their data. Does anyone else filing SC return have same issue? Thanks.
  • I filed with SC and it is still pending.... been about a week now.
Because the IRS has not swooped down and accepted it for processing yet. There were millions of returns pending (stored) waiting for the IRS to start accepting efile returns and they can only accept and process so many per day for multiple firms and companies that provide the efile service
    It has not been 6 days since the IRS started processing returns, they started yesterday.

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